Child Cuts His Underarm on Shattered Glass from Storm Door

Sensitive Underarm Area Slashed by Broken Glass

Sensitive Underarm Area Slashed by Broken Glass

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @hiiitsang, who’s child cut his underarm on a shattered glass from a storm door:

These are pictures of my (now) 6 year old son. He was 4, and excited that his dad came home from work. He went to run out to him and pushed through the storm door (glass) and it broke, cutting open his arm. He needed 13 stitches.

Thanks a lot for sharing the pics with the community, @hiiitsang. I trust the cut healed well and your son is happy, healthy and strong:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “Child Cuts His Underarm on Shattered Glass from Storm Door”

  1. I had a classmate back in sixth grade, who ran his hand through the glass door during recess. He cut open an artery, and blood squirted several feet from the accident scene. A teacher right outside the classroom saw this, and applied a tourniquet until help arrived. After the accident, glass workers installed wiring inside the glass for reinforcement.

    It’s amazing how strong your heart is…

    (with the exception being the police of course)

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  3. Hey…let us know how he’s doing…Being a parent requires nerves of steel. Little boogers sometimes seem to have a death-wish. We want to hover; to wrap them in cotton…But the fact is that even if we could protect them from the world, we can’t protect them from themselves…Sigh.

      1. @janiel It looks like baked beans because they are fucking baked beans! Listen already! The poor child has psychopathic parents. Probably the fucking mother. Probably all she can fucking cook. She was probably blind drunk, saw the wound and thought it was the little kid’s open, hungry mouth. So she rammed it full of piping hot baked beans. Bitch.

          1. @janiel You wouldn’t go that far? I bet in a flash you would have rammed that wound full of crunchy sponge fingers & tinned peaches then dribbled on some Jello and topped it off with hot custard! Don’t fucking accuse me of having “quite an imagination” you fucking recreational rimmer of pigs arseholes. I’d have packed that kid’s wound real tight with my Paprika’d Beef Casserole and laid a beautiful Stilton and Potato Cake on the outside as a kind of friendly bacterial poultice. Because I fucking care.

          2. We’ve all got an imagination on here, @lord-wankdust.

            “Recreational rimmer of pigs arseholes.” I like it, very descriptive. Considering how some of my ex girlfriends were swine-like in both appearance and mannerism, you’re not that far off in your accusations. Cheers, my friend.

          3. @janiel I could smell your ex’s piggy shit scent through the ethernet my friend. You have my deep condolences on how you made poor choices earlier in your life, you will find many of us here on BG are now in “safe spaces” away from swinexs.
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            In the meantime, cut down a little on the mid-week masturbation and give yourself something to look forward to at the weekend. Please take it easy my friend.

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