Brazilian Guy with Cut on Neck Held Down by Man with Machete

Brazilian Guy with Cut on Neck Held Down by Man with Machete

Brazilian Guy with Cut on Neck Held Down by Man with Machete

No backinfo. The video, apparently from Brazil, shows a guy bleeding from a cut on the neck being pinned down and held in place by a man with a machete.

Even though I don’t understand Portuguese, I somehow presume that the guy could be a wannabe robber who was caught in the act and the angered victim is dishing out on-the-spot punishment. Of course, I could be quite off, so hopefully our Portuguese speaking friends can shed some light on this for us.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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  3. Sorry for the poor english, I’m brazilian and it’s my first time commenting here.

    About what they say, I can’t really understend everything, but I kinda get the story.

    The black guy was sent by someone from other town to kill/steal from the girfriend of one of the guys in de video, also killing the security that was whatching over her home/appartament. And at the end I think the guy who is recording the video says that he’s luky they didn’t killed him.

  4. When questioned why he was holding him down w/ the machete he told the police officer in plain clothes that he pointed a knife at his pregnant girlfriend and tried to rob her. The police officer said he didn’t gave to kill the suspect, while his answer was: shut the fuck up, you’re not in service right now, don’t stick up your nose in here, because that’s none of your concern! Then they start to brag about the neighborhood the suspect was from, show the knife he was carrying to the camera, then the passerby asks him if he’s from Santa Inês and his answer is inaudible, until he says someone paid him to go to that neighborhood to rob people, and then everyone says: it’s done, he died.

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