Brutal Machete Fight Aftermath Video

Brutal Machete Fight Aftermath Video

Well damn! Brazil, once again, over-delivers. What’s most admirable, though is the fact that the Da Silvas are so used to violence, they don’t freak out at all when they get chopped up. It’s kind of like – yeah, it was just my turn today.

If you live in Brazil, the question is not whether you get chopped up with a machete, the question is when you get chopped up with a machete. And when you do, you’ll be so used to seeing everyone else chopped up, it won’t freak you out at all. You’ll just sit there with your hand dangling on a piece of skin thinking all kind of thoughts but… holy shit I got fucked up.

It looks like the Da Silva in the video below attempted to block a machete blow with his hand. That just ain’t gonna work, we all know that, but what’s a guy supposed to do when a huge blade comes towards his face at high velocity? Your hand sure won’t stop the slash, but I’m sure everyone would try to deflect it with their hand if they had nothing else to use.

The victim also has a nasty gash at the back of his head. So the machete guy got him in the head eventually, but at least the blow wasn’t strong enough to crack his skull in half. There is a major fracture to the skull, but most likely no direct laceration to the brain.

Well damn again, Brazil:

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  1. Ya gotta give that guy a hand, he took it like a champ! @burnedsmashedmangled gotta show this to his boy andrew, he’ll probably feel like a pussy when he sees how this kid took a machete shot like that and just sat there talkin’, when bsm said that andrew was screamin’ like a bitch till he went into shock over that finger wound. LOL. This guy in this video will now never be able to sing, if your happy and you know it clap your hands!

    1. I agree @aka, machete to machete combat, both sides have more of an even chance than just pullin’ out a gun and shootin’, a shot to the head and your out of the game,with a machete you have more of a chance of takin’ a couple of hits and still being able to fight back,and it would also be more fun to watch! Although this guy was probably unarmed and couldn’t get him single handedly.(pun intended)

  2. I wonder if he was protecting his head and got his hand chopped and dome cracked in 1 hit, it had to of had something solid behind it to do that kind of damage to his hand, not just holding it in the air to block the machete

  3. lucky for this guy he only had his hand chopped and his scalp slit and came out of it still alive to recount what really happened. the attacker obviously didn’t finish the job. expect some payback from the victim in the future. hope we see the vids/pics of that counterattack hehehehe….

  4. I sunk back into my lurking in the shadows habit; I should be commenting more.
    Is it too incomprehensible to know that when I see these pictures and videos, it helps in holding me back from when I come close to offing myself? In some way, I think it reminds me how real the consequences will be, it’s never all clean and peaceful. Suicide is something I still think about a lot, but then I see this real death….and I guess it’s like a fish slap to your face. Not that it gives me new reaffirmed resolve for life, it just keeps me around a bit longer.
    Is that too warped?

    Perhaps this unfortunate man should have tried to block with his arm that has the wristwatch…could I have provided a tiny bit of a protection? Maybe? No? Machete. Gotcha.

    No more lurking, I promise.

        1. Finding a reason to stick around daily, especially when those reasons flip from “why not, to why I need too”
          I hope that the gut instict to not do it isn’t true, but seeing that we are all way too self-important by instinct, I don’t give the “consiquence after death” thing much validity.

          If you do, I will think of you in envy, untill I can too join you in death.

          I absoutly hat it here, and I don’t belong alive either.

          I just pretty much occupie my time untill I’m gone, and I have been doing that for FAR too long.

          1. Shit, I didn’t finish my first thought up there…..finding a reason after it’s flip-floped causes each day to get progressivly harder and more and more meaningless, especially knowing that being human, really doesn’t mean anything.

            To survive, is pointless here, just look at countless elders that live as my proof.

  5. it just point’s out how fragile the human body can be hand in hand.
    one second you are ruling a nation the next second you have a knife in you anus.
    i give him a thumbs up for such a fight.

  6. are you serious? what is wrong with these fucking animals? what is this the mideval times?
    fuck it. just fuck it. i use to be anti-new world, but holy shit, the old world order is a primitive piece of shit,
    where can i sign up to join the reptilian humanoids?

      1. it’s true, me and grin we’re hitting the bar’s and some crazy jap went psycho on some poor canadian guy just because he was flirting with the jap’s misses. not to mention the jap was nude under that karate outfit he had on.

        1. i try to chat up girls that ar at a relationship all the time…in my uncivilized, primitive banana republic, most guys will not retaliate violently if you try to pick up his girl without previous knowledge of the relationship bonding them……well, i suppose i will take a mental note of this if i ever travel to USA again (but honestly, Brazil looks safer, is cheaper and has hotter females) :oP

  7. what do you scumbags surprised at? this is how our enemies used to look like in the old history age when men with swords used to kill each other… today’s it’s done with guns and tanks so it’s a lot faster… well plus the nukes.

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