Protester Severely Wounded by Tear Gas Grenade During May Day Protests in Bogota, Colombia

Protester Severely Wounded by Tear Gas Grenade During May Day Protests in Bogota, Colombia

Event documented in this post happened during the 2011 May Day protest in Bogotá, Colombia. Young protester was severely wounded in the lower leg after a policeman threw a powerful tear gas grenade at him.

Best Gore member ColombianBastard explains:

I know this guys. He is friend of a friend of mine. The rally was arriving at Bogotá’s main square when police attacked the protesters with tear gas and stunt grenades.

Police throw a tear gas grenade model CONDOR GB-708 at him. This model is fucking dangerous and deals a lot of damage to the tissues.

Another relate case is the video of a farmer who lost one hand to this grenade model. Luckily, guy in these photos and videos didn’t lose his leg.

There are two videos of the incident. The first video is over 11 minutes long and is more of document of the entire May Day protest. It includes images of various events that took place in Bogotá between March 2 and May 1, 2011 and interviews with protesters. Skip to 5:20 for the footage of the wound:

Second video is of the wounded protester, but the cameraman could not get close enough so it barely has any worthwhile footage:

And a gallery of photos. Props to ColombianBastard for the pics and videos:

24 thoughts on “Protester Severely Wounded by Tear Gas Grenade During May Day Protests in Bogota, Colombia”

  1. So why can’t these armed middle school bullies throw they’re damn tear gas instead of launching them from fucking grenade launchers?
    Oh right, cuz they’re a bunch of underpaid meat heads fucking people up cuz they got picked last for gym class.

  2. Misery loves company it’s good to see that we here in America aren’t the only ones that get our asses beat senseless by the people who are paid to protect us. Are those they’re blood types stenciled on their helmets or just a reminder of what they were sent out to extract ?

  3. I just love this planet and the human society setup that has evolved. In a parallel dimension maybe shit is going a bit better? Cause “we” really fucked up in this one. Not us specifically at bestgore, the rest of the fuckers at the controls. Fire everybody everywhere and let’s gave a re-think. See if we can’t get it right second time around. And never bring a lower leg to a tear-gas fight.

      1. That would be sneakie indeed w m , many a youth wouldn’t know the difference anyway , until it’s up their snout .

        Just thought about that for another second , ouch ! that would sure hurt a lot .

      1. And for many of them , it is a lifestyle choice , same as a lot of so called squatters , who , in realty , have a huge home to go back to when it gets too heavy . They give the true believers a very bad name .

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