Chilean Inmate Claiming Innocence Protests by Getting Pinkey Chopped Off

Chilean Inmate Claiming Innocence Protests by Getting Pinkey Chopped Off

Chilean Inmate Claiming Innocence Protests by Getting Pinkey Chopped Off

The man featured in the video is locked up in prison in Santiago, Chile for allegedly killing a woman. He maintains his innocence but claims he cannot get justice due to the corrupt and gynocentric justice system.

So he decides to protest his false conviction and imprisonment the only way he can – by resorting to self harm.

With the assistance from other inmates, he places his pinkey on a chopping block and positions a kitchen knife on the first joint. A fellow inmate hits the blade with a metal pipe, severing the tip of his finger. The protester’s reaction suggests the amputation hurt more than he thought it would.

Props to Best Gore member @cefele for the video:

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104 thoughts on “Chilean Inmate Claiming Innocence Protests by Getting Pinkey Chopped Off”

    1. I reckon he is guilty. If he was innocent and wanted to draw some real attention to his plight he would have gone for a thumb or forefinger at the very least, not 1/3 of his pinky at the very last knuckle. I’m sure what he did didn’t tickle but he has hardly left himself in a state of disfiguration or disability………

    1. I thought Phantasm 2 was better, and I cannot believe they haven’t already remade that film. It’s a classic.
      Oh, and how the hell do inmates have access to kitchen knives and a fucking smart phone? Jumpin Jennifer Love Hewitt

        1. Yeah my sentiment exactly.
          I see this guy is one of those button earlobe types, so he’s no stranger to deliberately deforming himself. That fashion sense is so shite….those hanging earlobes make him look like those tribal elders from Africa.

  1. “This little piggie went to market … This little piggie dropped off …”


    Hey Nem
    Note that in all this crisis, people have forgotten about Julian Assange!
    It would be so easy for Illuminati to kill him now:
    Just find a ‘positive’ inmate, tell him he is ‘negative’ by the test, and put
    his ass in with Julian,
    or ..
    Just put the virus directly into his cell (they are willing to kill whoever is
    in the cell just to get Assange)
    Think of how weak his immune system is after years of no sunlight, and
    being locked in that embassy, now he’s locked in an even more dangerous
    Funny how the Swiss justice system don’t NEED his ass anymore, isn’t it?
    Shame on Britain!
    Shame on Sweden!
    Shame on USA!

    1. I agree. Noone cares because it doesn’t affect the their own arses …until the day it does and by then it is too late. Noone will be there for them.

      Assange is being bullied. He did nothing that major major mainstream newspapers did ,but bully- boy Trump is too weak and /or too friendly with them to take them to task!

      Curse the weak slavish Poms And Swedes! ” Special relationship ” my white Arse!

      1. For the life of me, I can’t understand how in the hell Assange is answerable to America?? WTF is that about? He is NOT American and he did not commit any crimes in America so how in the hell can he be extradited to USA ? I just don’t understand why anyone would support America, the most inhumane and largest terrorist organisation in the world, in their hunt ……….
        Go Julian, you are one gutsy and moral Aussie and your fellow Aussie countrymen salute you ………….

        1. I agree. It just goes to show how enslaved we are to Uncle Sam. History repeating itself again. If you are keen , read up on the History of the Peloponnesian War … Thankful allies band around a key winning fellow only for him to turn into their tyrant and racketeer who now runs a protection -racket on them. All happened as now 2400 years ago. Some things never change.

          America and Trump are so fucken cruel and hypocritical. They went and found some very old fucken law that even their own people said was bullshit to crucify him, and yet they are so gutless and vested they don’t go after the big mainstream press that were Assange’s partners! The whole plan is to squash the dissent of the little man and not upset the big Interests. A plague on their houses!


  2. Love it! Great viewing. Almost as good as watching First Minister of Scroteland Nicola Sturgeon (younger sister of Myra Hindley) today giving her daily briefing on tv about COVID-19, and at the end flipping them both out for the lads to the cameras as she left. Superb.

  3. HOPE by bad jonny

    I hope this disease kills millions
    I hope it kills your mom and your dad
    I hope it kills ten thousand
    In the time of a ten second ad

    ‘Cause cunts like you can’t be trusted
    And cunts like you make me sad
    I hope it kills Cher’s fat daughter
    Chaz or something like Chad

    “O my daughter used to be lezzbo ..
    Now she fucks girls like a lad ..”
    “Is she a dirty fat lezzbo? ..
    Well .. maybe just a small tad ..”

    I hope it kills even more
    Than Transylvanian Vlad
    I hope it kills entire families
    Boy, would that make me glad

    Trump finished fucking his daughter:
    “Oookaaay .. This could be bad”
    I wonder if she was the best pre-teen
    Skinny fuck he ever had

    “I haven’t always done the right thing ..
    But boy my friends – if I had ..”
    To see him pretend this was ‘accident’
    Makes me stark raving mad

    To see him pretending to care About people
    Just makes me so fucking sad ..

      1. Thanks, Honkey, I knew you’d dig it!
        Almost as much as I do, hehe
        Viva La France (un Italia)

        Hey maybe they can still have the ‘World European Cup’ : it’ll
        be one player only (1 on 1) and you gotta be your own goally
        Applies to Ice Hockey too!

          1. I’ll do you a ‘double-deal’ you get to cut off you pinky and
            your penis for the low low price of $9.99 plus taxes
            I’ll even lend you my blunt knife

          1. Oh, and Honkey … About my ‘foul’ comments about Trump etc.
            It’s not really me saying it .. Michael Moore brought it up in his
            Trump documentary – photos that didn’t look quite normal,
            comments by Trump about his daughter that didn’t sound
            quite normal etc..
            I’m sure you’ve seen it
            So – I was just taking up where MM left off, see?
            C’est la vie

  4. Listen. Nobody gives the slightest fuck if you cut off your finger or set thy self on fire.
    Logically how does self-inflicted harm make other people think your cause should be top priority?

  5. Listen. Nobody gives the slightest fuck if you cut off your finger or set thy self on fire.
    Logically how does self-inflicted harm make other people think your cause should be top priority?

  6. All I can do is laugh at this dumbass. I just don’t understand the logic here. I think either everyone has completely gone off the deep end or I’m just broken. Either way I’m just about fed up with the stupidity in the world today. I need to find a patch of land far far away from society and live out my years with just my own imagination to keep me company.

  7. Omg what an idiot no one gives a shit!!! But here in Los Angeles, CA an inmate does that and he gets special treatment even if it means reviewing his case or get him off early its bullshit the criminal justice system here sucks pure gangs here fuck them.

        1. @SrbijaBgd
          Holy cow now there is one of my all-time favorite B G Brothers that i have not seen, or spoken to in forever. I Hope that you are healthy Brother, and that you are staying safe and far away from potential carriers of this Covid-Outbreak.
          With much brotherly-love, & respect,,
          Andre. 🙂

          1. Hey Thedre,

            It’s all OK here , except for damn curfews we all sick are of.
            I mean, week before last one we got 40hrs, last week we got 60 hrs and now 80 hrs of fckn’ curfew. It is so boring but what can you do.
            What’s going on in US? Trump is in war mode kinda?

            Cheers and thank you for being kind.

  8. I.M.O, Having my pinky or any other finger removed for that matter would be a VERY SMALL PRICE to pay for my FREEDOM from such a Filthy, Gang infested place such as that.. Whether or not I’m innocent or otherwise.

  9. I feel bad for him in that situation, but resorting to do such thing like that would be a stupid idea, or perhaps I just have no idea/clue how grave the situation was, enough for him resorting to do this. I might be not in position to say this, but either doing or not doing that, nobody would literally care as harming yourself won’t signify your innocence, knowing how corrupt the government was, I can bet this would be easily swept under the rug as he is considered irrelevant to society.

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