Chunks of Flesh Chopped Off by Small Plane Propeller

Chunks of Flesh Chopped Off by Small Plane Propeller

When your job involves moving around fast spinning blades, you should know better that if you stop paying attention, you could soon see chunks of your flesh hovering through the air like flies over fresh cow pooh. The man in the picture above had himself a job at the airport and got in the way of the propeller blades of a small airplane. The rest of the story is all about woosh, woosh, woosh and before the second was over, chunks of his flesh were chopped off by the fast spinning blades.

He took some heavy beating to the backside, his left shoulder blade went into the shitter, but it’s part of his missing skull and the fact that his body is rested on a tiled surface that make me doubt he’s made it alive. Unless it’s common for doctors in some parts of the world to perform an open skull brain surgery on a bathroom floor.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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11 thoughts on “Chunks of Flesh Chopped Off by Small Plane Propeller”

  1. Oh Yeah, he’s maggot bait alright.
    Notice the head block? You don’t use those in hospitals, only in mortuaries or morgues.

    the part I love best is the skin missing on his left rib area. Like pealing a grape. MAN… that’s awsome.
    Like the idiot that got pulled into the jet engine a few years ago.

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