Brazilian Thief Beaten with Nailboard Till It’s Stuck in His Back

Brazilian Thief Beaten with Nailboard Till Its Stuck in His Back

Brazilian Thief Beaten with Nailboard Till Its Stuck in His Back

According to the info I got, this happened in Brazil. The man featured in the video is alleged to be a thief, who got caught and punished by beating with a nailboard.

The video shows him with the nailboard stuck to his back. He’s also bleeding from wounds in the head and arms, and there are smaller, broken off pieces of the nailboard in lower parts of his back. Brutal.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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75 thoughts on “Brazilian Thief Beaten with Nailboard Till It’s Stuck in His Back”

  1. What sort of rational mind thinks this is justice? Beat him, threaten him not to steal. But Killing someone for theft is just finding a way to justify you’re fucked up bloodlust. Finally an opportunity to be violent without consequences.

    1. Have you ever been the victim of theft? Lost something you’ve worked your arse off for?? Thieves need their hands breaking at the very very least , Thieves are scumbags bro , you shouldn’t take things that aren’t yours, this should be drilled into ppl from birth no ifs no buts………….

  2. lmfao ja, that will happen to someone steeling from me too. Cunt, he can be glad the fucking cops was there to save his, umm, back… and just sothat everyone knows, michelle obama is a fucking man with a dick who fucks barrack in his shithole.

      1. Thank you @Autoeroticasphycianado.
        I return to you a salute.
        Also, I’m glad that your user name is not my actual given name. I would have been a freshman in college before I learned to spell my own name correctly.
        Best wishes to you and your family.
        P.S. If you also enjoy brash, brutally rude sarcasm coupled with a unique bastardization of the English language, you will enjoy UncleDilf.

        1. He does make me crack up when I’m here on Bestgore. Sometimes he is sleepy though, like above.
          This thief must endure shoveling ALPHA SCAT twelve hours per day as punishment, his skin will soon grow around that nailboard.

  3. Damn, now I have seen them all! Face peeled off with stump arms, nail boards, etc.

    Now I need to see gore of the BRAZZEN BULL!!! Tut tut tuuuuut!!

    Google it. It is amazing.

    Hope we can see some users being gored at the BRAZZEN BULL soon!!!!

    1. Brazen bull is some fucked up shit, apparently it was made so that the victims screams were made to sound like a bull as they were slowly roasted alive, the ancient mind certainly came up with some bad ass torture tactics……to see that would be the ultimate holy grail of gore my friends

    1. That’s because the tricks you saw didn’t include the part where someone picks up the board of nails and beats someone about the head and back.
      I hope your avi is a female sphincter because I got up pretty close to have a look.

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