Child with Neck Laceration Inflicted by Chinese Manja Thread of Fighting Kites

Child with Neck Laceration Inflicted by Chinese Manja Thread of Fighting Kites

Video from India shows a child with neck laceration inflicted by manja – a type of string used for kite fights. Manja is made abrasive by being coated with powdered glass. Kite fights involve rubbing one kite string against the other. Whoever cuts the opponent’s string with his own string, wins.

Manja, which is known as Chinese thread in India, has been banned in the country for years, because it’s caused too many injuries and deaths to the people and birds. It’s still illegally used during kite flying festivals, though.

Props to Best Gore member @carborandom for the video:

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38 thoughts on “Child with Neck Laceration Inflicted by Chinese Manja Thread of Fighting Kites”

  1. In Brazil it’s called cerol, it’s a preparation made of powdered glass and glue, and you spread it on the thread. It’s also illegal here and dangerous, as some motorcyclists have had their necks cut, some put a metal rod in front of their bikes as to warn them when they hit a thread. Nigglets here love to battle to try and cut the thread of each other’s kite, when a kite is cut free, they seem like a pack of little chimps running after the kite to try and get it.

      1. It’s a shitty game, no wonder many of those who play it end up as criminals, as they will try to cut the kite (often times basically to try and steal it as one of the group controls the kite and others run to get the other kite that was cut), even if you don’t have cerol on the thread and want just to peacefully play with your kite. Often times they even get aggressive and threaten some people (sometimes calling older people as reinforcements) who get angry at them and try to protect their kites. It’s a lack of respect with the private property of others giving signs from an early age.

    1. Somewhere on BG (assuming it’s been re-uploaded) there’s a video of a little kid (maybe 4-ish) getting tangled in the kite string and getting way up there before plummeting back to earth. I can only imagine the horror of being a parent/sibling and watching helplessly from the ground as it played out.

  2. those string tread fall hanging on top of the tree and dangling across the road.. then some unlucky motorcylist run that string and got caught up in the neck.. and just like that lost his/her head.. the motorcycle still ride on it own with headless body until running out of fuel..

  3. Poor kid, it breaks my heart to see and hear him like this. He sounds exactly the same like my little boy when he is hurt
    I know how sharp those kite strings from Asia are, once almost cut my finger using one of these

  4. I have always had a phobia of getting my throat slit with “manja”. Almost came true for this kid.

    Once I got a small deep cut in my finger. Still have a visible scar. Shit hurts. Never could learn to fly a kite, but after seeing this, I don’t regret it.

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