Naked Bloody Man Stabbed Repeatedly in Savage Attack

Naked Bloody Man Stabbed Repeatedly in Savage Attack

Naked Bloody Man Stabbed Repeatedly in Savage Attack

Story Time With Uncle Dan: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

This typical grainy CCTV footage gives us a birds eye view of a brutal and prolonged knife attack. The video begins with a naked and bloody man being pursued into the lobby of a building by a knife wielding savage. Stabbing is an understatement, he perforated his victim. The perp left and returned twice to inflict more damage, he is a living monument to stubborn tenacity.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

My name is Dan, I’m an uncle and I like to tell stories ©

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    1. Thanks for explaining that, i was wondering what he done. We always see the loser as the victim but really, who knows what he done. He needs to get on with and fucking die though cos he’s taking too long

    2. No defensive fight was put up. The victim truly showed a victim complex where he expected mercy from his assailant, like dude kick, scream, run out the fucking closed space, your neck is getting stabbed. I guess blood loss and adrinalin with nudity is just one scary way to kick the bucket. lol

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    1. You’d be surprised how much blood you could lose and still be conscious. I hit a glass door once and it slit the inside of my elbow right open – I bled all over the place that the officer’s eyes were wide open in disbelief and thought someone attacked me due to the amount of blood I lost. As soon as I showed the EMTs the wound, they proceeded with, “we need to take her to the ER immediately” and asked if I felt dizzy. I felt fine – but it was probably the adrenaline. Apparently I was centimeters away from my artery and “lucky to be alive” and needed 16 stitches. I couldn’t look at my injury at the time it happened (lol how ironic), but my ex said it looked “really cool”.

      This was pre-Best Gore unfortunately. I wonder if I still have those photos somewhere.

      1. That reminds me , even alex the jar in arse guy (bleeding all over the place) was here before Dre! Thanks Dan The Man!


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  1. This man is/was a true fighter. He is literally what every grieving family member wishes for a loved one to fight through pain and make it out alive and wake up from whatever comatose state they are in at the hospital.

    Kudos to him. If he passed away, R.I.P. I respect his tenacious fighting spirit.

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