Brazilian Man Survives Gunshot Through Eye

Must Be One Time Nigh Indestructible Eye Did Not Make It

Brazilian Man Survives Gunshot Through Eye

According to the backinfo I got, the pics are from Brazil and show a man who survived getting shot in the head.

From the pics it looks to me as though the bullet entered his skull through the left cheek below the temple, and exited through his right eye. In this case, the nigh indestructible eye may actually have not survived.

Props to Best Gore member @khnirvore for the pics:

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  1. The excavation is necessary to remove any foreign material drawn into the bullet’s tract*, any non-viable tissue and bone fragments and to ensure that you’re not missing damaged arteries, veins and nerves.

    Gun shot wounds may be left to heal by secondary intent i.e. healing by granulation from the wound’s base or through delayed skin grafting / reconstructive surgery. Leaving a wound open does run a risk of infection but with a gun shot wound the risk is already there (see below).

    Incidentally, I think the left eye is also a goner as the ‘tentacles’ visible in the photographs coming forward from the region of the left eye socket look suspiciously like the eye’s rectus muscles (which allow the eye to move) and should be surrounding the globe not hanging free. The post surgery photograph shows that the left eye has been closed over by suturing; I think that confirms that the eye itself has been lost.

    * Cavitation occurs as a bullet passes between tissue planes and this damage can result in areas of non-viable (ischaemic) tissue. There’s also a sucking action that pulling clothing, skin or dirt in the wound. Together with the ischaemia this contamination provides an ideal culture medium for anaerobic organisms (e.g. Clostridium perfringens), which can lead to gas gangrene.

  2. I was a forensic photographer in San Diego for five years and it looks to me as though he had his left arm raised to shield his head, and the bullet nicked his left arm, then entered the left side of his head near his temple and exited through his right eye.

  3. There’s people that dies from falling in the shower or bled out by scratching the artery in one limb. And there’s people that are still alive being shot in the head or having maggots eating you from inside. Videogame RNG can be applied in real life too I guess.

  4. 110% sure, that he would become an evangelical Christian and talk about how God saved him or some other pathetic shit like that …

    Get over it boy, you’re screwed and nobody gives a shit.

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