Brazil – Cheating Wife Slashed Across Back by Jealous Husband

Brazil - Cheating Wife Slashed Across Back by Jealous Husband

That’s a good thing about Brazil – you can get poetic justice when legalities would make it complicated or impossible in other countries. Cheating whore wife who promenades herself with boyfriends in broad daylight to shame her husband is a good example. In Brazil, such whore wife is a prime target for an epic machete slash across her back.

In this case, the unsuspecting husband spotted her wife getting jiggy with some guy he’s never seen before. So he put his fist in his face and an extra gash on his whore wife’s back. She kept spreading the gash she should have saved for her husband for random males, so he gave her an extra gash on her back. Poetic justice right there. Da Silvas don’t fuck around.

It’s amazing how she’s just chilling there with that major slash across her back, just before casually strolling away to take a ride in a car. I’m guessing she was headed for a hospital yet it’s still amazing how much human body can endure.

Second video is better, I think:

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47 thoughts on “Brazil – Cheating Wife Slashed Across Back by Jealous Husband”

  1. Well, safe to say if any body was willing to fuck that nasty frumpy fat cow (let alone many dicks willing to stick that ugly bitch) than a gigantic slash scar won’t deture future cocks from sticking themselves in there.
    As for the husband, hope all is well.

  2. All jokes aside, I think there should be a better response time by the emergency services in Brazil. She was just sitting around and walking around like she was having a coffee at Starbucks. No one doing anything, not trying to stop the bleeding, putting a cloth on it or anything. Considering that is seems like wound care is Brazil’s number one market they should respond quicker. She could have took a bus to the hospital I mean a pick up truck to the hospital? I guess the method doesn’t matter much just so long as you arrive there.

  3. In the first video, she’s on her cell phone at the end! I dunno, as a woman I feel sorry for her, men cheat too if not more, ok ladies from now on, if your husband cheats, film yourself chopping off his cock and send it to Bestgore.

    1. Cheaters are cheaters, no matter what gender. Not one gender should be excused for such a hurtful, dickish act. In my opinion, all cheaters should be punished. Cocks cut off, boobies slashed or a Glasgow smile, all fair game to mark the unfaithful. however, the marks unseen are the ones that hurt the worst. You figure out what spurns said cheater the most and use it to your full advantage. Just my opinion….

      Word to the world, don’t fuck around you’ll get your comeuppance.

  4. I am not the best at translating but I think she said:
    “Does this slash make my butt look big?”

    Then the guy said:
    “Just get in the truck, no, no, no, the back of the truck I don’t want blood on my seat.”

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