Bloodied Baby Found in Plastic Bag on Top of Trash Pile Still Alive

Bloodied Baby Found in Plastic Bag on Top of Trash Pile Still Alive

A tough little baby was born again. The first birth was to a witch mother who had no issue discarding the wee man alive after carrying him/her in the womb for 9 months. She wanted the baby dead, because if she didn’t, she wouldn’t have stuffed it in a plastic bag and thrown it out on a trash pile. Instead, she would have put it in clothes adequate for the weather, place it in a safe basket so it doesn’t accidentally roll away, and leave it in front of a hospital or a church or something of sorts. Not a synagogue, though, as they sacrifice babies and drink their blood to prevent aging.

I don’t know where the video is from. Obviously, Thailand is the undisputed leader in discardings of newborns, but I’m not too certain this one is from Thailand.

It looks like the baby has an injured wrist. It looks like the hand almost amputated. Poor thing doesn’t even cry.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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109 thoughts on “Bloodied Baby Found in Plastic Bag on Top of Trash Pile Still Alive”

    1. Actually you see LucyDaPussy avoiding responsibility!!! She cheated her man and got pregnant from a provider!!! But the Walking ATM machine disappeared and Lucy didn’t want to lose her man!!

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      1. Shit leave the baby for the ants to feast on…. naw just messing that little guy is so cute I’d adopt him. As for the mom that woman needs her pussy sewed up shut except to pee. Then whipped in public 500 times, then cut her thumbs off.

    2. Fuck all the people who discard their babies like trash. I would happily take one if they’d let me (as long as it’s not a retarded Chinese girl baby or Mexicant or a nigglet or in any way deformed or addicted to crack or malnourished… just give me a healthy, handsome boy!). I wish I can fuck some chick, have her poop out a healthy baby boy, take said baby and then make her to away.

      1. you must be one of those retarded clowns because this is what indigenous people call abortion. an american fuckwit aborts a baby and you call him a doctor. go and read a book or two, fuckwad. try a bit of culture other than jew shit.

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  1. Reminds me of an article I was reading yesterday, listen to this shit:

    “Retarded babies in China are only killed if they’re born female. China’s “one male, non-retarded child only” policy was adopted in 1976 during an era of rampant industrialization and infant retardation. The boom in babies born in pools of toxic sludge rose dramatically for nearly a decade, which is proven to correlate to infant retardation. In 1972, 1 in every 55 children was born a female retard and had to be destroyed. China saw little economic effects from retarded female babies, as all female babies were burned in many factory coal burners. The power provided was 25,000 BTUs per retarded baby.[4]
    Male retarded babies in China are allowed to live at the expense of their families, who often eat them because they’re viewed as a sign of bad luck. It is estimated that one retarded baby is worth approximately two pounds of cornbeef. In this context, eaten retarded babies in China constituted ε…ƒ2.5 million worth of food among mostly poor Chinese families.”

    Thank God I wasn’t born in China πŸ˜€

      1. @Svarg don’t try this shit with me brother, as i have gotten to know you more than you might think. Although you speak very tough, and say what you mean often, you would be one of the first ones to grab that innocent little life, and bring him/her to a safe place, at the very least! πŸ™‚
        And also, i would pity the poor goof Jew that would try to take away, or harm it while on your
        way to the Hospital, and in your care. πŸ™‚ You are a decent Man brother, and you cannot fool me. But i have to admit that your sick jokes are quite funny at most times. I would trust this Baby, and Even my own, with YOU, (Any Fucking Day), before trusting any Dirty Jew, and some of the twisted diddlers that sometimes occupy, and share our space on here.

        1. lol, as you know, i just speak the brutal truth. some get it. others never will. you also seem like a good christian with a great sense of humor. god has a great sense of humor as we see every day here on best gore. who am i to judge. i’m just here to comment on the madness and have a laugh as well.

    1. I know that male babies are the they only that matters to them and a lot of Chinese creeps eat babies as some sort of aphrodisiac where you can even buy babies as some sort of meat in stores, but I haven’t read about the retarded babies. The country is really messed up. I remember the gutter oil, plastic eggs, nut with cement/rock inside, rat burger and glowing meat. Those things are just fucked up

          1. @mirimir are you fucking serious, or are you just fucking with us Girl. Cause i have seen some Chinese dudes eat aborted fetuses before. Fuck, one was even cooking it on a sheet of aluminium Siding before eating it. But all this other shit like gutter oil, and stuff is even sicker man. πŸ™

        1. @thedre
          I’m not fucking with you. I’m not a retard that makes shit up just so people would be interested in what I have to say. That would plain stupid and unproductive. I have personally seen the video a woman involved in making gutter oil. I’ll try to find that video and share it here if I can just to prove the authenticity of my claims. I would not dare fabricate information just for any personal gain or to make me seem like I know a lot. Here in my country, there are lots of issues concerning Chinese products/merchandise. You may very well verify some of the things I mentioned before. I am just sharing what I know so people could be aware. This is the purpose of this site, right? Awareness about certain things happening around us no matter how sick, twisted or utterly disturbing it is

      1. Plus, some people in my country also make their version of “gutter oil”. They get used oil from restaurants and fast food chains mostly and process them and sell them at a lower price. We have also what we call “pagpag”. Basically, it’s leftover food collected from restaurants and other establishment and some people cook those and eat or sell them to people living in slums. We have also fake soy sauce and vinegar and “magic sugar”. I could go on and on about sick things people do just to earn money or have something to eat. Like I said earlier, you can verify the things I said.

      1. Fucking right Mark, as shit like this is just terrible man. But of course the mainstream will go Ohhh, the poor Mom must have been through hell, and back because of years of mental, and physical abuse from her last 30 boyfriends. Poor, poor Mom. That Evil-Cunt should have her Uterus yanked out of her super stretched hole with a fucking 2 Ton Winch. How could anyone EVER do something like this to ANY BABY??? Let alone your own flesh, and blood, i will never understand bud. And the more that i think of it, the more i realize with every passing day, of how truly EVIL some Women really are. πŸ™ That poor little thing just wants to live man. Fuck i hate shit like this,,,, it makes me want to cry, just looking at Him/Her. All i want to do is jump into that computer screen, and hug it while kissing it’s precious little head man. πŸ™ πŸ™

        1. @thedre Agreed. As both of us are fathers who actually give a fuck about our children, this woman (can I even call her that?) should be thrown away just like she threw that lil guy away. We have been conditioned to believe that if a woman does some evil shit like this it must be because of some horrible circumstance out of her control. Abusive husband/relative, poverty, postpartum depression, or some other made up shit. Never that some women are some of the most abusive, male hating and evil people. They assign too much clout to motherly “instinct” as if we fathers somehow don’t have the same drive to provide for and even DIE to protect our children. They get a pussy pass that allows them to do some of the most horrible shit to their children and get away with it with a slap on the wrist and some time in a mental hospital on some happy pills. Fathers rights are set aside. We have no say if a woman wants to have an abortion, yet if she carries the baby to term AGAINST our wishes, then we are on the hook financially for the next 18 years. While some shrink helps them place the blame on the “evil” men in their life instead of taking responsibility for the evil deeds they did THEMSELVES. But let me or you or any other father do something similar and we would be dragged by our balls behind a team of wild horses while being flogged by a pack of females wearing pink tee-shirts that say “spouse abuse survivor” or the like.

          Meanwhile, this little guy will probably be raised in some orphanage, surrounded by even more man hating ultra religious females who pledged celibacy because they couldn’t find anyone to take care of their asses either. And all the while, they will create laws to protect females like this bitch for abandoning their offspring. Most likely even if the mother is identified, she will never see a day in jail. And the cycle will continue.

        2. Another thing. I was there when my kids were born. And I can tell you that there is NO better experience than being there to cut the cord and be the first to hold your little one. Nothing compares. Realizing that that little person will look to you for guidance and support for the rest of his/her life is an honor. I look at my children as being my gift to the world. My way of leaving the world a better place than when I came up. So for my wife and I, our children were planned. We knew what we wanted to do and knew full well what our responsibility was to them and the world we would one day release them to. To me there is no greater responsibility than to mold and shape the personality of another human being. It is an awesome challenge that I look forward to every day I wake up. I am very involved in my children’s lives. People need to understand how important it is to raise well rounded children. So it breaks my heart to see shit like what happened in this video. I cannot understand how anyone can be so caviler and callous towards their own offspring. To literally just throw them away like trash. Not even giving them a chance. She could have taken that baby to a hospital or a church. Clearly, the mother wanted this little guy to die. And what about the father? I obviously have no idea but what if the father WANTED this baby?

          Just looking at this baby, how calm he is. Unaware of how precarious his existence is. He has the RIGHT to live. He is as innocent as they come. And all people around him can do is take pictures and videos. I would have snatched that baby up and taken him to safety myself if I were there. What’s wrong with people? Most animals have better parental instincts than that bitch.

      2. I don’t think reporting the killing of female babies in China is a mainstream media lie. It’s pretty well-documented.
        If you weren’t referring to that, disregard comment. The thread is a bit busy and I may have misunderstood.

        1. Don’t go there if you know whats good for you little one. Because after seeing at the very least a couple of hundred of these little ones discarded like trash on the streets, some, or MANY,,, i should say with the umbilical cord still attached. And of ALL these baby deaths, i have yet to see one Male ever shit a Baby out, and then just throw it away, have YOU ever see a Man do this??? Ok, jokes aside girl. But seriously,,, Out of all these kids being trashed, or right out killed, or left to die, how many times do you think that the Cunt asked the Father if he wanted to take it, or she would kill it, and throw it out. ZERO TIMES, ME THINKS! Because the bitch would not want to look bad with the Father stating that he took it cause she was going to kill it, that’s why.

          1. Babies/fetuses being discarded or thrown in garbage bins or other areas are also increasing here where I live. Abortion is illegal in the Philippines and the people are predominantly Catholics. Instead of having their kids adopted, some mothers would choose to discard their child. Some of the reasons why they do so is poverty, shame because of being raped or unplanned pregnancy due to lack of awareness about family planning or sex education, among others.

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    1. I would not doubt it at all my Brokeback bro. You know, i honestly think, that if Men were given the chance, or choice, i think that most of these Babies would have have still been alive today. And if the Father was not fit to handle a newborn, then i also honestly believe that they would bring it to Mom, a Relative, or even a Hospital, instead of just letting a precious little life die. πŸ™

    1. thing is with babies they cry because they need something. not because they are assholes, haven’t learned that yet. they are either hungry or their belly hurts or they need new diaper. I am like baby whisperer, they love me and I understand them.

    1. I know brother @srbijabgd, as i was thinking the same thing, it’s like they are afraid to pick him up, like he has rabies, or something, or they are afraid to get a little bit of blood on them. Some Country’s people are weird man. And did you notice at the end of the video, it looked like the guy is slapping the kid in the face. But, he think that he was trying to slap a mosquito, or fly near the baby, and he hit the camera instead.

    2. Evil Pope Francis, (The Talking Mule) has the nerve to keep on sucking JEW-COCK and question America’s pro-life values. FUCK ABORTIONS PERIOD!!! πŸ™ If you cannot handle getting pregnant, then fill your other 2 Cuck-Carousel holes you fucking Slut. But make sure to charge him enough eh whore? You are quick to spit Cum out your foul smelling mouths, cause there is no money in that. But Mothers Allowance, & Baby Bonus checks make some Cunt Swallow Cum delightfully.

    1. Holy fuck man,,, you almost made me loose my Yogurt Breakfast dude,lol. That has got to be the ugliest teacher EVER. Her Rotten Cunt must Semell Like A King-Fish that was Regurgitated deep within the Anal’s of a Jew, me thinks!

      1. @thedre
        lolllllll……..!!! I had the same reaction when I saw that. lolllll…..! Yes, undoubtedly, that is one of the fugliest teacher ever. You are very welcome my friend. And, I must thank you for a little inspiration! Thus, I call it “Jewanal”, with reference to what you said, “the Anal of a Jew”. πŸ˜‰

          1. Oh so you googled UncleDilf, you whoreson? You really think this is a game?

            This is GORE SITE with hefty baby GORE!!! Can you handle reality? if not GTFO!!!!! No fake news or soft sissy news here.

            And stop googling UncleDilf. It is none of your business.

            I am an Internet Legend and World heavyweight Champion!

          2. We learned about you from your buddies at YNC. That’s quite the story. This must be your last hope, here at BG. Been here only two months and already got a warning from the man….what a dilfouche… πŸ˜€

  2. Fuck i’m stupid. I keep looking at this video, and i feel sick to my stomach every time when doing so.
    But that poor little boy, (he is a Boy, i’m almost 100% sure), and like Mark said, he is not even crying even though he has got some nasty injuries to his little hand. I think that he is just happy to see people overall, as he must be thirsty, and confused. πŸ™ @Vincitomniaveritas do you think it would be possible to get an update on this little dudes fate, and also to find-out if they caught the disgraceful Cunt responsible for this cruel crime, even though you did not get the Country of origin?

    1. @thedre
      After reading what you, mark, and y’all are saying, I can’t find enough stomach to watch this baby’s video. This is so fucked up…! πŸ™ πŸ™ This is the first time ever I can’t watch a BG video since almost the beginning of BG.

      1. I can’t say i blame you brother, as i still find it difficult to watch these baby ones. When it comes to kids, animals, the elderly, the downtrodden, the mentally ill, aw fuck any good people to be honest,,, i hurt. I love all good things man, you know what i mean bro. Fuck it sucks feeling bad for everybody all the time man, but that’s who i am my man,,, a big suck with a big heart, and i can’t change that!

  3. This was just an abortion a few days late. “Pro-choice” assholes are such Nazi hypocrites. If you kill a baby in the womb, it’s your constitutional right. But if you kill him a few seconds after birth, your a monster. If you’re going to pull down your pants and behave like an animal, then take responsibility for your actions.

  4. They’re speaking hindi so it seems that this is from India. They are saying its a one day old girl. Girls are often seen as a burden in Indian society so i’m not surprised to see one dumped in garbage.

  5. What a shame. The baby is actually very adorable; you can see he has that healthy curiosity that all kids have as he observes his surroundings. I’m glad he was discovered just in time and will quickly forget this incident.

      1. But he won’t. If he doesn’t get tazed to death by some psycho, or get mashed by some truck, or try to kill himself by jumping in front of a train, he’ll grow up to be a ladyboi for Western tourists.

        Just cause he’s cute as a baby doesn’t mean he’s going to grow up to be Einstein. Chances are, he’s gonna end up fathering his own little bastard child that will end up in the same circumstances as him, and he won’t give a fuck about it because he won’t remember that THAT…was EXACTLY how he began his journey in this world.

        If abortion, birth control, and proper sex education were available to these people, this would never have happened.

  6. It is unfortunate for any being to be brought into this World and to not have any chance in life… For a baby to endure ANY hardship inherited and for us to sit back and “watch on” while such injustices are occurring is pathetic and punishable before God indeed.

    However, it is also baffling that anybody would bring a child into this World without being able to provide basic needs required… it is the worst act imaginable.

    Upon exit of this World, a person should have had an amazing, interesting & exciting journey of life and should ideally want to “go again” if it is possible. If we know anybody who is not enjoying this journey then it is up to us to change that for the sake of everybody.

  7. Fucking hell! How does no one pick up and hold that poor little guy? That’s just heartbreaking. He’s not even making a peep, just being a strong little dude. God dammit this shit pisses me off. What a cunt bitch of a whore for a mother

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