Chinese Man Blows Up Manhole Cover for Fun, Pays the Price

Chinese Man Blows Up Manhole Cover for Fun, Pays the Price

Nothing like taking your kids to watch their dad getting his hands blown up. But then… what’s a grown man doing blowing up manhole covers for shits and giggles anyway? Does one really need to learn a lesson the hard way before they stop acting utterly stupid?

This happened somewhere in China. A man thought it was gonna be fun to throw a small explosive device down a manhole through a vent in the cover. The explosive blew up much sooner than he would have liked and with much more force than he expected, launching manhole cover way up in the air and causing trauma to the Darwin awards nominee’s hands. Luckily, it looks as though the kids backed away just enough to avoid getting hurt by the explosion.

I think it was just a commercially available fire cracker he threw down the sewer hole, but those can pack a good punch too, especially if set off in confined spaces filled with flammable fumes. The cover took a nice flight, hopefully it didn’t fall on anyone on its way down. Can you imagine getting a pat on the forehead with a sewer cover? BTW – do you know why they make them round? Hehe… so they don’t fall through. True story!

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  1. It probably ignited flammable gas that had built up in the sewer. Think something similar happened on a much bigger scale in Guadalajara, Mexico in the early 90s. This guy just chose to fuck with the wrong manhole at the wrong time..

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