CCTV Video of Palestinian Man Stabbing Israeli Woman in Tel Aviv

CCTV Video of Palestinian Man Stabbing Israeli Woman in Tel Aviv

On January 21, 2015, a 23 year old Palestinian man went on a stabbing spree on a bus in Tel Aviv, where he stabbed at least 10 Israelis. He then fled on foot, but stabbed a Yahoodi woman in the back along the way.

This man should be celebrated all over the world for standing up to terrorism. By rights, he should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Price.

Israel was found guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity and incitement to genocide. And since according to Israeli polls, more than 90% Israelis support genocide, and less than 4% denounce the use of force against defenseless Palestinian population, anyone who takes out an Israeli, stands a 96% chance of taking out a terrorist.

That woman we see on the receiving end of the blade may have been one of those scum cheering to the death of Palestinian children from the hill. Since 96% of those the Palestinian man stabbed were likely terrorists, he should be recognized as the defender of world peace. A true hero worthy of being thanked for his service.

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          1. I don’t think a crazed killer deserves any kind of respect. The people he killed are just people. Innocent people, that just happened to be born in Israel. they were not government officials, military or anyone who has any say in anything israel’s gutless government policies.

            Israel sux big time but so does mass murder of innocents…..

        1. It’s not the killing of Jews that bother me, it’s just a religion, it’s the senseless killing of innocents. The people are cowards, yeah it easy to kill an unsuspecting person, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what region you practice. For all he knew those people could have been Palestinians, Americans or even Canadians.

      1. You know @bobcat. Those Israeli’s are, in a way, victimised themselves. Remember the post a while back where the kids were being shown round one of the concentration camps ?. They were accompanied by a member of the security forces at all times and were being systematically brainwashed all the while, into believing they are the eternal victims and that everyone hates them with a passion.
        They spoke with a couple of old fellas who were sat on a bench, the conversation being recorded. And hey presto, once back to their hotel room, they were convinced that those two gents had spoken nothing but ill of them, when in fact, they had said nothing of the sort.
        Is there really any wonder then, that a huge percentage of Israeli’s think the way they do towards Palestinians and other outsiders ?
        Victims of conditioning from a young age, which seems to be working very well for the government of that place.

          1. It was called who can come up with the biggest holocaust lie…I think the turn the Jew into a lampshade won the first prize with turning a Jew into soap came in second…I wonder if the global Jewish organizations regret declaring economic war on Germany before WW2 started?

            If I got kicked out of 100 restruarants, 100 schools and 100 neighborhoods would it be what I did or just everyone Anti Mike…

            Jews wouldn’t need their own Jewish stat if they would learn how to act and behave before getting kicked out of over 100 countries before the creation of
            Israel…always the victim but never about their actions or behavior…

  1. When Mark ran this site, though he was anti zio he also encouraged free thought and accepted not everything was “The Jews”. All i ever see from the poster on here now is “The Jews did this”, “Israel did this”.
    The evidence of Israel being guilty of all of the crimes mentioned was put together by a tribunal that was put together by a lefty that was awarded a nobel prize, the same prize that was awarded to Al gore and Obama among others. The tribunal isn’t even internationally recognised.
    I’m not a jew or even remotely religious but all this anti israel/jew stuff is getting out of hand. If they control everything, why is there so much pro Palestine in the media ? There are now even countries that are voting to see Palestine as legit.
    Being as anti israel/jew as you are is not informing like Mark used to do, it is merely Propaganda.

    1. Being that it’s mostly the Jewish influence in Canada that’s behind Mark’s bogus prosecution to silence this site, I doubt Mark would agree with any of the above comments.. If anyone has any update on his case it would be appreciated if you could post it…

      After his case is over I would like to discuss with Mark in starting a new site to waken up more sheep in the world as a payback for the misery they have put him thru….perhaps with the help of Empty Soul as well?

      setting up shop in South America….just not in brazil…lol…

  2. Israel will never live in peace, they are driving the Palestinians to the edge. You can only take someone but so far before they have nothing to loose. People can call Palestinians terrorists and compare them to ISIS or whatever, but the truth is, Palestinians have no one, they are on their own, and will always fight back. Its our land, and Israel might’ve done what Europeans have done to the native Americans, but Palestinians will never stop fighting back. Palestinians are Jews worst nightmare, they are scared of us, that’s why they are killing us.

    1. Every time the Palestinians do shit like this, the Israelis hit back much harder. Israel is there to stay and the Palestinians can either learn to live in peace or continue to fight until they are all gone.

      1. Israel’s mentality of all or nothing will eventually be nothing…it’s not if but when….even Kissinger gives Israel less than 10 years….one dirty nuke bomb and Israel is finished…Iran calls Israel a one state bomb… one bomb and it’s bye bye Israel…who would ever want to live where all your neighbors either want you dead or are paid off by the USA to not kill you…btw if you think Iran doesn’t already have nuclear missiles aimed at Israel you are either very naive or just stupid…..Israel knows Iran has nuclear missiles but doesn’t want it to be known…an estimated 24 percent of illegal settlers would flee, 100s of Corp would divest and close…Mossad killed the guy in 06 that sold Ukraines nuclear missiles to Iran and Iran has developed nuclear missiles with North Korea since day one….just like Israel didn’t have nukes for years wink wink Iran doesn’t either….lol… Do I think Iran will ever strike first..nope but they will supply hezballoh and Hamas without worrying about Israel attacking them…

      2. Chosen, how do you think Palestinians will live in peace with Israel, when Israel is creating settlements and taking Palestinian resources to the point where they have no homes and no hope? Its impossible. There isn’t a solution, Israel is taking more Palestinians land, and creating these people. People aren’t born with hate, they learn it, and Israelis will never live in peace.

        1. They take land when that land is used to attack Israelis. The Palestinians never wanted to live peacefully with Jews. They will never stop attacking Israel, no matter what the consequences will be.

      1. @Rota sometimes I come here to joke around and be amused.
        So am I too racist or not racist enough for you ?
        This shit could happen anywhere.
        I get tired of having to be the asshole who has to keep going back to check posts to argue with people so I can get the last word in.
        Glad your amused cause sometimes you sound angry and sad.
        Also I’m not a kid so you can put jumper cables on someone else.

        1. Gee, I just kind of thought that was a nice comment… Yes, I am often angry. In public, I am aware of it and I mask it well.

          Maybe I missed earlier posts… But I just thought your post was funny… No kidding…

          1. Yea I re-thought it after I re-read your message and thought he might not have been fucking with you. So I’m sorry and thanks for not blasting me in reply.
            I guess I was definitely an ass enough even for me. Again my apologies.
            “I’ll do that to when I’m wrong.”

  3. Proving once again that the Israeli leadership and its military are guilty of all sorts of war crimes… there’s another damning rreport by a delegation of Physicians for Human Rights.
    Benjamin Netanyahu should be arrested and put on trial for war crimes… when he visits the United States to speak in front of the Congress.
    Then… once he is found guilty… he should be executed.

    During the Israeli Jewish siege of the Gaza Strip this past summer… this new report details how they bombed hospitals and various first responders including medical teams.
    They would wait until medical personnel arrived and then they would bomb the same area again… after bombing a target.

    What we are dealing with here is evil.

        1. The eastern European Jews in Israel look down at the sand nigger Jews….I would of paid to seen the look on little hitler bibi face when told an African female was the ICC prosecutor…he better hope she doesn’t know Africans in Israel are treated worse than dogs….

  4. It is a fact that Israel has killed many innocent Palestinians, but to then say this man is some sort of hero, for doing the exact same thing(killing innocents) is stupid.

    The vast majority of people killed, both Israeli and Palestinian are normal people like us, who were just unlucky enough to be born in the countries they are…”96% of those stabbed are likely terrorists”? that makes no sense, the % is clearly made up, and reduces the articles respectability % from 1% to 0%.

    Anti-Semite or not, 99%(true percentage) of all civilians are not terrorists, and that includes the ‘evil’ jews.

    this man was a terrorist lunatic who killed innocents, nothing more, nothing less..

    The state of israel is evil yes, a monkey can see that, but to extend that fact and say it is right to kill innocent israelis is retarded.

    1. As long as Jews sot on Arab land there will be no peace. I feel bad for the victims of the holocaust, be they Jew homosexual, disabled or whatever. However, Jewish suffering is no excuse to displace Arabs from their land. Jews were kicked out of Palestine by the Romans. Their “right of return” makes as much sense as an Irish American visiting Ireland and evicting (at the point of a gun) a family living in a house his great-great grandfather owned 150 years ago.
      I believe the Jews have a rich to live, but not on Arab land. They can live in Europe, USA, or Canada. as long as Zionist occupy Palestine there will be trouble. The real Jewish State is New York City and nit Palestine.

          1. I believe there was a holocaust because my father saw it with his own eyes. He entered Bergen Belsen after the Naxis deserted the cano. He saw the dead and dying. It was real.

          2. The WW2 victim card is expiring faster than that generation is dying off and now the victims have become the biggest victimizers in Palestine.. Israel has definitely been given enough rope to hang itself with world opinion and can no longer hide behind the AIPAC bought USA veto vote in the UN with the ICC prosecuting it…

          3. Yes, Jews died of typhus and starvation. Some were shot. But there were no gas chambers. The supply lines for food were cut because of allied bombing, so some people starved to death. That’s why they looked so skinny.

        1. I’m having a hard time believing you’re this stupid. There’s too much evidence and and too many first-hand testimonials to prove the holocaust happened. So either you’re completely brain damaged or you’re just trying to get internet attention.

          Which is it?

  5. I saw him stabbing 2 kykes… ๐Ÿ˜† one right in the beguining, lower right corner of the screen, ended up falling down.. and the other one in blue.

    I think hes been playing too much Assassins Creed…
    “Ohh a jew templar! HIDDEN BLADE! Im an Assassin! :D”

          1. Why, thank you captain obvious! I wouldnt have noticed my crime if it werent you! You saved the world! And I would have gotten away with it too, if it werent for you meddling (anti-speech perception low lifes that doesnt have any thing better to do) jews…

    1. Why his whole family? That’s what I don’t understand about you and your people. The actions that a man takes are his and not of his entire family. So now what? Israel will demolish the property of the family? Israeli people are fucking sick in the head.

      1. Generally, knowing that one’s family will be arrested and homes demolished will make someone think twice about doing some dumb shit like this. Obviously some don’t give a fuck about themselves or their family.

        1. Self chosen doesn’t count no matter how many times you write it down or say it….it’s hilarious that it was the Jews that wrote the part that they are the chosen ones and some of the naive retarded Christians have bought it….Actually what concerns Israel is the naive stupid evangelicals offsprings are not buying into the myth about Israel or the self chosen part…

          1. Actually I can post many studies showing that it is common practice, the figures point to a rise in circumcision, not a decrease.

            Please refrain from lying in the future. If you have to lie to defend something then it’s not worth defending.

          1. “Circumcision is practiced by all kinds of people, not only Jews”

            When did I say it wasn’t? I never, you’re jumping to conclusions, do your self a favor and take a step back.

            And, again, I can assure you the brit milah is still heavily practiced and despite anti-circumcision movements, is on the rise. If you’d like I can give you a few links to statistics showing this, you could also just Google it your self if you wish.

            So if you’d kindly stop trying to lie to me I’d be mighty happy, I am Jewish and I know my own religion and community, so please refrain from lying to me and others for that matter.

          2. I’ve just read a few of your comments, and I can understand why you might be angry, and should be angry.

            I just read some comments claiming that the Holocaust wasn’t real. I’m very disappointed and completely upset, how ever you give these people fuel if you continue to act and comment the way you do.

            I’ve seen a lot of horrible comments and I have over the years learned to ignore them, if someone is willing to believe the Holocaust never happened then so be it, they are entitled to an opinion no matter how much it hurts our race.

            What we should be doing is welcoming them and their opinions even if they show resentment, we’re Gods people and there is always truth and happiness to be brought to people of all races, even if they don’t follow our religion.

            Lying about circumcision and aggravating them does no good, you aren’t helping our people at all.

            I implore you to think before you comment, creating anger is no way to go about this.

  6. I’m no fan of the Heebs, but the Nobel Prize for some guy who stabs a woman in the back while walking down the street may be slightly over the top.

    The US needs to stop supporting Israel… Period. If another country pulled the crap the Heebs do, we would send in the drones.. and rightfully so.

    The problem is the fV<king Mozzies are just as crazy – or worse – than the Heebs. We get less than 10% of our oil from the Middle East. Screw'm…. Let them kill each other. And when they are done, the world will be a much, much better place

  7. Expressing battles as Good vs. Evil is worthless in our humanistic reality.

    There are merely sides and our formative years will decide which side we take and that is why the born rich defend the system whilst the born poor hate the system, cause and effect.

    Those born as Muslim hate the Jew and the non Muslim, whilst those born as Jew hate the Muslim and the non Jew so on and so forth.

    Since I was born as a white European male without religious affiliation I defend the point of the indigenous white person without that affiliation with religion and therefore I judge others based upon indigenous right and wrong and that is why I support indigenous defenders against invaders.

    The Jew may feel inclined to takeover Palestine due to their holy book?s teachings but I, as a non Jew, shall not agree or back them in that pursuit.

    My conclusion, Jews and Zionists should stop acting surprised when non Jews, non Zionists, act against them because we are not the same as them and will not blindly follow them or let them dominate us either.

    Am I anti-Semitic?, no, I just defend my own people just like the Jews do and if you stand against that you are anti-indigenous according to your own rules.

    Political correctness shall always die at my feet for I shall never accept such suicidal thought processes.

    I defend myself against my enemies, regardless of backing, because I wish to see a future for my own people.

    1. It’s sad, pathetic but true that AIPAC with it’s 50 pacts funds their bought whores in congress to control USA foreign policy….only thing left to do is change the name to United States of Israel…

      The biggest kicker is this foreign lobby group is mostly funded by stupid naive evangelicals…

  8. further proof that the palestinians are truly fucked up animals. they routinely attack and kill innocent civilians. they DEMOCRATICALLY voted in the Hezbollah, a long-time terrorist organization, as their government!! they need to be done away with once and for all.

  9. In Israel and Palestine, Netanyahu is a terrorist, Palestine is a terrorist, a Retardian is a terrorist, an Islamist is a terrorist and worst than all, a Feminist is a terrorist. If I see a cute but a dangerous Feminist with leggings, I should have the right to purge her action is against the state for absolute power for herself and her corrupt female population are disastering the economy to ruin. Anti-Feminist factions should be created to protect Christianity or, our freedom we’ll lose from her action isn’t responsible but childish and lousy are hurting society into chaos.

  10. With this kind of mentality… I better start stabbing black people because I got robbed by one a few years ago. I better start stabbing Asians as well because I got rear ended by one without insurance a few months ago. Oh wait and Mexicans too, because of that Mexican kid in sixth grade who sucker punched me. I don’t agree at all with Israel’s politics etc, don’t get me wrong, but stabbing a bunch of people going to work on a bus is simply not the answer.

    1. I think you’d best educate your self on the topic before comparing an entire populations struggle for survival to being robbed of your wallet.

      Posts like yours make my heart ache a little, the amount of ignorance in bedded in such a small post is saddening.

      I understand your initial point, but what followed made me ill.

  11. I don’t agree at all with the hate I see being perpetrated here.

    To judge whether or not these people were good, genuine humans by their race is exactly what Israel is doing right now.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, which is why I wholeheartedly disagree with such a post, it’s actually quite offensive to humanity.

  12. “This man should be celebrated all over the world for standing up to terrorism. By rights, he should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Price.”

    Are you serious? By attacking a random people? And that wrote person who called ukrainian soldiers defending theirs country “murderers”?

  13. if i was a palestinian, i would probably plant explosives en masse in many jewish frequented areas. yes i would be a serial bomber and i would not be caught. But the first time i do it, i would put like 50 bombs out there because i will have to hide low for a couple of years. then i will put like another 100 small ieds just scattered throughout where the cockroaches love to congregate the most. i’ll wear gloves and everything and i will never ever be caught, and i will fucking terrorize the whole fucking terrorist nation making them doubt whether today they will be blown the fuck up by a small ied somewhere placed randomly by me

    1. just be very careful you don’t get cought because if you do theyre gonna beat your ass up so bad youre gonna want to die. then you would rot in prison and your psychopathic brain is going to think too and make you feel like a piece of monkey shit .

  14. You are a dumbfucker, i speak to the owner of that post, you know that we the ordinary citizens have nothin to do with that, this plastinian that stabs woman or else in back need to be burn alive not before all of his familiy will be executed infront of him ….its not our fult that thair leadership colaborating with our goverment to encrease the conflict for economical reasons….nobel prise in hell. He shuld get.

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