Bound and Gagged Man Beaten in Mexico

Bound and Gagged Man Beaten in Mexico

I’ll let Best Gore’s right-hand man Honkey Kong explain this doozy of a pickle.

There was no info given with this video, but the language spoken appears to be Spanish, and since the animal being tortured isn’t a bull, I’m going to assume this took place in Mexico, and not Spain. The production value of this video is a bit shitty. Not only is the scene dimly lit, the camera man films the subject vertically, and can’t seem to keep him centered in the frame.

The video starts part way into the beating that our star is enduring. He is bound, gagged, shirtless, shoeless, and wearing skinny jeans. The victim is being hit by another skinny jeans wearing Mexican with a UFO, (unidentified flogging object). Even though it’s unknown as to what the assailant is using to deliver the punishment, it is clear that it wasn’t soft, because our victim isn’t at all happy about the current predicament he finds himself in.

Why was he beaten in the first place? Probably over turf or some shit. Either way, who cares?

¡Viva Mexico!

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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38 thoughts on “Bound and Gagged Man Beaten in Mexico”

  1. Yo Yo Yo Yo Hu Hu Hu Hu *Chimp Noises Oooh E E …. I want peanuts – Pea ? No , Nuts
    I want to lick balls or see Gore . Jeez Holy Moly her tits are so saggy . I like mexicans .. I’m new here nobody will like me anyway

  2. I caught him saying ‘pasoteando de verga’ which is Mexican slang for ‘crossing the line’ or ‘going too far.’ He doesn’t talk about his choice of flogging instrument so we’ll never know.

  3. UFO, (unidentified flogging object)…….awesomely mind blowing
    That leaves me wondering,whether the flogger had a belt or something similar in his hand ,as a punishing tool ,cause each time there was a sound of a whip lash which mostly the leathery objects make .
    The skinny fella did dance well ,all over the floor though , , although this is how a texmex ends up dancing when the rush of adrenaline gets too high .
    All in all, can’t help but love those skinny jeans and the capers
    which only the Mexicans are good at.

    1. The guy said “My name is “El frijol” (Or bean) the second time they catch me stealing, the third time they’ll kill me. 1st time they’ll hit me, the 2nd time they’ll beat me, the 3rd time, there wont be a third time.”
      In other words, they guys wasn’t killed.

  4. They are saying he is a thief, and that this is the second time he has being caught, his name is “El Frijol” (the bean, so a beanner), and since its the second, the third is gonna be killed, and that goes the same to anyone who “se pase de verga” (to try to get advantage of something, but the literal translation would be something like to have a big dick LOL)

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