Civilian and Military Policeman Shoot Each Other in Fortaleza, Brazil

Civilian and Military Policeman Shoot Each Other in Fortaleza, Brazil

Yesterday late afternoon, two trigger happy police morons met in the same pharmacy in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil, and shot each other with their service guns.

Local media reported that the military policeman mistook the civilian policeman for a burglar, because the latter had a gun in his waistband. The two then got into an argument which they resolved with firearms. I imagine it went something like this:

  • Hey, you got a gun. What you got a gun for?
  • I’m a cop, idiot. What you gonna do about it, huh?
  • Well, I’m a cop too, so don’t fuck with me, boy…
  • Fuck you!
  • Pop pop pop pop…

According to Colonel Teófilo of the military police, one of their officers was inside the establishment buying medicines, when the other entered. The PM Edilson Barreto da Silva, of the 16th Battalion, was in civilian clothes, but with the gun in his waistband. Having noticed that Olivio Gabriel Torres Júnior had a gun in his waistband too, he found it suspicious and from then on, there was a misunderstanding that lead to the exchange of fire.

Witnesses at the scene said the two fired about 10 shots. The civil police was hit with a shot in the face. The PM was wounded in the thigh and abdomen. Both were taken to the Dr. José Frota Institute.

Whereas this only happened yesterday, the fact that the two were still alive when they were taken to the hospital is the latest news I got. The blood loss from both seems quite significant, so whether any succumbs remains to be seen.

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25 thoughts on “Civilian and Military Policeman Shoot Each Other in Fortaleza, Brazil”

  1. Now that’s hilarious to the bone
    What else but kill each other is all they learnt to do from that killer duo on the bike but atleast that killer duo on the bike are sane eough not to kill each other .
    it took two cops to tango the deathly way
    Dr. José Frota Institute. is the one they will get their erections back from .
    Until then the two can fap gritting their teeth in anger .
    Noon time is the maddening hour in Brazil

  2. Probably they had an old grudge or a score to settle against one another .
    But with 10 gunshots they look to be settled for good .
    Morgue is where they are gonna be resting and no more chairs for the two of them from this hour on.
    Let the rats in the Morgue gouze their eye sockets out the one wearing shorts looks to be a gay and this altercation could be about arse lending at a pharmaceutical not knowing who should buy condoms for whom

    1. imagine how good friends they will be when they share hospital room together. on the other hand, that guy on the left in red shirt did not seem that happy when other guy snuggled up in hes arm.

      *I just died in your arms tonight, it must’ve something you said*

      Pig on pig violence.. when will this end?

  3. fuck. hopefully they don’t live to ever be a cop again. since when do you immediately go to kill someone if they are carrying a weapon. looks like trigger happy idiots. or idiot i should say bc they cop that started shooting first is to blame the other guy was just trying to save his own ass.

  4. Idiots. Speak to each other and figure shit out BEFORE you shoot.
    Also, I’m not sure if I find it sad that neither actually managed to get a good shot, or if I’m a little impressed at the way they managed to protect themselves..
    Either way, this makes me think about The Gods Must Be Crazy.

  5. Kind of felt sorry for them. Happens all the time. Misunderstandings happen. I know I shouldn’t laugh but the one in the shorts sat up, thought fuck this shit and layed on top of matey in jeans who must have been the one hit in the head and was like get the fuck of me u prick I feel like shit. Can only imagine what it felt like. Why didn’t they just show badges? O no wait. Guns speak louder clearly. Task tisk

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