Bloody Skiing Accident in the French Alps – Son Films Father

Bloody Skiing Accident in the French Alps - Son Films Father

Son and father went skiing and snowboarding in the French Alps and father had a bit of a misfortune racing his son down a hill. Unable to safely negotiate around metal starting gate, the old man ran into it head first, rupturing his scalp and half tearing his ear off.

The son had a GoPro camera mounted on himself so the aftermath of the accident was captured on video, though the lens of the camera was fogged a bit making parts of the picture blurry. He returned up to the spot where his father collided with the starting gate only to find the old man half unconscious with his head wedged between the bars of the metal structure. Snow under his head was stained with blood and as he helped him out of there, the blood continued running down the father’s face.

The injuries sustained were pretty severe and required a helicopter to escort the father to the hospital for speedy treatment. Based on the subtitles on the video, it took father 3 days to recover well enough to be released from the hospital and by the sounds of it, he went right back on the slopes to continue skiing.

It doesn’t look from the video that the father wore a safety helmet. Perhaps that would be the first thing to take into an account before returning on the ski slopes next time around? What say ya, lads?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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74 thoughts on “Bloody Skiing Accident in the French Alps – Son Films Father”

  1. Damn. He could habe been death by the time the kid got to him. Manyy people have died in accidents like this..Even the sons of presidents. bad take trying to get his father out of the bars..could have brokern his nes or separate the bone marrow from the spine. Close call….
    Alx from montreal, quebec, canada

  2. I’ve done high speed backflips down mountains with a snowboard strapped to my ankles. Never really got hurt, a little sprain and a concussion. I got off easy compared to this dude.

    A guy and his son went out in the Alps,
    Having some fun with laughter and shouts.
    The dad got hurt,
    Got blood on his shirt,
    It looked like he almost got scalped.

    I’m really not to happy with that one…

    A couple went out in the hills,
    To catch some excitement and thrills.
    The father went straight,
    Head-butted a gate,
    A headache that surely could kill.


        1. The words “perfect” and “human” should only be used in a sentiance if seperated by a “NOT” somewhere.

          I have found it to be one of the most offensive things if said oterwise
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          who the fuck am I, anyway?

  3. Mwhahahahahahahaha Lmmfaofffff.

    Yup, I had to take a break before I could start typing.
    The son’s response at seeing his dad like that just cracked me up……….. WHAT THE.

    Fuck’n retard, if he wasn’t wearing a helmet then suck shit buster….. epic wound tho, mmmm, blood on snow sure looks cooooool.
    Oh yeah, take a ski lesson dipshit.

    I NEVER ride my push bike without a helmet but I see plenty who do……….. HELLO, melons and roads does not compute. DICKHEADS.

    1. @Spiderman it’s sucks that you HAVE to wear a bicycle helmet though, or risk a fine -$50, I thought the fines were introduced mainly so kids will wear them but the cops can’t even fine a kid under 16! I think in some US states -California?, you don’t have to wear a car seat-belt or a motorcycle helmet? After seeing all the road accidents on gore sites I think I would keep wearing a helmet!

    2. Hey man I ride a motorcycle and refuse to wear a helmet…they fucking suck! thank god for no helmet laws in Texas ain’t nobody gunna tell me how to ride…what’s next seat belts on your motorcycle? Fuck that. Motorcycles and safety never computes to a real rider, wtf is push bike anyway?

      1. S.K.o.H. looks like you consolidated your name…cool(er)

        I was thinking the same shit, what the fuck is a “pushbike”
        Trying to figure it out myself, but it’s not working.

        Spiderman, please give some insight to what the fuck that is, if you would.

        1. Sure, If I had of said BIKE you ‘numbats’ might have thought I was talking about a motor bike, hence I had to elaborate…….. A push bike is a bike that you have to ‘push’ the pedals to gain momentum.

          Sheeesh, do I have to educate you fucktards all the time, do you want me to explain the word PUSH as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. yes please elaberate on that unusuial word that also is foriegn to me as well please.

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            Some diffrence in termonology is very intresting, because it is usally a term decribing something very ordinary.

            I love it when You and Tiger talk Aussi Words to me.

      1. like a girs screaming “RAPE!” makes others go away, because, fuck-forbid THEY have to do the right thing and help somebody from getting hurt, always easier to walk away and pretend they heard nothing.
        However, yell out “FIRE! FIRE!” and they come runnin’!

        SOOOO fucked up.

  4. I thought the same thing. Leave him there until help arrives. Lucky bastard survived in spite of that and not wearing a helmet. I don’t ski or ride bikes, but I know that wearing a helmet can save your life. Look at those poor schnooks in Brazil and Thailand who wear flip flops and no helmet. Brains scattered everywhere!

  5. coll how the kid was like “so NOW what I am saposed to do with all this sticky blood on my hands. It’s starting to dry and my hands are cold…oh cool, I’ll just clean ’em off like this….okay, better now”

    perhaps we should ALL wear head cams to capture intresting events durring the day

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