Boy Wants to Feel His Cracked Skull

Boy Wants to Feel His Cracked Skull

This video is from Syria, but the injury doesn’t look consistent with a gunshot wound, though I may be wrong. It looks more like something fell on the boy’s head, or maybe the boy fell on his head? Either way, whatever caused it, it cracked the boy’s skull, but didn’t kill him. Fellow FSA mercenaries immediately took advantage of him and exposed his wound for a propaganda video, enticing the boy to feeling how bad it really was.

It is possible that the boy was a mercenary himself. There are videos of kids reciting that bullshit Islamic war talk like they really understand what they’re being tricked into. Human Rights Watch also released reports of FSA using child soldiers for all sorts of tasks, including as human shields and once shot, as subjects for whine videos.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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20 thoughts on “Boy Wants to Feel His Cracked Skull”

  1. Why in hell would anyone in their right mind allow someone with such filthy hands to touch it? Plus he’s got a major head injury there that it appears to have caused his eye’s to swell and turn black and blue. In my opinion he won’t make it through the night.

    Oh well, Next!!!

  2. I’m was so interested in Syria, but nobody can give me a straight answer why USA cares or anybody,about this country . Syria is a joke country now. Are the kids the problem? The kids must be the bullies. When kids in the USA bully other USA kids,two Syrian kids are killed. That’s my story.

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