Chinaman Kills Wife in Street

Chinaman Runs After Knifing Woman on Street

Chinaman Runs After Knifing Woman on Street

In China, momentary stabbing session by an alleged husband of a woman on street, reveals signs of a dull, worn out marriage. “Happy wife, happy life” never runs across his mind. What causes man to stab the woman is unknown.

Grabbing her by the hair, he gets off a couple good whacks. Captivity is a shoo in for his deed, so he books shit, presumably noticing goody two shoes footsteps behind.

The running man’s freedom streak ends shortly before the finish line and the Chinaman is brought back to the scene of the stabbing.

Husband takes “Let life go, forget about the world, and run away” too literally.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

Zero-Decibels ®

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        I like the Buck General myself…dropped one from waist height once and it stuck in the concrete floor…it did end up tipping the blade but I figure that would suck to be broken off in a rib bone or something…I could live with that. 😀

        1. @rayf
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            It has been a long time I hope your well and hanging loose bruh.

  1. On blow and killed her! He is a fucken Ninja!
    Why waste time in court cases? He was filmed doing it. Open and shut case. Bullet in the head there and then and send bill for the bullet to the family.

    That way he won’t have to go to court,be found guilty,paraded on a shitty truck all chained up and driven to the execution area and shot and once again the family will be billed the bullet.

    Those Chinese don’t fuck around.

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