Cunt-Face Gets His First Period

The Caption This Video Contest #2

The Caption This Video Contest #2

In Latin America, a screaming woman holds victim of a machete attack, cheek to his face. The man is unable to keep it together.

Guy off camera: Say, who was it Chello?

2nd guy: Who was it Chellito?

Woman: Who was it?

Fucked up face guy mumbled: It was Mauricio.

Woman yells something about that dick and someone else being drunk.

Here is the last Caption Video Contest winner @svarg26 choices:


Cunt-Face Gets His First Period@thedre


He Was Warned About Blowing the Clydesdale@xavior99

Two Faced Sodomite Left Speechless@sandalsniffer

It Was then that She Realized Having a Diamond Earring in Her Clit Was a Bad Idea@brokeback

How the Fuck is Jell-O Gonna Help? I Need Leaches Bitch, STAT!@honkeykong

Congrats to V.I.P @thedre on the win!

Props to Best Gore member @wunder for translation and @honkeykong for the video:

100 thoughts on “Cunt-Face Gets His First Period”

        1. No, no, it’s all good. Why would I take offense. I mean you only thought my caption was so bad that you literally had to get everyone involved to find a decent one. It’s cool though. I’m a big boy. I can take it. *continues writing suicide note on the edge of a steel furnace in west Asia*

    1. That is funnier AND truer than you think.
      Whenever I go out and think ‘I might get wasted’, I insert a tampon-type device that has a stainless steel spike in it, so if a guy tries to stick it in, the head of his dick gets shredded! Hahahaha!
      a few years ago, I actually did mangle a perverts dick with it LOL! You should have seen the blood! OMG! He cried like a baby and asked me to call an ambulance for him. I just locked and shut the bedroom door on him at the house party and went back downstairs to drink more after my nap! Fuckin’ HILARIOUS!

  1. High on Spice, a Brazilian woman tries to explain to the crowd that she thought her boyfriend was a cello and a machete was the bow.
    Woman- “I thought he was a cello!”
    Man in crowd- “A cello?!”
    Woman- “Yes! A cello!”

  2. Is spanish.

    Guy off camera: say, who was it chello?
    2nd guy: who was it chellito
    Woman: who was it
    Fucked up face guy mumbled: it was mauricio
    Woman yells something about that dick and someone else being drunk.

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