Blood Dripping from Syrian Protester Shot in Kidney

Blood Dripping from Syrian Protester Shot in Kidney

I’m not a warfare expert, but I think these Syrian protesters could learn a thing or two from WWII partisans or other guerrilla defensive operators. So many videos over the months of Syrian protesters getting indiscriminately slaughtered by the snipers and they still keep getting themselves exposed the same way. They need someone to come up with a plan and do something that has a purpose, rather than continuing to group in the streets shouting Allahu Akbar, waiting around for snipers to shoot at them. This present strategy is not getting them anywhere.

Instead of constantly exposing themselves (albeit bravely) to the snipers, they should station a few people in spots with good visibility to pin point where the snipers are firing from. Then monitor the building around the clock and look for the ways to stealthily sneak in at night or something. Start by disarming one sniper nest, seize the weapons and you’re already getting somewhere. The security forces have the power, but the protesters have the numbers. Even a sniper nest can be taken over when overwhelmed with sheer number of people. Don’t waste human resources on senseless rallying in the streets. If it hasn’t worked so far, it won’t in the future.

I can’t deny their bravery – they repeatedly see their friends and fellow protesters die in their arms yet they continue on, but at the end of the day, they are not getting anywhere. They need a change of strategy and someone to come with a plan that has objectives. As I had said in the beginning, I’m not a warfare expert but they clearly need to swap daytime protesting with organized night time operations. What strategies would you say people in their positions could adopt? Any experts on how to fight a force that’s better armed than you are?

This video is a shaky recording of one protester taking a sniper shot in the midsection. Blood keeps dripping and marking the trail as he’s being carried away. Given the area where he was shot, I wouldn’t be surprised if his kidney was ruptured by the bullet.

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12 thoughts on “Blood Dripping from Syrian Protester Shot in Kidney”

  1. may I suggest that no-one has posted a message here because we are a little OVER all the Syrian posts? please correct me if im wrong, other regular posters, even Chacho may have trouble ‘fapping’ over another one!

  2. the Middle East must have a very low Hepatitis/HIV infection rate, i’ve noticed the ‘be-headers’, people grabbing the dead/dying off streets etc, NONE of them are worried about getting blood all over themselves

  3. hahahaha, strategy with objectives, LMAO. I don’t think it took Pavlov’s dog as long to figure things out… if i go to a protest, i might get shot. hmm, i guess i wont go, therefore i wont get shot. A fucking DOG is more capable of choosing a better strategy than what these idiots have used. As a matter of fact, I cannot recall SEEING a dog in any video at any of the protests where gunfire is present…. what does that tell ya? And as far as an objective goes, even if they never got shot at, what is standing around and chanting Allahu Akbar gonna do anyways?

    1. Muslim people generally do not keep dog’s as pet’s, they are considered ‘dirty’ because well, they will fornicate with anything that moves! Extreme Islamic people may call them ‘Satan’s soldier’s’ along with pig’s, rat’s, mice etc

      1. lol… dogs, dirty… that’s the pot calling the kettle black now aint it? i dint mean as pets, i meant in general, you don’t see dogs doing stupid shit around gunfire, but a Muslim around gunfire, that’s a different story..its like moths to a flame

  4. These people are really stupid. The man is bleeding and what do they do they put a phone almost on the wound and take pictures? Are they keeping a scrap book or what. They are not worried about the person just the pictures. So human life means nothing. So why should we help them. Let them kill each other and start over! I’m over it!!!!!!!!

  5. ALLAHU ACK-BAR!!!…… hmmm, i said your words, yet he still got shot and bled out. ill try again… ALLAHU ACK-BAR!!!!……….. hmmmm….. dint do shit again, oh well sure is fun saying it, plus it helps clear out the phlegm from my throat, totally fucking useless at a protest though, maybe next time ill bring a child see if that works.

  6. I couldn’t tell where the shot exited, but if it was a shot to the kidney or any renal artery, then he would have died. Even if he was right outside a trauma ward, there would have been almost no hope. The renal artery would have to be clamped within seconds with immediate surgery to follow. The only thing worse than a renal artery being torn is the aorta, vena cava, or one of the other major heart vessels. A lot of blood flows through the renal artery, and few – if any – would survive a shot like that.

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