Broken Fluorescent Light Bulb Causes Cut on Arm That Looks Like Vagina

You Could Even See Clit If You Look Close Enough

Broken Fluorescent Light Bulb Causes Cut on Arm That Looks Like Vagina

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @luckyally21, who sent us pictures of a cut on the arm that looks like a vagina:

Hi there, just wanted to share an accident I had at work back in April. Always been a fan of the site but never occurred to have shared these with you guys.

So, this happened with those long fluorescent light bulbs you see in any big store building. One was broken in the garbage can standing straight up and I went to take out the trash like always.

Normal work related stuff, fucking trash can decided to start fucking wobbling everywhere, reached around to get a good grip on it so it doesn’t tip over. Totally forgot that the broken tip of this thing was sticking straight out in the open of the garbage can.

And all of a sudden I just felt something grazing along my arm. I’m like WTF is grazing me? I look down and see this. My arm just slit open.

13 stitches I believe. One on the inside due to me nicking at a vein, so doctor had to stitch it up so it could stop bleeding.

Left me a nasty scar, doesn’t help that they took out the stitches early and some parts haven’t closed fully all the way. So I have an ugly scar there now.

Many thanks for the pics and the backstory, @luckyally21. Scars are cool, though.

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35 thoughts on “Broken Fluorescent Light Bulb Causes Cut on Arm That Looks Like Vagina”

  1. This makes me jealous . There was an older post where a person had sliced their arm in a drunken fit during a fight with their parent. They had blurred the tattoo so the person wouldnt recognize them, ya that one if you can remember.

    I have that pic on my phone. That makes me extremely jealous

  2. Speaking of fluorescent lights. Over twenty years ago, I watched a video of someone being curb stomped over a fluorescent light, and the curb. Not only that, the assailant pulled the victim’s arms back, and fitfully stomped him from a ways back from the curb. The victim voluntarily handed his arms to the assailant. Does anyone else remember seeing this? I think I saw it on Ebaums world.

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