Chinese Man Has Hand Ripped Apart by Accidental Firework Explosion

Chinese Man Has Hand Ripped Apart by Accidental Firework Explosion

Video out of China showing a man who had an accident letting off fireworks, leaving him with a mangled stub.

I don’t have much information on it except that the man, M Siwan, had his left hand ripped apart, while also suffering injuries to his eyes, right hand, chest, abdomen and knee.

People in China seem to be at a much greater risk of blowing up or being attacked by blood-thirsty machines, than the rest of the developed world.

Props to Best Gore member DeadOhioSky for the video:

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  1. I remember in my teenage years during 4 of July I would set off M-80s and quarter sticks of dynamite. Now that I’m an adult with more common sense I think back at how reckless and stupid I was. I could have easily lost a finger, hand or arm. This guy wasn’t so lucky.

    1. lol this guy set off large enough fireworks inside to blow his whole hand off. why? he probably thought it was a sparkler, because he is a dumbass with a education of a 5 y/o. silly chinese, y u no learn? sorry for stating the obvious. i remember throwing molotovs on the fourth of july and remember getting blazed the next day cuz thats my bday.

    2. @IntoxicatedMadMan: Isn’t that illegal? Like, the dynamite and all that? I even remember an episode of South Park where the kids want to celebrate the 4th of July, but they find out they won’t be able to have fireworks. So there’s this guy, the fisherman, and his friend (the one who had a tracheotomy, and speaks with his microphone, or something like that…), they go to Mexico, and buy some, because they’re sad for the kids…Ah, the good old South Park era. Memories…

  2. Explosives are hazardous & unforgiving . Without following the standard safety procedures this is how one ends up either dieing or losing body parts .Apart from the hand that we see having ripped apart he also must have sustained other grievous injuries to the other parts of his body which cannot be seen but perceivable.

      1. Tell me about it mama,when I was about 12,these older kids gave me and my mates this ‘explosive’ powder,(fuck knows what it was).I filled a old hairspray can up with this stuff and lit it WITH A MATCH.It started fizzing,I threw it on the grass,and the thing fucking exploded,leaving a hole about 6 inches deep in the dirt.Awesomely dumb/lucky.

          1. We made boomers using junk nitrogen accumulators off of cars. They looked like the classic “mad bomber” round steel bomb. You didn’t want to be anywhere near one when it blew.

        1. Well hes prolly is right handed,but he musta had bomb in left,lighter in right and got panicked with quick wick and threw lighter, whilst still holding Fyra-Craka and boom!
          Yea I too should take a small moment of thanks/reflection for still having all my fingers and not deaf or something.guess as a kid I had just enough sense and dumb luck not to get marred like this fucker.

  3. the chinese seem to use fireworks for many occasions for which westerners would simply prefer to inflate balloons.
    one would think that: with such a tradition spanning over two-thousand years, such a culture would have concurrently mastered the necessary safety protocols.
    yet in the end, it is only another callback to the very notion of harnessing an otherwise deadly element of nature – fire, to serve any superficial purpose on demand; such as electricity, water or the human heart itself

  4. In Australia, most fireworks are banned. We can get sparklers, that’s it, I kid you not. So kids make their own ‘bombs’, scraping the sparkler stuff off and using that or other ingredients, every now and then we hear of an accident but not that often.

    1. Haha, have you seen those signs in chicken takeaways in ghetto areas? ‘Happy meals’, the signs say, a packet of newports, 10 peices of fried chicken and biscuits and the choice of a 40oz bottle of alcohol, you can’t make this shit up.

  5. This was no accident. I count at least three members of the infamous BWSMM (the black and white striped miniature mafia) in the crowd basking in the results of their evil scheme. That guy’s paid the price for groping the wrong kid! *mwa ha ha*

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