Charles-Scott Simard – Sickening Bastard Who Shot Protesters in Face in Quebec City

Charles-Scott Simard - Sickening Bastard Who Shot Protesters in Face in Quebec City

This face up there, that’s the sickening bastard who shot gas canisters at protesters in Quebec City, while aiming at their faces. Unlike the faces of his victims, whom he permanently disfigured, his face remains unchanged. The bastard’s name is Charles-Scott Simard SPVQ (Quebec city municipal police), badge number 3143 (Arrondissement La Haute-St-Charles).

It is quite clear that Charles-Scott Simard was not shooting to disperse the teargas – he was shooting to hurt the protesters. Shooting the canister at someone’s face is not gonna make it disperse more or better. And he did not just fire once – he fired three times. This guy needs to be charged with attempted murder. Not relieved from duties or any of that other shit involving vacation time on the taxpayers’ dime.

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49 thoughts on “Charles-Scott Simard – Sickening Bastard Who Shot Protesters in Face in Quebec City”

      1. I wish after the kick he would have emptied the clip of his service glock in this parasite. Just like every other brown person. There has to be some accountability with things, like mike brown. Accountability is the key. Everything else is anti white.

  1. Sick motherfucker was trying to make a non-lethal weapon lethal for sure. Aiming right at someone’s fucking face at 3ft away. Fucking scumbag was just waiting for the day he got to hurt someone without consequence. Fucking fat lard probably fails at everything in life so he became an “authority figure”.

    Fucking prick. Hope he get’s it Abe Lincoln style in the back of the head and never sees it coming!

    1. There’s probably more truth to your angry post than you realize. People in a position of authority who abuse said authority likely have a motive other than helping others or protecting and serving.
      It’s possible that this asshole wasn’t shooting an unarmed protester at all. In his mind he was lashing out at everyone who’s ever pulled his panties up his ass and took his lunch money. Lashing out at every woman thats ever laughed at his little dick cuz it looks like a short stack of sweater buttons.

  2. If you shoot women for kicks…..
    Then your name is Prince Charles…
    But if you had a dick…
    To flatter your anatomy…..
    Oh bad….you had a penectomy.

    Maybe you should come to Blighty….
    And join the royal family…..
    Because they are all inbreds truely….
    With twelvety toes and all the bells…
    Maybe halitosis as well.

    But Kate is so lovely….
    I`d lick her out `til she screamed hell…
    And use a strap-on…that`s swell ….
    That almost sounds like fun….
    Oooops …her red-tide`s begun.

  3. After what he Did Why did this Cop make himself Public Enemy number One by taking a selfie?! He just put Himself on the Menu! I’ll get my M60E1 Out!!! 😀 Here piggy piggy piggy piggy piggy! 😀

  4. Im sorry but I don’t get all this She’s going to be disfigured for life’ stuff people keep saying. Have you seen the interviews, I’m sure most people have sustained worse injuries falling over leaving the pub on a Saturday night. He is a dangerous arsehole no doubt though, if that had hit her in the teeth, or worse in the eye there could have been permanent results. Have to say I’d take one of those on the chin for a really big payout. I think I’d sidestep all the tv interviews though.

    1. Retardians Against Democrocy. RAD. Squashing hippies since 1963. Lol.
      Joking aside, democracy and protesting often go hand in hand unfortunately, but, shooting a girl in the face is bad mmmmkay.

  5. As was sort of already stated: Looks like the poor fat kid taunted on the playground grew up to get his kicks ‘legally’ by brutally assaulting everyone who reminds him of some asshole he crossed paths with or rejected him. I bet he feeds his spermatorrhea every time he gets to sadistically make them suffer in some way. It’s probably how he gets his pebbles off when he’s not extorting sex from or forcibly raping prostitutes.

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