Chilean Robber Picks on Wrong Victim, Gets Shot in Jaw

Lost His Face in That Robbery

Chilean Robber Picks on Wrong Victim, Gets Shot in Jaw

According to the backinfo I got, this sorry sack of shit dedicated his life to assaulting people all over Santiago, Chile. He’s been known to rob defenseless strangers at gunpoint, but on March 24, 2020, he picked on the wrong victim.

The man he tried to rob carried a revolver and was not afraid to use it. He blasted the robber in the face, blowing up part of his jaw. Some other passerby then apparently injured his leg.

Props to Best Gore member @cefele for the pics:

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113 thoughts on “Chilean Robber Picks on Wrong Victim, Gets Shot in Jaw”

        1. Jeez no ! Danaconda …….. its the Chilean Robber who’s gonna be riding that cycle . A cycle that loves paddling up and down the rider to where he needs to be actually belonging to ! where Soft food, prison and penis and other big promises lie waiting all the time .

  1. “Jaws 5 : This time it’s REALLY, REALLY personal.”
    Rated RFSA for Really Fucking Stupid Asshole
    Opening Wide This Friday at a theater near you.

    1. @LordWankdust
      Well-Done brother, cause that is good, and funny French right there Boys & Girls, ha, ha!
      And as for that Guy in the pictures that was being an asshole,,,
      Well,,, let’s just say that he’s most-likely that it’s Chillin-Out in Chili for dude, From now on.

      1. @Pigsy – I didn’t think economists would include the cash only transactions in their calculations, that those kind of 10 minute ‘jobs’ generate. But you’re right, there will be another sucker on the dark city corner in the dodgy part of town tomorrow night to replace him………..

  2. That one guy pushing him shredded ass with a big fucking stick makes this content even that much better.

    Wonder if that leg wound was inflicted after he got turned into the South American equivalent of Syrian Jaw Boy?

  3. His last mugshot of the broken jaw is a reminder how evil doings always tend to yield ugly outcomes .

    Nobody’s gonna believe this bleak bastard if he opens up to tell his side of the sorry tale as a little of that shattered glass jaw now lay tethered to his bullet chewed face is sure gonna fall off to the ground .

          1. Any splatter or swipes from those tentacles will have the cops believe they are interrogating Mr . siphonophore a near cousin of zooid now a harmless “Mmmph mmph mmmph mmmmphoid ”

        1. You know what mmmph mmmp mmmph means?
          He’s saying you don’t have a shred of evidence against me. Also his lawyer also told him to keep his chin up, and a stiff upper lip (if he still has one).

          1. I think it’s in his best interest, to simply have his attorney go through the court of aPEELS. He could drop further Charges, and help his client to Save Face, in respect to his reputation.

          2. I suppose he is a fool not to know that with all those shreds falling apart its already been evidenced beside those tentacles of suspicions which like meat daggers are pointing straight at him.

            His lawyer must realize its difficult for him to hold his chin up with both his lips not in place;knowing well that his client had chewed on to something more than he could take a bite off .

          3. @blucon

            Yes Blu, the hapless moron bit off more than he can chew this time, which is nothing, and found his punishment hard to swallow, which is nothing.
            He’s gonna just have to face the music this time.

  4. i’m not gonna try a pun..ain’t muh thang…

    vigilante justice is prevalent throughout the world. And we need to have it here in the West. Keep those Syrians and Afghans and Nigerians in line, the ones that came here to prey upon us, our good intentions, and our women. The cops have their hands tied. This chile peppergut is finally having a moment of introspection. Now he’ll be a beggar instead of a robber, relying upon the good will of the people he previously exploited. God is Good.

    1. He wasn’t a bad looking guy. But now he’s going to be ugly as fuck when they put in a metal jaw.
      Should have got a proper job.
      There’s people all over the world emigrating to better countries and adding to the economy. This asshole is just one of life’s “takers”. Literally.

    1. Yes there’s always a silver lining. Looking at the main pic, if he trimmed off some of that extraneous dangling meat he could be an extra in the next Planet if the Apes sequel.
      Or, if he leaves it as is, he could be Mole Man if they ever make a movie like that.

  5. That ugly sack of crap got what he deserved, kill that shitbag already! he is useless and dangerous to society, why even bother the doctors to save that cunt? Throw that retard into the ocean and let him drown

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