Child Loses Both Hands to Fake Syrian Army IED

Child Loses Both Hands to Fake Syrian Army IED

When your left hand looks like an alien freshly cracked out of someone’s stomach and your right hand is just a bloody stump with loose skin, you’ve just suffered from double hand trauma that’s unfixable no matter how you look at it. Unfortunately, child in this video appears too young to have experimented with sexual relationship between him and Jessica Left Hand (in his case also Jessica Right Hand) which means he’ll never know what it’s like to rub the unicorn’s horn.

Anyone who’s had a displeasure of being in a relationship with a 21st century woman will know how important it is to have at least one healthy hand. It would seem that we’ve missed the golden age of blow jobs so going to bed with a pussy equipped specimen is but a tad more pleasurable than a stab in the eye with a knitting needle.

There’s a lot of our tax dollars that makes it to Syria these days so terrorists from the Fake Syrian Army don’t need to hold back setting up IEDs back and forth. Innocent civilians, including children are frequent casualties. Thanks to our governments, we all are in small parts responsible for this child’s future inability to beat off.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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114 thoughts on “Child Loses Both Hands to Fake Syrian Army IED”

      1. Ya know, for shits and giggles I am going to get myself hard tonight, lube up the inside of my arm where it bends and see if I can jerk off that way. Ya know what, I might be onto something here!!!

          1. then you could pass it along to the MR. Land-Mine compitition…not sure if there is one, but I DO know there is a MRS. LandMine beauty compitition out there somewhere

        1. reminds me of an ex-boyf years ago, I once ‘jerked’ him off with my feet! another time with the back of my knee where it bends, (similar to @lunatic’s ‘elbow job’)

          1. @baked, where have you been? You naughty boy, do you have a foot fetish? ha ha
            @uli, the ex must have suggested it, and I just ran with it. It was an easy step by step process! *groan*

          2. oh my fucking god who can do THAT!
            If you can make guys cum with parts of your body that were NEVER intended for ANYTHING reguarding sex then You are a WALKING fleshy-karma-sutra……I hope you lubes your tootsies nice and slickery

          3. I was very young, (17/18) I think you ‘experiment’ a lot when you are young, with your first serious partner! πŸ™‚ geez, I was always ‘at it’, I lost my virginity on the beach!

  1. Now he is reduced to being a beggar the rest of his life. Life really sucks and is most unfair to inflict such pain on a child. The ability to beat off is a right for males as females are not always cooperative. Who will pay him compensation?

  2. Right, and you’re gonna tell me that the post back there of a KID BEING “BEATEN” WITH A MOTHER FUCKING PILLOW is more hard core then THIS TRUE GORE.

    Fuck the self-fucking he’s going to “miss out” on, what about WIPING HIS OWN ASS!

    What about hitchhiking?

    What about telling somebody to “fuck off” with a single hand gesture?

    What about finger-banging some dot-bindy girl for the first time (although he COULD stub-fuck her, but he’s gonna have to find himself one LOOSE BITCH to do that)

    I wonder where the fuck StubyOne is???
    I miss that guy he was cool.

    Anyway, what about this kids ability to PULL A TRIGGER?
    EVERYTHING this kid was destined to do is now completly down the shit-pipes….pore little terrorist larva boy.

      1. Don’t worry I sent You NOT on a wild goose chase, but You have been researching one of the GAYEST things one can do to themselves.

        (this is strictly for males and is a 1-man-deal by the way, as you will learn in a second)

        The “catcher” lays down on the floor with only his shoulders on the ground.
        Back is arched up and the legs elevated up on a couch or a chair, butt kinda in the normal place for sitting on the couch, with feet all the way up at the top.
        With his pants already where he can access his dick, the “catcher” beats off until SQUIRT and will attempt to catch the inCUMING load in……..yup, you guessed it.

        His Mouth.

        Pretty interesting that I know something so foul that THE FUCKING INTERNET doesn’t seem to even know about it.

        ‘Clown Catching’ was a term passed down as a great insult and gross-out by my brother and his friends, to me, and NOW, has been passed to EACH AND EVERYONE on Best Gore.

        Just look at is as a ‘thank you’ gift for the catching that YOU did for Me back on the third.

        1. wow, hahaha, @RS, you DO have a good imagination, cos I didn’t ‘catch’ it, I spat it out (politely, into a tissue!) You have to be extra nice for me to swallow (or I have to be extra drunk!)

  3. Can anyone tell me what the fuck are the Fake Syrian Army fighting for??? Are they still on their so called jihad or are they “fighting” for their pathetic rights to shove their poor excuse for a religion which is Islam into peoples brains…. or kill them outright if they don’t submit??? Someone enlighten me.

      1. Hmmm…. but don’t they usually “fight” or kill others in a bid for them to exercise their Islamic religion however they seem fit??? Money does’nt usually sound like their Modus Operandi.
        (Which is latin for “Mode of Operating”)

        1. I’m aware of that phrase, as I am also aware of the few key reasons that things like this tend to happen.
          You look for spicific reason.
          Hard to say if solid spicific reason even exists for what has gone on.

          Welcome to the rhelm of the F.V. where NOTHING makes logical sense, dispite our inharrent need for it too do so.

          1. No worries, it’s not a big deal because we/I don’t see you here very often and You asked in a cool & normal way.
            F.V. stands for Fleshy Virus, a term now searchable on the Internet because Mark has chosen more than once to use the term in a searchable link.

            Fleshy Virus refers to humans.
            It is a reference to the individual, as well as the teaming mass of the nasty, evil, manipulative, disease spreading, can’t-do-anything-without-making-it-worse, plague that we are.

            It is a term used very loosely that YOU TOO can incorporate into your daily vernacular like others have done to describe most ANY asshole that you run across that you would only prefer to run OVER with a bus.

            It is very true, that being A Student Of Best Gore has it’s interesting and unforeseen upsides, like access to insults (like Shit-Rivet) that NOBODY ELSE uses!

            Be the first one in your town to call somebody that annoying turd that won’t cooperate with your butt hole and wasn’t to push it self out in your pants, smashing the end of it inside your pants

            to become more and more like, you guesses it, a rivet.

            How fucking annoying is THAT when it happens?

            ‘Turd Fucking the Shit-Rivet’ can be used in so many ways, as the descriptor of a bad situation, to an annoying individual (MORE than just a simple PAIN in the ass, pain doesn’t STINK and it’s NOT embarrassing)

            ANyway, you get the idea.

            So now.

            Go and enjoy the things that you have learned about here, if you want to.

          2. Ohhh, okay then. Fleshy Virus then??? Well I’ve seen that term being thrown around bestgore plenty of times already. Now I dfeinitely know what you meant when you put F.V.
            Thanks for the explanation. πŸ™‚

          1. No, no problem @rei, as a matter of fact, it’s pretty cool. When someone tells ya to go fuck yourself, you can, and it will actually feel good! HAHAHAHA, You my dear rei, are a sport!!!

  4. @Mark,


    I agree that the feminisation of our society has reached epically catastrophic proportions.

    It gets to the point that a lad can’t make love in the missionary position without having ultrabitch, feminazi Germaine Greer calling it ‘demeaning’.

    Blow job? No fuc#ing chance.

    Where did it all go wrong?


      1. You’re a chick, you SHOULD enjoy doing wahts normal, which is kinky hot sex.
        Boring people have BORING lives and even MORE boring sex.
        I never understood doing it in just 2-3 ways and that’s it. I’m dead serious about licking Tigers butthole by the way.

          1. @Razor, my ex and I used to pull “all-nighters” utilizing any and every position…ahhhhh the memories…he wasn’t a shit rivet ALL the time…lol

    1. A back-pack bomb will be about the most effective use for this one.

      It does suck that it comes to veiwing injured kids in such a way.
      It’s simply reality and it’s best to be equiped with a reason for our apathy

  5. @ Mouse……….. are you OK ?

    The other day the lebanese security forces intercepted a ship load of weapons destined for syria.

    Apparently it was destined for the Syrian ‘ REBELS ‘.

    Is this the FSA as well or what ????

    1. That goes for all religions,the only religions that can claim they are truly peaceful are the Buddhist and the Satanist, yes the Satanist…have you ever heard of a satanist starting wars against other religions or anyone for that matter or killing and oppressing those who don’t belive what they do? So a couple of them have killed people in the name of Satan but those killings are more like a religious sacrament kinda like an offering to their god…the only thing is that its a human offering “a sacrifice” is what people call it usually requiring a baby or a virgin. They don’t do these “human sacrifices” because they hate the victims religion no they do it cause that’s part of their religion…to kill virgins & newborns and offer them to Satan. The devil doesn’t care if its a Christian virgin/baby or if its a Muslim virgin/baby to him they’re all the same and also the majority of satanist don’t even sacrifice virgins and babies anymore for that matter, some of them understand how people can see their human sacrifices as something bad, even tho its their religious right to slaughter infants and super hot virgins they are sensitive to peoples views on human sacrifices and choose to now kill goats,chickens, cats, and dogs instead of babies and virgins. They are very firm belivers in eat what you kill when it comes to the goats and chickens they sacrifice they even go as far as to drink the blood, and they also belive in spaying and nudering for cats and dogs, only instead of snipping off the testicles they snip off their heads, It’s way more affective and a better permanent solution to keep strays from breeding and more importantly they use the animals skulls, bones, and blood for their rituals and black masses so that way the cat or dog doesn’t go to completely to waste. Yes they are very peaceful, thoughtful, caring religious people the Satanist all religions should learn a thing or two from them.

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