Brazilian Suffering Bipolar Episode, Slashes His Throat

Brazilian Suffering Bipolar Episode, Slashes His Throat

A Brazilian man who reportedly suffers from Bipolar Disorder (untreated, I’m assuming), had an episode in which he became suicidal and and decided to slice open his own throat…Brazil style, in public. He walks shirtless into a barber shop, and cuts his throat (whether with a straight razor at the shop or his own knife is unknown) then lies down and attempts to bleed out but he is not too successful. He does make a nice little pool of blood but ends up sitting back up, looking dazed and acknowledges someone off to the side before being left to sit in his drying blood to look like an attention-whorring douche.

Yours truly also suffers from mental illness (shocked?). I’m diagnosed Bipolar 1 with rapid cycling and Borderline Personality Disorder. However, men and women like myself are no more dangerous to the public than anyone else. So I’m going to open this board to anyone who wants to talk about their experiences in suffering with these disorders. Don’t be shy, you’re amongst friends.

Many thanks to Badass contributor, MrsPink.

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    1. Waaaaa I’m bipolar and I throw adult temper tantrums when I get mad or don’t get my way for attention… Waaaa I have borderline personality disorder just like the rest of the world waaaaaaaa too bad he didn’t die. Pussy.

      1. I am bipolar too. But when im possed the fuck off I just sit in silence and replay over and over how I would mutilate the person who pissed on my batteries. And the I would build a bridge and get the fuck over it :/

      1. Now I do get angry once in a while and go into fights with the people I love most (not physical, of course…). But I did throw some objects (big ones…but not at him lol…), during a fight with a guy I was with, omg those were the days lol
        Once I broke the nose of my first boyfriend, because he had insulted me for no reason. I said: “Would you repeat that?!” He got up his chair and yelled the same insults, while a dinner with friends (we were all drunk, but hey, we were young, maybe 19/20…). I had an instant rage because of the humiliation. Only time in my life but I don’t regret it…
        Ah, sweet memories 🙂

        1. I had a melt down a couple of months ago, basically stood in front of my ex with a switch blade breaking skin in front of her asking why she doesnt love me anymore.. never did it come me, that exact question was the answer I was looking for.. :/

  1. Fuck me. If there’s one thing bestgore has taught me it’s that Brazil is an absolute shite hole. Do brazilians just wander around with their phones out waiting for someone to get murdered or ran over so they can post it online ?

    Also, obli. Your diagnosis explains alot..

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        2. @Chopper – unsurprisingly those same 4 cities fall in the upper top ten of cities with populations >100,000 people that have the highest concentration of blacks. Best to stay away from those shitholes no matter what color you are, lol.

    1. This makes me sad. I lived in Brazil for 22 years and I was lucky to overwhelmingly experience the good side of Brazil.

      I am pretty sure I have undiagnosed bipolar depression. I suffered some abuse as a child which emotionally damaged me. I have some phobia I’m not sure what to call it where I fear myself or others I love being attacked/harmed, home invasions, kidnapping, dieing a violent death. I actually hate to even write this.

      1. @Sparkling Really ? In that case why not visit one of the many poorer places in Brazil, I’m sure all your dreams will come true. Just kidding, we love you <3 You should go talk to someone who can help you if you think you need to.

        I'm sure there are lots of nice parts of Brazil and bad parts just like every country, but bestgore isn't exactly a positive ad for a holiday there that's for fucking sure. Also, @elma. It's pretty clear from all of the footage that spews out of there that's a vast portion of it is a fucking hell hole. Rather than helping, the people in all these videos seem too concerned about not getting a juicy video for the intranet. Aside from your fucking genius epiphany about the problem being related to skin colour, what else do you think is the problem ? Maybe it's hate ? And which civil war have you lived through exactly ?

        1. My country is beautiful in many, many ways, diverse, exotic. It’s also fucked in many, many ways. I’ve always known that, trust me, I was happy to leave at the tender age of 22. I’ve never felt safer in my life. I went from a tropical island in the northeast coast of Brazil to a tranquil, picturesque American small town in the country side. I wish my family would leave too but this was only my dream, they live happy lives there.

      2. @Sparkling Spectre: I have phobias too. When I was not diagnosed yet, and not treated, I used to be scared to even go out of my own room, sometimes. Not even considered going out. Rather kill myself. And suffer from it, obviously. I’m sorry but I recognized myself in some parts of your post. I only had violent boyfriends. The first one used to beat me, insult me. I accepted, until the day he did it in public and I broke his nose. Whatever. Almost all my boyfriends have beat me up, left me with bruises…The last one thought i had cheated. I can’t describe what he did to me: five hours locked in a room. Like hell. But again, I liked this side of him in bed…Then it became a habit…I really hope you get better. D?pression is such a bitch, leaves you restless and weak. I know. It’s awful but talking made me feel better, it actually helps. It depends on people, but if you do want to talk, I’ll read, or listen…Take care k 🙂

        1. Yes, we want to suffer. I like guys who can hurt, but it has to stay soft, and in bed. But then they think they can take it to another level, and as they see they are superior in strength, whenever you disagree with them, it’s so much easier to beat than talk…Pussies (my exes…)
          I was assaulted too. Locked in a car and threatened with a knife in order to be raped. He didn’t get what he want, I was lucky (and clever??) enough, and had the words, apparently. But there are seizures, of course. Everything has consequences. And it’s hard to live with this but I need no pity, as anyone with this Disorder. And it’s not an illness. People should read about BPD, because when they don’t know, they spread a lot of shit. We don’t have to go through that. We can get treated. And have a good life. There is a light…Sorry if it sounds clich?, I just wanted to talk a little from my own experience…

      1. Good point! I’m also “bio-polar”….or as I say “emotionally challenged.” What I mean by that is….I’m fine when things are good (obviously)…but if something something happens my emotions get the best of me and I fall into a very deep depression. The messed up thing is (from what I have been told) most people that suffer from bio polar experience a “mania” phase where their overly happy, etc and then some sort of “crash” happens (again from what I have been told). I believe I have type 2… (I think know they have a type 3 so I have been told.). This category would be what I suffer from. When your stable your fine….no big ups or downs….but when a “down” happens your stuck and I mean stuck! It’s the worst feeling in the world and it’s like a dog chasing its tail. You know the only why to feel better is to do something about it (get a new job, meet new people, etc)BUT the depression is so bad that it feels impossible. I hope I’m making sense; if not I apologize…I’m also very tired and I’m too lazy to proof read this…lol! I’ve tried every medicine out there; and maybe I’m looking for a “miracle pill”….hope everyone is well. Are any of you from Chicago? By the way I love this site (not so much for the pictures….but the comments or the “captions” made by the owner of the site?? Funny as shit specially about the “pointers”…..

        Although i find this this site addicting (not like in a disturbed creepy way)…. BUT I just find it shocking as hell that people just stare and watch or take selfies of dying people. It’s like pick up the fuckin phone people and get help. People lack empathy and compassion and it’s so sad. Just think this is someone’s child, mother, brother, cousin, etc. BUT still love the “captions” specially on the “floaters”

  2. Like People who are all different mental illness affects individuals differently. I believe everyone at one point or another suffers from some form of mental illness at least temporarily…most cope quite well. There are stark exceptions though…and it ranges from sad to funny to the person can be dangerous to themselves or others.
    Personally I don’t believe enough is spent on research, treatment or care.
    This is a subject where if not personally affected it would be damn near impossible not to know of someone who is.

    1. well the problem is who are you going to turn into labrats for that research not to mention possible trements/care.

      I will tell you right now I got a list and its all sorts of fucked up the hand I got delt but I manage just fine.

      To be completely honest I hate pills was taking them sense I was 4 all way till I was 18 or 19 and most that shit fucked me up more than it helped.

      So unless you want to annie up to be that lab rat who may end up dieing from testing I say Fuck that.

      plus all the pills I was on 99.9% were either inefective, did the opisite of what it was suppost to do, or had some majorly fucked up side effects.

      so ya pills arn’t the answer to mental illness hell I think the only good thing that came out of all those pills was the fact that it takes alot of something to even effect me.

    2. Endured multiple diagnoses over the years labeled this and that, mental illness is no cakewalk but treatment and keeping in check helps. Bi-Polar, OCD, ADD, Panic Anxiety, Social Phobia, Tourette’s and I’m sure doctors missed other stuff too. My trust in doctors period is rather shaky at best but still.

      1. Agoraphobia, fear of people, fear of even going out (of bed, in worst cases…) I know all that. Well, used to…Even had panic attacks and eating disorders. Never made myself throw-up (I’m emetophobiac as well, yes…). But anorexic, for years. I tried to hide it by telling my mum i was gonna eat in my room and ended up throwing the food. Then hid the bin and went to the garbage at night when my parents slept…Yep, as a child, I was even constantly punished. At the teachers’ table, so that I would finish my plate…Started early in my childhood. Never knew why. Then, as a teenager I became a “woman” (you know what I mean…). Hated it. I weighed 58kgs for 1.70m. Too fat for me. So I stopped eating and did drugs. I always saw myself fat, even when I was 40kgs…This is hell. And my poor mum kept asking what was wrong with me cause I had no appetite (this is when I was a kid…). Always sick. Vomiting and my stomach hurt. It was because of the stress…Thank God I’m a woman, now, and I feel good 🙂
        Everyone can…

        1. Good point! I’m also “bio-polar”….or as I say “emotionally challenged.” What I mean by that is….I’m fine when things are good (obviously)…but if something something happens my emotions get the best of me and I fall into a very deep depression. The messed up thing is (from what I have been told) most people that suffer from bio polar experience a “mania” phase where their overly happy, etc and then some sort of “crash” happens (again from what I have been told). I believe I have type 2… (I think know they have a type 3 so I have been told.). This category would be what I suffer from. When your stable your fine….no big ups or downs….but when a “down” happens your stuck and I mean stuck! It’s the worst feeling in the world and it’s like a dog chasing its tail. You know the only why to feel better is to do something about it (get a new job, meet new people, etc)BUT the depression is so bad that it feels impossible. I hope I’m making sense; if not I apologize…I’m also very tired and I’m too lazy to proof read this…lol! I’ve tried every medicine out there; and maybe I’m looking for a “miracle pill”….hope everyone is well. Are any of you from Chicago? By the way I love this site (not so much for the pictures….but the comments or the “captions” made by the owner of the site?? Funny as shit specially about the “pointers”…..

          Although i find this this site addicting (not like in a disturbed creepy way)…. BUT I just find it shocking as hell that people just stare and watch or take selfies of dying people. It’s like pick up the fuckin phone people and get help. People lack empathy and compassion and it’s so sad. Just think this is someone’s child, mother, brother, cousin, etc. BUT still love the “captions” specially on the “floaters”

          1. Not anymore. I just broke up with my bf. Cause he was making fun of me. He used me. We fought. Broke one of my fingers and I have one big cut on my arm because I hit a glass door and broke it during the fight. I’m back being depressed now. A fucking mess…

    1. Brony on the boards!! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!…

      All joking aside though, its hard to tell sense the camera never got close enough.

      But from the looks of the puddle of blood he may have gotten close to a major artery or something.

      I’d say he lost about half a pint to 3/4 of a pint of blood total in that video. Its hard to say with out any really good quality video and a some close ups.

      one of the doc’s on this site want to chime in on how much he may have lost?

  3. I will the board with my ‘mental illness’ story. About 18 months ago I went through crying spells; anything and everything would set me off, then one day I just snapped – to this day I can’t put my finger on any one thing that caused it. Anyway I attempted suicide and ended up in the psych ward for 5 days. I am on anti-depressants and am starting some new meds soon. My diagnosis are chronic depression, PTSD, grievance disorder, and abandonment disorder. I think there is one more, but I can’t remember what it is. I am in counseling which is helping as it is helping me come to terms with everything. I will never be ‘normal’ but, hey, who is????

    1. The Dre loves ya sweetie, hang in there girl. I also suffer from abandonment issues, and PTSD related to witnessing, and being the recipient of many beatings starting at the high chair age by a Cop in uniform. I also witnessed my poor mom take many of beatings also while i watched helplessly. This screwed me up good, and i still struggle with nightmares, and mood swings to this day! Oh, and the Cop,,, was my Dad. BUT we have each other on here, and are not alone 🙂

      1. @thedre, you and I have similar situations; I too was the beaten by my father (and more), he was in the Navy and very regimented in his control at home. My mother also too beatings, and like you, I was helpless to do anything about it. If I tried he would turn on me. He often came home very drunk and would turn violent with it. I have nightmares, but my main issues are flashbacks. I also take things way too personally. Glad, in a quirky way, that there is someone out there who really understands what it is like to have mental health problems through no fault of our own. Hang in there 🙂 BTW what country are you in?

    2. And these dumb fucks think Brasilians act like this for fun. I’m glad you’re getting treatment and that you’re still with us. These people need medication. And there isn’t enough research or money to make it happen in brasil. Some are born with it. So much medical pollutants that can’t be filtered is getting into our potable waters. They say there’s a hike in homosexuality because of women that dispose of their “pill” contraceptive down the toilet. And other shit we’ve seen from India, Asia, etc. Where babies are born all fucked up, with 4 arms or with a face for ass.

  4. Still love you Obli. Love to read your posts and input.
    I have a daughter, my oldest, that is Bi Polar. Won’t get treatment, and was self-medicating with whiskey, marijuana, and Xanax or Klonopin when she can get them. She avoids the majority of the family, and decided to disown me and her siblings a few yrs ago.
    It’s heartbreaking to see one who was once full of life, just lie around and refusing to get help. What can you do when a person doesn’t want your help?
    When she is at herself, she’ll come back around and stay for three months, then she’s gone again. And the last time I saw her she was starting to act like a paranoid schizophrenic. Very, very sad.
    Thanks for sharing Obli. (Hugs)

      1. Obli’s posts are AWESOME…Thanks, Obli, it made me feel good to post. Even though it’s a fucking book I just published here, it made my day…Also, witnessing things you shouldn’t at a young age doesn’t help, so I forgot to mention the fear of being abandoned. The feeling of emptiness. And many more…
        Now, I write a lot, without pretention. I don’t search for fame, I don’t even try to make money out of it (even if people tell me I should try…).
        Thanks, and much respect, Obli 🙂

    1. There is still stigma with people that have chemical imbalances….Charlie sheen, Mel Gibson, robin Williams , Robert downy Jr, Brittany spears etc still avoid being honest because of the attached stigma..

      It’s to bad more famous people don’t contribute more to help others and diminish the stigma of mental health…we don’t make fun of people with cancer but have no problem when the brain is unbalanced by calling people crazy…

      Sandjoy…see if she will try lithium ..the old but true med to get people balanced with bipolar…

      1. When people suffer from mental health issues I have a great deal of sympathy. So many people though send themselves crazy on drugs and just carry on taking them. They’re not too crazy to be robbing people, manipulating and intimidating them to get their drugs. When they do eventually break they get a ‘get out of jail free card’, oh they’re bi-polar, well, if they hadn’t of been taking crack for years they probably wouldn’t have cut that old ladies head off.

      2. Thanks Mike. She won’t talk to me or the rest of our family right now. I thought of Lithium too. She claims when she tries meds it just keeps her snockered. And she has two kids so she can’t do that. She just won’t try. 🙁

      3. You do not have Bi Polar 1 and rapid cycling
        It’s Bi Polar 1 , 2 and rapid cycling

        Which ever shrink gave the diog they have no idea and only after kick backs from pharma corps.

        Only reason they are more drugs is Lithium causes side effects in some. so they create new drug and so on.

        Nobody is normal but everybody is mentally ill.

        Bi Polar is wrong we do not go up and down like it suggests we are Multi polar going every direction same as the average person we just do it to the extreme

      1. @cliff89, mental disorders are very real, I had not idea I had anything wrong mentally until my suicide attempt which came completely out of the blue. We are definitely not seeking attention by wanting to ‘talk’ about what’s happening with us mentally. I personally would rather not talk about it, but by bottling it up, I very nearly ended up not being here, so talking is a must for me.

    1. Oh Clifford…better off not mentioning it? C’mon now. That just exasperates the problem. How would you feel if you found a loved one that has killed themselves. Would you say ” well thank God she didn’t mention it”. It’s not shamefull to talk about things that are human. I could go on and on but I’m afraid it will be falling on deaf ears. Nobody likes an attention whore. There is a massive difference between talking about issues and seeking attention. Free your mind 😉

  5. Don’t overestimate normality. It’s entirely overrated. I would rather be a dysfunctional S.O.B., than a normal sheep every day that ends in “y”. There is no adversity to normalcy and I believe coping with adversity makes for an infinitely better and more highly developed fv. There is a learning curve to enduring trauma.

    Our brains deal with trauma in different ways depending upon the age of the individual enduring the trauma, and what form the trauma takes, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. Even our diets can subvert our own mentalities at a chemical level. Everyone is scared in these ways because life contains more trauma the longer one lives. It sure beats the alternative of never having existed at all, though. Whenever I remember that, I become grateful for my life and the learning and coping continues.

  6. There’s such a stigma attached to mental disorders. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, you take a pill and no one bats an eye but when it comes to taking pills for your mind, it seems like people are immediately judged for it. I think that’s the reason why so many don’t seek help. We still have a lot to learn about the mind and how to treat these disorders but I think it’s just as important to accept and support those who have a mental illness.

  7. I used to slice up my torso while getting drunk and listening to hard rock to numb my depression. Long story short I sought counselling and took meds and I’m mostly better now. Also there was BG, real good place to escape the pain and misery

  8. I suffer from chronic depression, I’ve tried treatment and drugs for two years. Nothing seemed to make any difference, I felt the same if not numb on drugs. For days evens months at times, I isolate and stay locked away from friends and family. It’s a hard thing to explain, I hate living in a society where money and stuff is the only objective. I’ve debated for years to pack up and move to Alaska and live off the land. Best Gore has helped in some of my low times for the past eight months or so. Showed me what reality is, instead of the garbage fed to us daily by television and society. Never been real suicidal, just feel alone in a world that is blinded by materialism and their safe made up worlds.

        1. No thanks. My pill taking days are over, I feel like a zombie on them. “It’s better to feel pain than nothing at all.” That and the side-effects, impotence and unable to have an orgasm. No fucking way!

          Thanks for the laugh @amnyc. 🙂

          1. @Obli, I can agree with you that the never ending voices and thoughts are quite maddening, at times I have even screamed, prayed and sobbed for endless hours/days/years for one tiny second of quite. The truth is it’s not coming and never will. Are you actually asking to become a mindless fuck, like most of this flee ridden world is? I thank fuck that you’re not. Though you may wish your mind away, think of the people who are ready to shed their sheep’s skin and are ready to learn about reality. Thank fuck you’re not another mindless drone and thank you from pulling me from the brink.

  9. @Obli or anyone with insight

    Is one born with bi polar disorder, or is it something developed overtime? Also hypothetically, if you had said disorder, and didn’t take meds, or stopped taking them, what is the result? Forgive me for prying but I would rather hear a first hand account over google bullshit. Mainly because I have a friend who is dealing with suicidal thoughts and random rage issues. Night and day so to speak.

        1. @blayvier: I don’t know if i was born with it. There is no history of borderline Disorder in my family…But if I stopped taking my meds, I would get angry, or really sad, easily. Not the crying type of sad. The raging type. Where everything is dark and you can not do anything about it, and you feel so empty that you’d rather die. Also you feel like you deserve to suffer, so the pain that goes along with the suicide is fine, since you know it’s the right way to go…Hard to explain, but I wish him the best. You see, as I said, I’m treated now, and I’m fine. My life is good. A few years ago, I would have said: “I wanna die. A painful death if possible…” Now, I’m going out again, I’ve met people, made friends. I sincerely hope he’s gonna be alright, but with a caring friend like you, he should be fine…Best wishes for him 🙂

    1. I also have bipolar disorder. It is usually genetic, as many mental disorders are. I have a family history of mental illness and/or chemical dependency on both sides of my family. I’ve also been diagnosed with PTSD, social anxiety disorder, and SAD. My symptoms emerged around 13. I did drugs and drank to self-medicate. Was a full-blown alcoholic before I was 19, drinking every day, all day if I could. Was suicidal, a cutter/burner, etc. Finally went to the psych ward at 21 and got diagnosed. I have been sober for 9 yrs now, and on meds for 15, and I can say from experience that if you’re taking psych meds and suddenly stop, you will get very ill. You’re symptoms will temporarily get worse than they normally are, which can be very dangerous. If someone is going to stop a med or switch, they must be weaned off slowly. A lot of bipolars quit taking their meds because they miss the manic episodes, which is also dangerous. I have always taken mine because until I was diagnosed, I had no idea was it was like to feel at peace, to have my mind quiet. I have accidentally forgotten to get refills on my meds, so I know it sucks when they’re suddenly stopped. Hope your friend is OK.

    2. From what I understand the illness usually doesn’t show up until you’re in your early 20’s. I’m sure that’s not the case for everyone though. I was pretty normal in my teens but I had a drastic change in my mental health when I was 20. Did a few years of counseling and medicine then figured out how to manage by myself. No drugs and a lot of self-control and patience.

  10. I was dx’d with PTSD and anxiety and depression following a serious car accident 18 yrs ago. Insurance sent me for counselling- best thing I ever did. Psychologist was very helpful and gave me a lot of insight into why I am the way I am, ended up in meds and seems to have helped A LOT! There is bipolar on both sides of the family – while I’ve had episodes of manic behaviour in the past, it has never been serious enough for the doc’s to query bipolar. I’m actually more a sociopath than anything – explains why I don’t ever feel guilty about shit and don’t really give a fuck about what others think of me.

  11. Haven’t you ever heard of having a low healthy brain? It comes with all the shit that were eating, the air pollution, the magnetic pollution, the water pollution, and all the other shit we endure. Read up Charles Darwin on low healthy brain.

    Lock yourself in a room with no tv or no internet for 3 weeks and only come out when you need to shit, eat, sleep and exercise or something. By that time you start to hear voices in your head but your not crazy but thinking that your not crazy means your in denial and you are even more crazy. You’ll feel true insanity.

    A good fix would be healthy diet non GMO fruits and juices, and stop taking those pills. They don’t fix anything, they make it worse.

    It’s a fucking lie! It’s a scam! Why am I going to have to take something I’m going to have to rely on to give me temporary cures?

  12. So for years I have been coping with bipolar, borderline personality, anger disorder, anti social, and PTSD. I knew I was bipolar, but found out the rest when I was about 20. Court ordered anger management classes. Went from 8 months of that to a shrink. I refuse to take medication, but I cope very well with no rarely ever drinking being on the list of things that are important to keeping me level. Diet and BG help too.

  13. Yes Absolutely.., i know self medicating w Copious Amounts of Pot helped me growin up.., oh the memories.., (tai stick, cambodian, skunk, etc)., where did it all go…., oh hum.

  14. Back in the day anyone with any kind of mental disorder slash retardation would get a free train ride to the camp. I’m sure the reason is because when these people aren’t hurting themselves they hurt others.
    Let me rephrase, the potential is there for them to be violent. Not always..

    In sure that was cheaper than housing and rehabilitating them, and I’m sure this fella isn’t going to pay the bill for who ever has to stitch his throat up although some one is going to have to.

  15. Must be something in the water. But this happens all over the world, just seems to be more recorded over there. I’ve actually witnessed a dude jump off the top floor of a high rise in Vancouver when he hit the ground it was almost like a tomatoes being squashed, the dude was demolished , anyways weeks later it was reported that he had anger issues and he got angry at some game he was playing, he jumped off his balcony…crazy people are every were, and keep your eye on the sky, because when someone jumps , and lands on you, well you will be dead as much as he will be…..and strangely a week later In the same video a kid fell out his window and died.

  16. Does have a voice on the head saying its a spirit demi-god counts as “bipolar”? It doesnt tell me to go burn things down though, it just tells me when its gonna be burned down for example… and most of the times they end up happening for real, and not by my hand… 😛 So i love it when science tries to explain the unknown sometimes… 😆

  17. Wow, this man is very attractive and so clueless it’s adorable! Wish I could have been there to hold him tight after the stitches ?
    Anyways, like many of you, I have a list of mental illness that can write a whole book by itself both from hereditary and from my environment, but I don’t let them hold me down or play pity card off it. Sure they can get the best of me at times, but thanks to them my sex interest has no limitations which leads to the big bucks and I get taken care of because I embrace my difference which attracts those around me to keep wanting me near them. They said I had always been wrong in the head, but frankly I think everyone is to a certain degree. I also believe a lot of people get placed with these “crazy” labels and pills of destruction to keep the big dogs in power and the population settled. I will admit that although I try to keep myself together, some shit you just can’t piece into sinc. so I don’t blame or look down on anybody for their intense thoughts or actions. Like a few of you mentioned, I too came from an abusive household. Sure it was scary at first, but that special moment when I watched my dad hold a knife against my mother’s quivering throat and the fear on her face embrace the beauty of reality. . . Mmm!!! That was when my panties first got wet, and I picked up the usage of a knife. Picking up my father’s steps lead me to lose my son (tried killing sis in front of him when toddler-plus the meds I was put on as a kid led me to using the needles), and his steps sent me to mental wards, but lucky as I am I have a clean history so am now on my way in trying to work for the government. You know what’s great about not having guilt for the pain you cause others and the being prepared for anything and everything from knowing people are out to get you just as well? It’s that society needs people like us to take care of business for them. You don’t make it far being just like the others. Honestly, when was the last time you saw a movie or heard a song about how they fell in love with how basic/average jane/blended with the rest that individual is or how they succeeded while playing the sheeple race? It’s hard living with mental disorders, but it’s not baggage, it’s a gift

  18. I would like to say I suffered the same, although I’ve never had it officially diagnosed. I can go from happy-go-lucky to punching holes through a wall in a minute flat. Never had the urge to kill myself, but rather large, often disturbing urges to rid the immediate area around me of all life. I would not claim to be a psychopath but I tend to host extremely sociopathic ideals in my head that manifest themselves in any human interaction I engage in and, unfortunately, these are not so subtle. Of course, im not a doctor so I wouldn’t presume to know that these are anything beyond normal anger issues but my seeming lack of control over such a personality can be quite a hindrance in ones social life. Makes me feel like id be one of those who would pull out a phone at a scene like this and calmly record the suffering of another without regards to the value of human life. Maybe blaming a disorder is just making it too easy to avoid the truth that we are all fucked up, somehow.

  19. He’s all in his head, unstable and crazy,
    All life comes to an end, but he got tired of waiting,
    So after searching for the balls to die and a blade for his throat,
    He settles on the local barbershop to escape from his woes,
    He was told to pull a number but it already seems that he did,
    He took a seat from life already, getting trimmed down and clipped,
    The barber lost his mind, he wasn’t trained for this shit,
    Thought the man wanted to get his ears lowered, instead he lifted his chin…

  20. I also have a list of issues – mostly relating back to childhood abuse. Parents and grandparents can surely cause a host of mental problems when they have kids they should never have had and wished they didn’t. I made the mistake of thinking I’d be different, had a child and had to work extremely hard to make sure I didn’t perpetuate the cycle. Luckily I stopped at one child and things are good for my little family. The anger part was tough tho. 😐

    Although I’ve been labelled a lot of things, I think I’m either a sociopath or have a personality disorder as well because although I love my immediate family, I don’t really care much what happens to others most of the time. Exceptions are innocent children and animals. I like to help people in need but get extremely angry at those who lie and manipulate me, so I just cut them off without a second thought.

    I’m not currently depressed but that might be because of a depression med that seems to work well for me. I need it because chronic pain and multiple surgeries had wrecked my life at one point. I don’t feel suicidal in general but I don’t really care if I live or die either. In fact, if/when my physical pain becomes too much, I have pretty well thought-out plans for myself. 😀 No drama queen business, just gonna get the job done right the first time, lol.

    Take care all my Best Gore buddies – those that pretend their lives are so perfect usually have worse problems than those of us who admit to ourselves our own weaknesses.

  21. I was diagnosed bi polar 12 years ago, they put me on a number of medications and only made me more aggressive. I became an abusive spouse, when I wanted the help no one was there to help me through besides putting me in pych ward. My spouse finally hit back and I called police (dumb idea according to him) but since I have gone off all medication and have not had a physical episode in 4 years. Depression and anxiety have ahold of me now, I just want to be gone but not dead. I cut to ease the pain…. or smoke a bowl and chill

  22. Well let’s see, I have, Major Depression Disorder, ADD, ADHD, BiPolar, Multiple Personalities, I talk to myself but I don’t hear voices in my head so I’m not sure what you’d call that & I mean I’ll have a full blown conversation with myself & act as if other people are in the room with me, very bad Road Rage, Insomnia, a whole boiling pot of crazy shit pretty much

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