Child in Sri Lanka Badly Wounded by Unexploded Rocket

Child in Sri Lanka Badly Wounded by Unexploded Rocket

It’s staggering that the rocket didn’t explode upon impact. However having an unexploded rocket embedded in your lower body, not knowing whether it’s going to go off anytime soon or not is not much of a win. Neither for you as a victim, not for the medical personnel who may try to save your life. This happened in Sri Lanka, but no news on whether the child survived or not. Seems like quite a substantial blood loss so unless help came quickly, there may have been no salvation for the kid.

If you look closely, you will notice bugs (or flies?) crawling all over the child’s body. As if the unexploded rocket was not freaky enough, even creepy crawlers wouldn’t give the kid a minute of peace!

Experts, fill us in. What kind of rocket is this and what would cause it to fail to explode?

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20 thoughts on “Child in Sri Lanka Badly Wounded by Unexploded Rocket”

  1. That is an RPG ( rocket prepeled granade ) sorry for the poor spelling.

    and the most likely reason it didnt explod on impact would be ^^ boxheads reason and it could of been a dud rocket , brought off a crappy market somewhere, but i guess we will never know.

  2. It’s an RPG round. It’s somewhat common for them to not explode on impact. The main reasons for a lack of detonation are usually attributed to A.) a rocket that’s been sitting around for too long or B.) the person firing it is inexperienced and forgot to arm the round by removing the pin before firing. It happened on multiple occasions during the invasion of Iraq.

  3. A rocket from an RPG-7. They often have bollocksed detonation systems. They’ve been known to bounce off of or imbed themselves into the armour of armoured cars in Northern Ireland without immediately exploding. It could just be that the impact wasn’t hard enough to detonate the rocket.

    I doubt that this child lived, considering the flies and the fact that the child is just lying there unattended with no bandages or the likes.

  4. Looks like a copy-cat rip-off of a Leatherman stuck in the kids left leg.

    Consider the location, flies are everywhere, especially before death. Its strange, even my late mom’s home in Ohio was covered with them outside a few days before she went to the hospital, then died 2 days later. The flies must smell death is about to happen?

  5. That is a rocket from an RPG-7. It has a piezoelectric fuze…much like the starter used on gas grills. When the ceramic is struck, it generates electricity, so a drop of a few meters could set it off. It also has a built in self-destruct system that detonates it at 920 Meters I think, but it appears that the system failed to work or was modified.

  6. Hard to say if the child lived, but if this child did receive immediate medical attention, I wouldn’t trust that fuse. I would tell the EOD guys to hold the sustainer section of it while I unscrewed the booster section. I’d then tell them to just fucking pull it the rest of the way through and get the fuck outa hare with it.

  7. its an PG-7VL round very common rpg-7 round i have seen these used twice to great effect one ruc landrover where the driver lost both his legs and an army landrover where the jeep was flipped this time front seat passanger lost both legs and an arm a very reliable weapon not many times did they fail to go off in belfast one i remember was due to not being armed that was the rock bar on the falls road by the uff we even have a street named RPG Avenue

  8. I dont care what game or movie anyone has seen it from but this is in fact a RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) they make different types for different uses or situations and they are most used against APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers) to destroy or disable them depending on how armored they are. There are alot of different types of Launchers out there some are only for one time use and others can be reloadable and some are even home made. I can even make one if I wanted to and the RPG….well I live in Florida, how hard can it be.

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