Brutal Stabbing in Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Brutal Stabbing in Whitby, Ontario, Canada

On the night of the 25th of June, 2016, in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, a man and his family heard a commotion outside their house. The man stepped out to tell a group of 5 or 6 high school age wiggers to take it elsewhere, when he got attacked, beaten and stabbed.

The man’s son responded by going after the attackers, only to receive a stab wound to the back. Even though wounded, he chased after them, but the kids, most likely high on crystal meth, escaped him.

The case is still apparently unsolved, as the DRPS (Durham Regional Police Service) have a history of being incompetent when it comes to cleaning up the streets off drugs, crackheads and gangs.

According to Best Gore member @zen-suffering:

It’s starting to look a lot like the cops are actually doing the complete opposite, and have their dirty paws greased by the drugs, and profit financially from the trade. This is especially true when you consider that a lot of those who sell crack and/or are involved in gangs in Durham region and GTA, often have relatives that work in law enforcement, or court system, or as correctional officers (Grip Army, Hustle Kings etc – all rats).

Thanks a lot for the pic, @zen-suffering.

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  1. The whole fucking war on drugs is the biggest employer of people in the U.S. and probably a lot of the world. Prisons, cops, judicial system, ATF, DEA, FBI, Local Cops, Jails, Customs, Border Patrol, Etc, Etc…. On and on all get paid because of drugs. If someone just stopped drugs or made them legal, there would be multi millions of people without jobs. Either way, we have to pay, whether they steal our stuff to pay for drugs or take our taxes to pay for them in prison and all the agencies who “enforce” the drug laws, we still have to pay. The money men in congress and the government get the spoils if they play by the rules. Rich. Just like the British Empire did in China a hundred years ago with Opium. Now, it’s us, here, in the western world. Even if you go to prison, someone is making money off of you…It doesn’t stop, whether you use or not.

    1. I’ve always said the same about a cure for cancer. A lot of non profits, for profits and everything in between would be effected. Granted a few jobs created because of a cure, but many many more lost.

  2. To be honest if a group of young dudes were outside your house doing whatever then do not go out there ranting like a bitch you will get bitch slapped take lots of cookies and warm milky for those rascals then they will accept you as there homies and all will fine

    1. @wopa12
      You gotta be fucking kidding me! You that much of a pussy that you think hardworking people who own their own homes and pay for it should fucken tuck tail so the sons of crackwhores can just go and have their little Jerry Springer moments? ! Lol these useless dizzy cunts are a joke. Wow is it just me or are people really becoming this pathetic?

      1. @fightingirish16 HAHAHAHA that’d be hilarious! Actually about a month and a half ago some birds tried to rob me and I snapped and started reciting surah Muhammed verse 4. (It’s a verse that explicitly commands jihad) and then I invited them to finish what they came to do lol it was hilarious. They just stood there looking like a bunch of dizzy cunts lol. It just gas a weird effect on lol people.yeah. .. I do miss partying a bit though lol. I’ll admit that. Maybe lot of my hate gas to do with the fact that I fucked up my life hard and can’t forgive myself so I turned into a dry asshole to the other ones. I’m fun to party with though.that’s why lots of my friends are pissed at it lol.

    1. @itzme7
      Hu?!! So your saying that people should just let the front yard of the homes THEY WORKED TO PAY FOR be used by fucking crackpipe sucking blister lip bitch wiggers whenever they feel like having a little tennage drama moment coz they’re high on dope and starving for attention!? Fuck off you fucken goof , sound like fucking P. C case. You mom a crackwhore or something buddy? Your daddy wasn’t home much? Sup boy? You live in the area? You wanna meet up? Memorial park? Clown! Lol

          1. Its dudette. I’m trying to not “pick on you”. You seem very pissed off, and it seems like your using using members to blow your load on. We already have enough assholes, why not join team funny and quit calling people out cuz you don’t agree with them. For some “religious” guy, you sure have a lot of hate in you…

          2. @illegalsmile55
            Fine then I’m man enough to admit your right.i think personally the reason why I’ve been this way is coz I’ve been too clean for too long and Been restricting myself too much. Maybe I should down a mickey of cheap vodka, do a big line and fuck it all out of me… Then eat some cactus and lay in the grass. oh your a woman? Phew! Makes it easier to apologize lol j/k… OK ok fine I promise I’ll stop the dry douche baggery then.

          3. I would suggest smoking a fatty then. Life sucks without some kind of escape..
            You don’t have to join team funny, there’s always team retard, team drunk, and team stupid that have a few openings. Peace.

          4. Illegals said “using members to blow your load on” I’m supposed to be picturing a guy squirting jizz along a cock, like squirting mustard along a hotdog? KK!!!!

        1. @rancid mu shu75 lol well to be honest with ya man. I don’t know anymore what I should do. On one hand islam basically saved my life,it cleaned me up,it helped me get my head on straight again BUT it made me a stuck up dry fucking self righteous prick too. Some people in life aren’t made to be 100% clean all the time,the more things go the more I feel like I’m one of them, I do miss waking up to a bottle of cheap vodka, listening to some acid bath or some grindcore and hitting a bump of something and just… anyways you know the drill you don’t need a play by play I’m sure lol.

          I guess the truth is that somewhere, somehow along the way I think I became self radicalized, big time. And it’s only hitting me recently. Radicalization isn’t done by imams in a mosque.very rarely. It’s actually the result of young lives who feel betrayed or let down by the system in a bad time in their lives when they probably sought help with the right intentions but got nothing but a let down by the system. Depending on when such things happen to you it can really fuck your head up and make you radicalized. I know that coz it’s what happened to me. I had the will to fly for a while. Probably Palestine.but I gave my head a shake at the right time. Iv had c.s.i.s visit on their radar and I often see undercovers around me sometimes but I think it’s dying down now a bit . hopefully they realize that I’m not that dumb and that anything they might be reading on my fb is just residual hatred and anger from a fucked up mind. I’m getting better tho lol.maybe some mescaline or some yopo couldn’t hurt. Or maybe I should cook up some ayauashca. Lol

    1. @der Kopfsammler
      I wish but this region is a complete joke. Cops are so incompetent it’s not even funny. You get a bunch of their pathetic crackhead nephews and sons running around power tripping like they think their fucking gangster or something,hanging out at the high school during recess like a bunch of pedophiles coz no real women wants wanting to do with them. It’s just so crooked. The cop/freemason thing is verrrrry strong out here .there’s a constant N.W.O feel in the air.ask anyone who knows about this region and they’ll tell you it’s been dubbed the arm pits of Canada. The Toronto Sun even had an article on front page a few years ago called “cracked out in oshawa” lol. I live in Oshawa but the town whitby where this happened is right next door.

    1. @soyalicate I know.its fucked up how it works. The money must be amazing obviously and some cops get their ego totally swelled up,feeling like theyre some type of puppeteer who holds the strings to what goes on in the streets ect and the same can be said of the other side,I personally witnessed a close friend of mine about 10 or so years ago hand a pig money on a Monday morning. Buying leniency from a pig even if only in restricted areas can really fuck up a neighborhood. Then all they got to do is catch the cop at play with an under age girl during their usual get together meetings and use that as blackmail then BANG you got that pig and pretty much the whole force in your pocket… see my friends, truth is; more often than not,gang related shootings aren’t called for or “contracted” by gang leaders,rhey are called for secretly by cops themselves to shut someone up or to prevent something from coming out…hence why this guy got shot over the Rob Ford video a couple years back… my fellow Canadians remember that I’m sure lol

    1. @wiggydown
      Holy shit man, the fuck kinda weed you been smoking ? hahahaha if I didn’t know better I’d say “maybe meth laced weed” but as we all know that’s impossible coz it’s nor how meth is smoked, doesn’t work if the flame or the joint cherry touches it. And you can’t smoke weed the way you have to smoke meth. So it not possible.
      Plus wtf people smoking it for? That’s the fag way, I say snort the fucken shit! Hurts but we know the rest lol

  3. Durham Region (east of Toronto), especially Oshawa Ajax and Whitby, is a shite hole. Whitby seems to have a lot of scum that moved from Malvern or Galloway Road in Scarborough. Canada isn’t as nice as many think it is.

    1. @capetownman it’s bad though isn’t eh? oshawa Wich is where I live,is just faaacking dirty! It’s the worse per capita. Peterborough now you should see,there’s a mess now too lol.its all a shitshow right now. It don’t feel too Canada lol I was born in new Brunswick I know lol

    1. @steaksinsidneys
      Well… that is true… but I think you slightly misunderstood me a bit (and I understand why ) but it’s not like I hate every Canadian out there, it’s not like I would even morally support attacks on our soil. As a matter of fact I have kids in this country so no its not “like that” . And honestly I don’t feel safe too much getting into the details of what ARE the things and what were the events that took place that turned the way it has. Because I might fear repercussions from certain people of “the system” in high places like in lower ones.i think it’s time someone took the risk of exposing a very little known fact about most,or maybe even all of radicalized people who Wether “fly” or commit act ect.that thing is that they were mostly ALL from pretty well off families and lived the well off childhood and teen years. They maybe had a father who was a freemason and grew up knowing a lot about the system. Maybe something happened, usually family problems, patents divorcing. AND Dope AND THEN the world getting all fucked up.more dope.then he gets well then something happens and it just fuck’s everything up and something switches in his head. Then he turns his back to the system that he feels deserted him in the worse time. But with his prior inside knowledge of the system’s true ways he saw it through different eyes and it infuriated with the wind of islam at his back it just helped push him off the edge of reason. .. Coz bro take it from me; islam in the wrong hands is extremely dangerous! It has a very militant mindset in lots of ways.

      1. Look i don’t hold anything against you zen or what flag you fly but your derogatory terms about a country that’s welcomed you with open arms ain’t cool. How do you think it would work out for me if i was to go to a muslim country and start bitching about it’s citizens?.. Yep! that’s right id be sent home in a fucking bag.

          1. @zen – serious question: what made you choose Islam over any other religion? What parts of it made so much sense to you that you were able to “ignore” what non-Islamic people are convinced is so horrible? BTW, I’m atheist and not trying to judge, just understand.

          2. @ilovemygrandps
            Hu lol… there’s not just one reason. The first was because I needed structure and strickness. I was heading nowhere fast and destroying myself pretty bad. It just stuck I guess. Part of the reason was also political Wich is where things got a little more serious and I saw the truth about lots of things,things you guys are all well aware of also from coming here inshallah.but when your Muslim and you find out the things we now know here and you then watch like CNN ,and you see the thick propaganda and the dirty slimy moves right under people’s nose, add that with with personal resentment towards things I can’t safely talk about here coz those people can easily monitor your every move when your from a family that was one of them (freemasonry, high ranking militaries ect) and I think “theyre” getting tired of me “talking so much lol.iv had it hit the fan before it wasn’t pretty I almost died. Lol got 3 screws in my wrist from that night too. But I’m not the right one to ask about islam bro. I hate lots of dark spots in my reasons to convert.its not healthy

          3. Hahah Then its my bad @zen-suffering i just could of sworn you said you was an immigrant, or maybe it was just me jumping to conclusions because you said you were muslim? (i can be a bias bastard at times) either way my apologies zen, you have every right to rant if you was born there.

        1. Canada is a good country that is going down hill on account of a lax admission immigration/refugee standards, political correctness and lack of strong deterrents to crime. Instead of acknowledging that there is a problem with violent criminality in the black community, government at all levels blame racism and discrimination for all problems. Like the UK, national identity is eroding on account of multiculturalism. To deny that Canada is in decline is to be blind and in denial.

  4. A well-placed molotov cocktail would have been more appropriate for the cowardly fucks. Always the same no matter where you go, little scumbags get brave when there’s a few of them together but have nothing to say when they’re on their own. Shower of cunts need a good lynching, straighten them out a bit.

    1. Kids have grown and learned much faster than their parents
      Did….look…..if you sell me shit for rocks I’m gonna hurt you
      Period……meth dealers like this Blondie …… always learn
      The hard way…… time ……since you take real money…..
      Give back what’s worth…….
      This particular one should know that by now…..
      He’s on death row….no shit!!!!!

  5. There’s a good amount of blood, but it appears mostly superficial – lucky.
    I’d put up with noise for a little bit, people need to have fun sometimes. But if it was really late, or going on for more than an hour or so…. I’m not sure what I’d do, but it probably wouldn’t be chasing them. Of course, I’m a woman so I probably wouldn’t get beaten up, just called a cunt/slut/bitch or whatever.
    Being sober and smarter than some drugged up idiot teens, I could probably say way worse and true things about them making them not want to hang around. Hurt egos and all.
    Then again, I think I’ve put way too much time into thinking about a situation that has nothing to do with me.

  6. Oshawa, which is biggest city in Durham region is considered the drug capital of Canada. Cops run protection for drug transporters. Whole city is fucked. Even Hamilton is cleaning up but Dirty Shwa will always be dirty.

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