Boy Loses Both Legs in Explosion in Idlib, Syria

8 Year Old Abdel in Shock After Double Leg Amputation

In Idlib, Syria, an 8 year old boy named Abdel lost both of his legs in an explosion. According to the Jewish press, Syrian president Bashar al Assad and the Russians did it with a barrel bomb.

There is nothing in photos or the video to ascertain for sure who was behind the allegedly bombing that tore off his legs and killed his 5 year old sister.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the pics and the video:

The short video shows the boy moments after the explosion with both legs already gone:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Shoahshana Goldburg-Sheckelstein You got & Hammered him, before i had a chance to let loose myself, my Awesome B-G Sister. Thanks Hun! There are so many Sheepish-Minded & Ignorant Members still among us that it baffles me. You would think that after 8 yrs, and hundreds of Video Proofs, & Documentaries, that these Bigots would educate themselves before blaming everything on the Muslims. The Ultra-Orthodox-Zionist-Jews, (as we well know,) are responsible for all this Migrant crisis, abroad, and at home.

      1. Fucken well said bro! Zionist cancer. I posted a remark about how Germany should have doubled their execution rates during ww2 on Youtube……not allot of friendly comments back for some reason!

    1. Why are there not any tourniquets on that little boys legs?
      Common flippin’ sense. I can’t believe these people know
      not the most basic medical procedures…..ALLAH is not going
      to take your belt and twist off the bleeding for you…but
      nevertheless, continue to scream it about…..

    2. When will we stop making war, the one says the Muslims are doing it the other says Europe is doing it the other says America is doing it, WE DONT GIVE A FUCK. Just stop making fucking war and letting children die! When will this end? Do you really think that killing innocent people will stop terrorism or war?

    1. @illegalsmile55 >>>>>>>>>>>>> Hope not. This is one muzzie who will find it difficult to cross the Med to Europe to become a parasite and drain on Euro taxpayers. Oh no, wait. There’s bound to be plenty of libertards who will want to pressurise politicians to let him into Europe for free medical treatment, housing, schooling, etc, etc. And all of his towel-head family. The emotive hashtags have probably started already.

  1. Wow….that nearly brought tears to my eyes. The little girl was so beautiful, her smile so radiant, her eyes unclouded by any worries or troubles….and then this shit happens. And the little boy…he…actually…doesn’t seem to be in any pain or mental anguish at all, to be honest. He’s had his legs amputated, the bones have been shattered into a dozen splinters, and yet he’s able to shout something more or less intelligible. Interesting…

    And WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SHOUTING AT THE SKY FOR!? Haven’t you learned by now that there is no one up there? There is no Allah. You want to know what’s REALLY up there, beyond the high blue vault of the sky? Dead planets and asteroids that have waited patiently for millennia for us to bring life to them. There are homes waiting to be built, minerals waiting to be mined, fortunes waiting to be made. It’s time to put away these childish blood feuds, rejoin the human race, and start looking towards the future, up to the stars.

      1. I’m serious, dude, this species needs to get its act together. Out there is land aplenty for every one on Earth to have their own private mansion and still have room to spare. Let’s get this fucking show on the road and start colonizing.

        On a different note, however, I imagine that us colonizing the Moon, Mars, and so on, will look pretty much the same as moldy peaches in the fridge. One peach is green and fuzzy with mold, then you start seeing patches of mold on the rest of the fruit, then all the peaches are moldy.

        “The mind boggles.” (Wakko Warner)

        1. Do you have immediate access to the necessary things to go on this trip? If you do, I will gladly follow you….

          …to the launch site to bid you farewell. I left sweat and blood in this dirt. I don’t think I’ll leave until I’ve left everything else there.

        2. “…I’m serious, dude, this species needs to get its act together. Out there is land aplenty for every one on Earth to have their own private mansion and still have room to spare. Let’s get this fucking show on the road and start colonizing…”

          I’d actually take you seriously if YOU can actually do something about this…

          But YOU can’t… or won’t… 😀

          Let us people… that can actually REPRODUCE a functional lifeform… accomplish such tasks…


          1. No, I’m not able to do such a thing, and neither are you, because if you were, you would have done it already, so your argument begins and ends there. Honestly, you should change your name to Gadfly, because you are persistently and uniformly obnoxious.

            For fuck’s sake, there are white people who are also poor, ignorant, lazy, and trashy, and there are people of color who are very educated, civilized, ambitious, and wealthy; all races have their saints and their demons. You can’t judge people just because of their skin color, just like you can’t tell how tight a girl’s pussy is simply by her height.

            You know what, just to spite you, I’m gonna go fuck me a white boy up the ass.

  2. This only leaves me with questions. As seldom as I am on topic when I comment, this once, I have to be openly inquisitive. Is that boy wearing camouflage pants? Why are they not helping him, but taking the full opportunity to ensure the capture of video and photographs of a wounded boy? Who are the guys all around? They seem to be dressed like most of the Syrian fighters I’ve seen on videos here. Did someone hide all the guns? Is it often a normal thing for just some random old Syrian man to be walking around with a walkie talkie like that? I don’t have answers, so fuck my opinion. I ask sincerely.

  3. OK, my arabic is a bit weak, but from what i gatherd is that the guy filming saying the usual “alla akbar “(god is graet) and then both him and the carrier of the child say “yalla” which means: come on or hurry up then i heard someone says twice “tha’al sayara” which means: bring a car/vehicle. from the boy i figured only something like- where is my dad/call my dad. other than that @voicesofavillain this kind of dress is typical for siryan “falach” farmers. the walkie talkie i believe when you are in a war zone over time this is a way to communicate to local help services. And yes i think some of the men were “tebbels”. also for the OP i didnt hear and/or saw this in any jewish press, just saying.
    hope it helped a bit.

  4. You would think by now that the younger generations of Islam followers would have opened their eyes and see that their so called peaceful religion is a false and violent one and that they should turn away, Although I guess that is one of the psychological effects of Islam it alters the brain and turns you into a lunatic with a bomb fetish.

    1. Religion is based entirely on your geographical position and your parents’ beliefs. More and more people should wake up and smell the roses.

      It is a man made concept not divine. We are not born with an underlying knowledge of god, it is something that has to be learned. That’s why religion is so keen on indoctrinating at such an early age, the mind is naive and susceptible, easily conditioned…. the adult mind tends to be more resistant and aware of fiction to believe so easily.
      The stronger your faith, the harder the brainwashing was at an early age.

      1. One of the ways I like to show up religious people is to ask them, if you had two kids, and you put them on two deserted islands, and you gave one of them the inspired word of God, in the form of the Bible or whatever, and you gave the other the knowledge that man has had to eke out over thousands of years in order to survive, in the form of a science textbook or whatever, which one do you think would have the better chances of surviving?

        When it comes to surviving on this planet, the Bible is little more than a worthless piece of trash full of disjointed morals, anecdotes, and contradictions….oh SO many contradictions. On one page, it stipulates “do not kill” and on the next page “stone them to death”. It doesn’t even serve as an entertaining read, or even as a historical chronicle. As a matter of fact, the only things a Bible is good for is as a paperweight, a doorstop, as kindling for a fire, or for using the pages to wipe one’s ass when one runs out of toilet paper.

        “Religion has actually CONVINCED people…that there’s an invisible man — living in the sky — who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do ANY of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever ’til the end of time!

        But he LOVES you.” (George Carlin)

  5. Poor kids don’t stand a chance in these countries, they need our support to get the fuck out. Fuck them that are saying its white westerners fault? We didn’t set the bomb off.
    Get the kids out, let the adult fucktards slaughter and blow each other up.

    1. I suggest you take them all into your home and support them with all of your money cause a good number of the rest of us don’t want to be forced to take care of other people by having our government steal from our pockets to give it to someone else.

  6. Cheap, low quality fake.
    Russians don’t need any “barrel bombs”, they have millions of convenient HE bombs.
    It is not possible to sit such a way without 2 legs and speak.
    It is not possible to have 2 legs torn off by an explosion and didn’t damage other body parts, face, arms…

    1. Wa ha ha ha! I can imagine doing some like that at the Paralympics or some other gathering where there are many people in wheelchairs, even going so far as to swing my feet up and down in a casual manner. Will probably be akin to shouting “NIGGER!” at a Black Lives Matter rally, except that no one will get up to do something about it, and if they did, you could just get up and run away.

  7. america will pay for what you have done in the middle east, you dont know it yet but you are invaded and you lose badly and you lose everything your military your petrodollar your federal reserve and you lose alot of people. the world turns on you and nobody is willing to help you after the misery you have caused around the world. lets just say if you dont see alot of gooks about in the usa you will do in the future, and then later the guys you have been poking come in to sweep up your weapons and proceed with a formal court after your submission. but they actually save you from complete annihilation so you will be forever grateful to these guys but humbled, you will be most definitley humbled america.

  8. would it be inappropriate to say that he is a bit young to be going out and getting leg less…. (thats a bit of a british term and basically means you are so wasted you can’t stand usually from alcohol)…. i have this strange desire to often say the most in appropriate things……

  9. Would you like to help this tough little guy? I’d like to so hoping other BG members feel the same. The only saving grace for him is if the Americans will provide the boy with some help. With so many young people losing limbs since the never ending wars began in 2001 & 2003 after 911, medical science has progressed beyond imagination when it comes to amputees. If this kid get’s the best help possible now, he could easily walk, even run but he needs help fast. If you are a BG member with money, IM me and we can talk offline. I realize you don’t know me but although I don’t have a lot of money, I am a fairly clever and hard working guy who might be able to help this kid. However he is still going to need money of his own to travel and for preliminary medical expenses. I do not need a penny of anyone’s money personally. I just want to make sure the kid and his family can pay to get him to where he needs to go if he needs to be treated elsewhere than he already is which is probably a facst. So hey BG folks, hit me up if you want to help? If anyone seriously offers help, I’ll do the research to help.

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