Boy from Slovenia Loses Both Hands to Homemade Firecracker

Boy from Slovenia Loses Both Hands to Homemade Firecracker

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member who wished to remain anonymous, but provided us with photos of a 14 year old boy from Slovenia who lost both hands to a homemade firecracker, and injured other parts of his body as well.

Doctor treating the teen said on the news:

The boy has severe damage to the face, eye and hearing as well as serious injury to hands that both needed to be amputated at wrist.

As has been documented extensively at Best Gore, messing around with explosives can lead to serious trauma, see HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, etc…

Thanks a lot for the pics, anon:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Ahhhhh, the smell and sight of the smelly putrid flowers in the best gore meadows…how I missed ye..the lights are always dimmer down these hallways and I’ve missed commentating on the hundreds of stories and videos I’ve seen since Ive last commented here, although I’ve never left. Miss a lot of old Gorians I dont see anymore but I guess we have a mostly new class now and that’s fine too. Mark, I’ve followed your journey of being “Canadianized” both on and off BG and I have to say, welcome back sir…you were deeply missed and I know the crew that took over during your absence did their best, but not even Gackneska could come close to what you have done for us as gorians..thank you sir. For those of you who dont know me, I used to go by “Mr Slider”.

        1. Ty Vincit!!!! Seriously I’ve been watching for years just never logged in. I have to express gratitude!! You have opened my mind to reality and being super aware of my surroundings. THANK YOU!!!!!

        1. I am from Slovenia and this was no usual firecracker you can buy from the store. It was some home made explosives. Those accidents here are actually quite common, brother of this boy actually died a few years ago from similar accident.

    2. Hi everyone! Figured I’d give my input since I’m Slovenian myself. I’m 25 now and when I visited Slovenia every year when I was a kid my grandpa would tell me how much damage the “petarde” (pe-tar-deh) could do to my body and hands if it goes off, my older brother had one go off in his hand but he only had a little singe mark that went away in a few days. The size of these old school petarde were something like a candle you buy at 99 cent stores, but maybe 10% thicker. My guess is the ones this kid was using was not the same as the ones we used in Slovenia years ago. Best guess overall? Made in China!

      No way in hell it happened with the classic petarde. Unless of course he taped like 100 together.

      Lep pozdrav ce kjer zastop mene! Melanie je v beli hiΕ‘i!!!!

    1. That’s from the movie hostel. Yes I’m watching as we speak. Lol. Slovakia. I shared this before earlier. I would’ve been abducted as welll. Pussy n ecstacy. Sign me up. Oh shit look now I’m in a torture chamber. Puss will get ya EVERYTIME. Lol

    1. You don’t need hands to jump off a building. Hell, the lack of hands may make it easier to drown himself, as well. I’ve never seen a stump perform well in water. As far as the fapping, it can still occur, although I think we would have to change the term to “thumping” just in the case of this boy here

  1. So this post is reminding me of the Isis “training” video a few weeks ago, in which they explain how to make a bomb in your kitchen. I recall a few members commenting about how unstable the mixture is….

  2. I remember times when fireworks were strongly forbidden to kids. Only gypsies sold it illegally everywhere in former Yugoslavia.
    Now, with demoncracy, everyone is allow to use it. Expect more of this as New Year approaches.

    “Do what thou wilth” is the law of a New World(ly) Satanic, so called “Elite”.

  3. Merry christmas you movafuka πŸ˜€

    and for those who didnt make christmas, i wish you happy new years and tons of good shit stuff.

    stay safe and alive πŸ™‚

    (sorry for offtopic, but i m out for christmas ,so i wish it now and here)

  4. There are two reasons that let me conclude that the member who sent the pics is not the victim:
    #1: the site doesn’t allow members under 18yo
    #2: if the boy had tricked the site and got his membership, how could he do the typing?
    Soon I will share my New Year Resolutions.

  5. I’m also from Slovenia. I know a guy who knows his family. He had a homemade firecracker(huge one). He lighted it in his room and then tried to threw it from the window but the window got stucked. So yeah. They say he ran blind and deaf without hands to the neighbours house so they called the help :/. bad story. i feel sorry for him and his parents.

  6. I give HUGE cudos to this kid. Not for fucking up the only two sex partners he had “at hand,” but for making such a great firecracker! When I was 14 I just bought M-80s from the Indians on the reservation. (If you’re not familiar: The American Indians sell otherwise illegal fireworks on many of their reservations since they’re considered separate nations within the USA. Yeah, it’s stupid, but I love the illegal fireworks. πŸ˜‰ )

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