Brazilian Thief Surprised by How Much it Hurts to Get Shot in Hand

Brazilian Thief Surprised by How Much it Hurts to Get Shot in Hand

Brazilian Thief Surprised by How Much it Hurts to Get Shot in Hand

This is a repeated a common motive from Brazil, but repetition is the mother of knowledge, right?

The thief got caught stealing and taken to the woods where he got punished with gunshots to both hands. The first shot made him realize how much it actually hurts, to which he aggressively responded, but the captors were not done with him yet.

The other hand came next, but having already experienced the pain, this one didn’t catch him by such surprise.

Props to Best Gore member @trey99 for the video:

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  1. Initially I thought it was a case of a big buffalo going after its naughty little cheeky calf for being a trickster .
    But realization dawned ; that that here was a country bumpkin trying to reform a city side thief , who already had pleaded guilty with bloodied head , but all that fat on the punisher’s paunch wasn’t any deterrent , when he quickly fired the first shot .
    Seeing the frightened thief likened to a dog running away with its tail between its leg was fun to watch but the country bumpkin was more like a bigger dog who growled and fired another shot to his thieving hands ; and had him freeze in his tracks . It was a lucky day , for he was let go.

    I hope those shots will always remind the Kleptomaniac in future to keep away from stealing other’s stuff.
    BTW the vogue stuff he wore with an attractive golden watch doesn’t seem to be his .

      1. Ha ……..get robbed he’s soon gonna be.

        And him to be a called a thief would be like “The pot calling the kettle black” because both often must be getting dirtied in common by contact by their thieving appetite.

          1. Oh that won’t be any problem cause in their circle , ” name calling” is nothing new, as these scoundrels are attuned to being christened with aliases names , what not and all that shitty lingo one can imagine of.
            Though he will reserve the exclusive rights in calling a
            HIPPOcryte .a HIPPOcryte, but by the end of the day both him as a big CROC and the other guy as a HIPPOcryte will bide their time drinking wine counting the loot which for them feels just fine.

  2. The guy with the gun, should of given this bastard a donkey, to ride out into the sunset with. With his blood running down, it would of been a reminder, to get his head out of his Ass, and get a job like the rest of us.

    1. A donkey to mount on;with a garland of flip-flops tied around his neck and his face painted black …. ain’t ever gonna change his hard to die habits , even if he is marched on through
      out every nook and corner on a jackass of the suburb he comes from .

      He’s what he is cut out to be , A thief by birth and a thief by death ‘ To take on the honorable Jobs like the rest of us is scary for these kinda of motherfuckers when the lure for easy money by other methods blind folds their vision forever .
      Even if he is given a job he wont be shy of stealing stuff from
      his colleagues .

        1. I always dream of taking it in my stride to have the new members of CONgress sworn in but that’s me when I am high .
          Last but not the least when I say . I believe in taking TRANSgressional members for a donkey ride though with
          garlands of flip-flops tied around their necks and ’em faces painted pitch black with rotten stuff like….. days old rotten eggs some stale gooey slices and turd stacked in their overcoats.

    1. what else can he do ? nothing.
      you cant escape in brazil… if he was still running, then we should have seen another video of his execution in middle of the city by some moped driver gunmen.

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