Boeing 737 Shanghai Airlines Mechanic Sucked Into Jet Engine

That Mass Behind Those Blades, That Used to Be Fleshy Virus

This is a new one. Granted, anyone who gets sucked into a jet engine is gonna end up looking the same, so aftermaths may looks strikingly similar, but these photos are not the same as the ones from the El Paso Airport. Strangely, unlike the Continental Airlines mechanic at El Paso, the Shanghai Airlines mechanic at an airport somewhere in China was not completely puree-fied by the jet engine. Some pieces of him still retain shape.

Perhaps the engine was not going full blast, or maybe it’s a smaller, weaker engine? Both accidents occurred on a Boeing 737, though so you’d think both engines would be the same, or pretty close to each other. Something’s fishy about those Boeing 737s. Two jet sucking accidents and both caused by a Boeing 737. These machines are conspiring against the fleshy virus and want to take over the world by killing us off one FV at a time.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

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68 thoughts on “Boeing 737 Shanghai Airlines Mechanic Sucked Into Jet Engine”

      1. Maybe it was on purpose. If he was all fucked in the head because of work stress or family/money trouble he might have just found the one thing to make his friends and enemies remember him for a long damn time. If so, the inconsiderate bastard should have filmed it for us.

    1. I am Deeply offended at this posting. Seriously Its clearly not a 737 but a 757-200 Come one guys get your planes right

      The bottom of the engines are round
      the 737 has flat bottomed engines due to the original 737 didnt have high bypass fan engines and the had to relocate the generators and hydrolic pumps

  1. I’m wondering what possesses a mechanic to get near a running jet engine. Anyway, I seem to recall the El Paso accident being worse because the FV was completely purified. In this accident you can see his blue clothing. What a way to die!

  2. i saw that james bond movie when i was a toddler where an evil guy from a banana republic played by Benicio del Toro ended up being sucked into some kind of large fan or engine after fighting with Bond…..little I could had imagined that internet would bring you the real deal some 15 years later…..and porn too

  3. I was hoping for some puree out of this accident. Oh well, hopefully next time this happens someone can create a new Gerber puree by recycling the remains. Something labeled “Chunky & Meaty” will probably have infants clamoring for more…

  4. It shits me that some think this and the ‘El Paso’ incident are fake! On the El Paso one, you can clearly see bits of his over-alls (cover-alls, work clothes!) mixed in with the human ‘mulch’, also mild damage where I suppose the main bones damaged the engines ‘slats’? Heh heh, this guy is not as finely ground, as the first one.

  5. there’s been only one person who survived this i think it was a marine the pilot shut down the engine quickly and he was out of the engine with minor injuries unlike these unlucky fellas that were made into picadillo 😛

    1. Also Lauren Scruggs, 23yr old model who lost an eye and a hand after walking into the propeller of a small plane last Dec.2011. This woman has made a remarkable recovery, she went skiing in February this year!

  6. Stupid idiot, getting himself sucked in like that and disrupting everyones day. Now those passengers will face endless delays while another plane is found, this engine has to be cleaned and overhauled. How selfish can you get?

    1. With all that power they’d just be sucked through the grate. Any grate fine enough to prevent “cubing” would most likely compromise power. Then again I don’t know anything about planes, other than they make wonderful executioners

  7. A Boeing 737 jet engine was sentenced to death by dismantle for the premeditated murder of a fleshly virus. The public is thanking Boeing 737’s twin brother ‘el deucy’ for the information that led to the arrest. A mechanic at the airports hanger told us that ‘el deucy’ is suffering from what may be PTSD as he no longer responds to simple throttle commands. He will undergo a complete rebuild later this week.

  8. I can see the conversation taking place:
    Mechanic 1: this engines fucked beyond repair mate
    Mechanic 2: Yeah it seems that way
    Mechanic 1: Seriously go switch it on and off fuck around with it its broken nothing will happen.
    Mechanic 2: Yeah i’ll just go switch it on.
    Mechanic 1: Alright mate, i’ll just wait in here.

  9. Poor engion making a mess out of the man responciabul for its maintnance and poor pilots and others in site of the human sucked in. They had to get the smell of fresh ground meat out of the engion. But at least they had an in flight meal after this

  10. Its funny that airline manufacturers have to test bird ingestion in the engines and test the size and quanity, say a flock of geese, to determine probability of failure…… I wonder if they ever throw in a ballistic gel body (human- why not) to determine damage to the turbine impellers …. crazy shit and my favorite…. Makes me second look walking around inlets at work/school lol

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