Chinese Woman Gets Her Hand Shredded by Fish Slicer

Chinese Woman Gets Her Hand Shredded by Fish Slicer

I’ve never heard of a fish slicer before, but apparently it’s a little machine you hand feed a fish with for shredding, similar to common household meat grinders. The one which caught and chewed up this Chinese woman’s hand appears to be electric, rather than hand cranked.

The accident is likely workplace related, which is not uncommon in China, though I do not know that for sure. With that plastic apron the woman looks like the type of conveyor belt worker who busts her ass off for pennies a day doing monotonous work on a machine which does not have proper safety shields. And this is the result.

Unfortunately for the woman, if this was in fact a workplace accident, she will likely lose her job as a result. Such thing as worker’s compensation is likely completely out of question. Money and power talk in China and she’s not the one who has it, given her line of work. It’s pretty sad, really.

So her hand was caught in a fish slicer. She wore latex gloves but that’s no protection against sharp blades connected to electricity powered gears. Towards the end of the video, after her collapse owing to the extent of damage which she caught a glimpse of, when they pull her mangled hand out of the slicer, it’s pretty clear that there is no saving it. Most or all of her left hand will have to be amputated. If she gets a good surgeon, perhaps they could save her thumb but I don’t see the outcome to be any better than that. Poor lady 🙁

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  1. When i worked for a butcher’s shop this was always my biggest fear making ground round or ground beef.

    She ends up doing the one thing you don’t want to happen. I can’t tell by the video, but if there isn’t a cover for that slicer, she should have been much more careful

  2. In CHINA, bureaucrats could order 100.000 chinese to be thrown into a giant CHINESE-SLICER and nothing would be different the next day. Not even soybean and similar commodities demand would fluctuate an inch. I think about it and want to cry, is this damned paxil withdrawal again, allahuakbur.

    1. a little country neigbooring Banana Republic named Uruguay just legalized it, thanks to his awesome ex hippie hipster guerrilla president. Search it on google, perhaps you should emigrate there, Baked, before the conservative dinosaurs force him to return to status quo.

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  3. Poor woman indeed…

    This reminded me of the film documentary ‘Manufactured Landscapes’ – the film starts out with the camera running down a track in the middle of a huge chinese work house.
    The warehouse is SO big you can’t see one end from the other.
    ‘Manufactured Landscapes’ is a truly powerful film and not for the faint of heart… not because of any gore, but for the sheer reality of what we have done to this beautiful planet.

  4. Sad to say that this woman is probably expendable and will be replaced in order to make up for efficiency. I wonder what job opportunities will be available to her after the loss of a hand?

    I can imagine there aren’t many employers in China who have any sympathy for a worker who can’t keep up with the harsh conditions of factory labor. Unfortunate that this happened but it’s to be expected from a country that doesn’t give a damn about safety regulations and even less about its own workers.

  5. Gosh, I guess working in meat processing plants anywhere in the world is dangerous. A bunch of people working in the U.S. chicken and pork plants accidentally stab them selves while cutting up meat. Sometimes they stab themselves in the nuts. Production lines don’t slow down and sharp knives increase the danger factor. It’s all Henry Ford’s fault.

  6. I would also like to add that there is a mistake in the title for this video. The woman actually had her hand sliced by a fish shredder. Furthermore, the woman may not have been Chinese. If it happened in China, she would have been left there alone to suffer… as passers-by looked on, wondering where to get a good flank of fish since that damn woman stopped production with her silliness. It doesn’t ever slow down in China. There were clearly too many concerned people and rescue medics around.

  7. Okay, so she is standing up. Why? When my hand is in a fish grinder, I rather sit down!
    She fainted, But they let her watch her hand get wrapped with bandages. Why? I would much rather you distract me and keep my attention elsewhere while my life goes to shit!
    (Just my opinion)

  8. Hell yeah she’s gonna be fired, especially after the fire department destroyed the fish slicer with the jaws of life. Company equipment is always more valuable than the life/safety/well-being of a Chinese factory worker over there in that fucked up shithole country.

  9. I’m not sure about this story, I just can’t seem to put my “finger” on it. There’s just something “fishy” about it. But if it really did happen this way, you got to “hand” it to her on how she “handled” the situation so bravely!!! *** I know that sucked***sorry.

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