Brazilian Man Slashed Across Chest After Argument with Girlfriend

Brazilian Man Slashed Across Chest After Argument with Girlfriend

Brazilian Man Slashed Across Chest After Argument with Girlfriend

A man was stabbed inside a motel in Jorge Teixeira, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil after an argument with girlfriend. The video shows him with a slash across the chest, but the wound did not penetrate below the ribcage, so it’s mostly a cut in the muscle tissue.

I presume the primary reason why the man and the woman checked into the motel is to fuck. I wonder what possessed the wench to go ballistic on the guy’s ass while clearly on a night of bonking debauchery. And the guy needs to drop his balls and leave the shiny armor at home when he goes to hang out with bitches.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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63 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Slashed Across Chest After Argument with Girlfriend”

    1. I cant believe the bitch still there. Hes lucky she didnt chop his balls off. I avoid crazy bitches, always have. A few mates always seem to go with them i can spot them a mile off i had a few crazy bitches when in my teens.

      1. Unfortunately, crazy bitches fuck like crazy. There is a price to pay for non-stop demented sex though. I was stalked by one particular bunny boiler for months, threatening suicide. She turned up at my house a few times in tears. The last time she did I gave her a lift home. She grabbed the wheel and tried to steer us into on coming traffic. That’s the only time I’ve ever laid a hand on a woman in anger, I’m not proud of it but it was self defense.

  1. @AfricanAngel

    Like my small poem below? lol. ?
    -What can i say,,,
    -Another great Day,,,
    -Another great video,,,
    -From Our Angel Double A,,,
    – “AA”,,, that is,,, “AA” 🙂

  2. He is extremely lucky that The Machete, or Knife used was not swung hard enough in order to penetrate past his rids, cause then he would be either already dead, or in Critical-Condition in a nearby Hospital having already lost most of his body’s blood because of it. Very Lucky Dude. Not His, or God’s Time to take him, i guess..

      1. @DilDoe
        Hey Brother,,,
        You are correct brother and big-time, at she would have been a goner for sure me thinks also!
        And,, nice to hear from you my good man, as it’s been awhile. 🙂

    1. Yeah…. that’s just bizarre…. to sit there like a retard poking his dirty finger into the gash….
      These people need to be eradicated from the face of the earth….God has plans for his creation, but we must seize the opportunity and eliminate the scum from the planet…. only then will there be no more animals suffering at THEIR OWN HANDS!

  3. I always go to south America especially Venezuela and Brazil just to have sex with beautiful women and nothing like this ever happen to me. There mostly nice to me once I tell them I’m American and they always want to F*** without condoms. I wonder why

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