Chinese Guy with Meat Cleaver vs Policeman with Gun and Public

Chinese Guy with Meat Cleaver vs Policeman with Gun and Public

I don’t understand where exactly shit like this takes place cause everywhere I went in China, it looked like the last time any form of crime happened there was 50 years ago and it was only something petty. I wonder if this general peacefulness just builds up in some of the Chinese and when it comes out, fan is hit with a big pile.

I don’t know what exactly lead to the standoff in the video, but there appears to be one deranged guy with a mean cleaver faced off with a few members of the public armed with sticks and a policeman brandishing a gun, although more police/military guys show up later. The policeman with the gun is kind of cute, he holds it up high like a fucking trophy, but when the time comes for him to use it, he completely fails. But then again, the meat cleaver guy showed no fear and seemed to just swallow all bullets like a terminator.

At 0:19 a guy with a stick tries to surprise the meat cleaver guy from behind, but the meat cleaver guy deflects the blow and charges at him, quickly directing his attention at the armed policeman who appears to fire several shots at the attacker while retreating from him. None of the bullets seem to have any effect on the guy.

At 0:33 you can see the guy with a stool – LOL. I love the Chinese and their use for furniture in times like this. He did fuck all with that stool, but he’s holding it like he means it. Cute doesn’t do it justice.

The attacker is then overwhelmed, but the overall conduct of authorities stinks of a lot of incompetence. They need some serious training, including training to use firearms. That was some dangerous shooting while the cop was retreating that could have wounded or killed innocent bystanders.

Considering the population of China, it’s rather rare for something like this to happen but when it does happens, they don’t seem to know how to deal with it properly.

I’m also adding a bonus video of a different meat cleaver guy from China who was quickly disarmed with a stick. The riot gear cop looks utterly laughable with that shield:

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42 thoughts on “Chinese Guy with Meat Cleaver vs Policeman with Gun and Public”

  1. I saw the same thing happen in Beijing in 2007, the cops were smashing up a neigborhood BBQ because the locals were selling meaty treats (rat) on a stick, one local got wicked, he was overpowered by ten useless fuckin kids in uniform. Probably never to seen at a BBQ again. Bye bye Mr Wong

    1. An American man was sitting in his favorite restaurant when a Chinese bloke said to him, “I am sick of seeing your big round eyes.” The American replied, “Put on a blind fold.” The Chinese man asked, “Where do I get one? The American then said, “Here take my shoe lace.”

  2. That cop has to be the worst marksman ever. Mr Meatcleaver was right infront of him and he shot 4 times. I would have taken his head off with the first shot, then his balls for target practice. I’m suprised the cleaver didn’t end up in his head.

  3. Now listen to me people i think the cop is not thick. I think he.s worrying about were the stray bullets might go . not like the usa cops who don.t give a fuck and shoot there own police dog remeber that clip . what do you mob think

  4. im just blown away cause i dont think i have ever seen you use the word ‘cute’ to describe a person before…i even double checked to see who the writer was….i need to sit and gather my thoughts on this…lol

  5. Good thing that it wasn’t LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), all the by standers would have been shot. The meat cleaver guy would have escaped. A reward for a million dollars would have been offered and not paid due to wording of the offering.

  6. Pointing the gun upwards is useful when you plan to fire a few rounds to scary the perpetrator. Oh wait, you guys in the West still use the Wild West method, shot first intimidate later. So yeah, the cop is obliged to fire 1 to 3 signaling shots in the air, only then point the gun towards the criminal.

    Also there are high chances that the police officer didn’t had real bullets, but rubber ones looking at the behaivour of the guy getting shot at.

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