Brazilian Man Sucked Into Wood Chipper Attempting to Push Obstruction Through with His Foot

Brazilian Man Sucked Into Wood Chipper Attempting to Push Obstruction Through with His Foot

This brutal, epic accident took place in the town of BanzaΓͺ, state of Bahia, Brazil. A man identified as Edenilto Pereira dos Santos was working on a farm, operating a wood chipper when it became clogged. So…you see where this is going, right? Yup, instead of turning the machine off and then dislodging the obstruction properly, he said “fuck it” and tried to push the mass through using his foot. Well, Edenilto cleared the clog alright, and in doing so cleared the path for the rotating blades to suck him in.

He was taken to hospital where emergency surgery was performed, with the machine still attached to him, mind you, and freed him. The gore that resulted is spectacular. Look at all those colors, a knotted mass of intestines sits up like some tentacled monstrosity from an H.P. Lovecraft story.

Unfortunately, Edenilto did not survive long after the surgery. This was a fail that should not have happened. So if you ever wondered why folks stress turning off running machinery before performing any kind diagnostics or maintenance, this is why.

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    1. I agree, another one for the books @ Obli. Where you find all this brutal, epic stuff, is beyond me brother! Let,s not forget Boys & Girls that all these goodies, that our good friend, and moderator, gets is from his research alone, being that no credit, or kudos is given to another person for the post! You Rock Sir Obli.

          1. I never looked at bananas in the same way again. Sick twat must have poked the stinking thing through the skin !
            Good job I saw it too, ‘cos as you say @boozer, could have been munching on a wogs toe end ! Double Barf ! :-\

          2. It was a one off mama, don’t worry, I’m sure any bananas you eat will be grotty toe nail free, just be wary of any bruising on the skin ! πŸ˜‰

  1. serves him right. maybe with Internet pictures things like this won’t become just a myth. and people start respecting machines.
    machines don’t give a fuck
    They have no feelings,
    they don’t get charged with murder,
    They go back to work the next day as if nothing happened.

  2. They should plant him in soil and water him daily, that way his roots will grow back with the added bonus of pretty petals emerging from his eyes and ears.

    They could call him “um colorido”, the colourful one.

          1. I’d have to remove all the shit, sterilize and restuff it properly I’m afraid.
            Those are certainly some distended intestines – did he have bad gas or a tummy ache before he got (lower) body-snatched?

  3. Lock out Tag out you say? “Fuck that!” Says poor Edenilto.

    God damn brutal! Could you imagine like being a coworker there with him and watching him get sucked in? Motherfucker!

    I’m about as nervous as an Edenilto in a room full of wood chippers!

  4. I remember a news story a few years ago where a dad let his 7 year old help him with the wood chipper he rented. After a while the kid was tossing the logs in himself and he ended up falling in. The ensuing pink mist covered his father and wherever they were aiming the chute at the time.
    How do you have a funeral for something like that? Who collects the remains? This was in NJ.

  5. This is what’s up. It’s refreshing to see a post that gets back to the basics of gore, free of religious or political bickering. Just a splash of hardcore reality right in your face saying, “Here’s this. It is what it is – deal with it.” Enough said.

  6. let me get this straight….they thought they could save him?!!! HOW!! Half the dude is gone…i would have just pushed the rest into the chipper. Call it a mercy killing. Lets assume they managed to keep him alive…what will they do about the missing half? attach him to a wheelchair?

    1. Maybe it was his friend’s wood chipper and the friend wanted it back – without half a guy still sticking out. I guess this idiot got his “woody” chipped but good. Yep, best to just push the rest of him thru.

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