Brazilian Bandits Using Dynamite to Blow Up ATM Machine Results in One of Them Losing His Foot

Brazilian Bandits Using Dynamite to Blow Up ATM Machine Results in One of Them Losing His Foot

This is pretty funny. A group of bandits, known as “the Dynamite Gang”, have been running around, blowing up ATM’s with sticks of dynamite. I guess it worked at least once because they hit an ATM back in August and got away with it. October 14th, they struck again, this time an ATM at the SiCredit Angency in the city of Bom Sucesso, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Ironically, it happened to be the same company that was targeted by them before.

At around 3:30 a.m., they got all set up, successfully blew up the ATM, taking most of the side of the building with it and then realized that their comrade had been caught in the explosion, losing his foot and most of his elbow in the process. Needless to say, they took off, leaving their buddy and his dearly departed foot lying in the street. Police snatched him up pretty quick and took him to a hospital where he will then be charged. While one of the ATM’s was damaged, it’s unknown whether the thieves actually got any money from it. Police were deployed through the area apparently others members of the group have since been arrested.

Dumb shit, must have been the first time he got to make “boom boom” and fucked it up. There goes his career. The man has been identified only as 27 year old M.W.S., resident of Sarandi, state of ParanΓ‘, Brazil. He doesn’t appear to be burned in any way so I’m assuming that he was struck with shrapnel. I wonder how paramedics and doctors and nurses feel treating a murderer or stupid ass criminal. I know they take their vows to preserve all life and all that but they are human just the same. Some (not all) have to be thinking about just leaving the fucker in agony.

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    1. Awww I never get to see the good stuff from up in the pharmacy πŸ™ We have to sit and speculate. I do try to get into the trauma bays to refill meds before they finish up with the patients. They don’t care unlike our cath lab nurses who get all sensitive when a patient dies on them and makes me wait til after the family does their thing and they remove the body.

      1. I dont know about the ones at banks but the ones you see in businesses like 7-11’s and shit – they have sophisticated alarm systems. If you try bashing with something or cutting it open, it sends out a cellular signal to an alarm co. Not that anyone would be so stupid by attemoting anything like that at it’s location but the system also has its own power supply so even if the machine itself is ever stolen and taken anywhere, the same cellular device sends out a tracking signal as soon as the electrical chord is unpluged. A friend of mine worked for a armored service that relenished them with cash.

    1. Personally I wouldn’t say this is Karma, Brazil’s poverty is rife and people will do anything to get money. Yes it’s the morally wrong way to do it but losing a leg in the hunt for money is a bit harsh no? πŸ™‚

      1. @judge.

        True my friend, and the cause of all this shit that we’re all experiencing? Fucking banks and their fraudulent practices! Creating money out of thin air and charging you interest on it.

        I feel for the poor bastards, at least they have some morals.

          1. @3rd i rotten.

            Good point, if I’m going to trash a system that’s worked for hundreds of years then I’d better have an alternative? Truth is that I don’t, but I know that this one cannot continue.

            This situation has been contrived a long time ago and a one world government is the agenda.

            Problem, reaction, solution.

          2. Breeding is the fucking problem. Capitalism (a subset of the free-market, eg, usury) demands ever-increasing growth to pay on ever-increasing debts which requires ever-increasing populations – and when the environmental burden is too great – the only solution will be 100% forced enslavement in every area of life, or, resetting the population back for continued growth.

            The beginning of the end of every civilization is parents breeding more children than they have sustainable land to provision for.

            Once you go past that point, you create a state of dependency, which results in great powers that know how to profit off that state of dependency.

            A simple solution that COULD be implemented now to gradually reverse would be a tattoo dot on the bottom of the big toe during delivery, and on the 3rd, tubes tied.

            I can’t think of anything more human – and WTF – we are sacrificing every freedom merely for “unlimited breeding” – which is just fucked. Capitalist/Catholic/Muslim/Power-mad pro-breeder mind control.

        1. @dk.

          When I was a child (12-13) I had a french teacher, big fat man with thick glasses.
          He was foreign, don’t know where from but his surname was Verna.

          He was fucking scary, he would enter the classroom opening the door with a clenched fist. Then one day he was gone?

          Turned out he was having an affair with the school secretary. He attempted to kill his wife with a gas cylinder under her car seat but she spotted it and called the police.

          He got four years for attempted murder.

          Stupid fat fuck!

          1. @bobcat

            Haha dude that’s crazy!! I had a few suspect teachers in my time but not potential murderers, at least I didn’t find out they were. πŸ˜‰

            Makes you wonder why half of them wanted to teach. They seem so angry and horrible lol.

  1. It works on ATMS, buildings and legs but I got a feeling if the Dynamite Gangs brains were made of dynamite there wouldn’t be enough of a charge to blow their nose.

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