Policemen in Full Riot Gear Pretend to Be Helping Protester They Had Wounded

Policemen in Full Riot Gear Pretend to Be Helping Protester They Had Wounded

Policemen in Full Riot Gear Pretend to Be Helping Protester They Had Wounded

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    1. No, ob’s most of the people that comment are cool, but you only have to look at the ‘what people searced for to get here’ and you can see there are a ton of really creepy perverts that visit this site. Living in central london there probably would be some perves that would reconise me and might be creepy stalkers, or even just people I might work with. Being anonymous means that I can say somethings that I would’nt necesarrily say if i was being identified.
      Anyway, thats not why you wanted to talk to me, so I/m listening Ob’s.

      1. i want to know what these attacks are that you accused me of. what did i say to you that was an attack? are you talking about that “fight” we had weeks ago about having children? you ignored me but then attack other girls i talk to. are you jealous? whats going on?

        1. Ob’s, sometimes you have your down moods and you can be a bit of a cantankerous old fart. The people on here that know you accept it but you said a couple of mean things to me. It wasn’t so much what you said, I don’t even remeber, it was just that fact that you turned on me, I wouldn’t do that to you. As for Hanobi, I can’t really be bothered with her, I do find all the fakery a bit annoying, all the fucking with us. She has put up three pics that don’t even look similar, does that pic look like an 18 year old half Mexican half Japenese girl? Like I said, I’m not really bothered, only if she/he keeps boasting about torturing and killing little animals,then I will have a problem, apart from that, fuck it.

          1. hanabi was annoying as hell at first. i enjoyed giving her a hard time. and she only got my attention because of the whole underage shit she pulled. if someone wants to be a complete fake or not, that’s their prerogative, i’m not going to stress about it. at heart, i just want to kick back and have some fun. i talk a lot of shit but its not all 100 percent serious. thats another problem; everyone takes everything so fucking seriously. this is the internet, people. this is where i can come to let lose. i have boundaries and rules to abide by all throughout my daily life; but here, i do not. but it is not my intention to hurt the feelings of those who think of me as a friend, and i apologize for being a curmudgeon and a vindictive ass to you lately.

  1. Sorry, not stalking here, just that y’all are two of my favorite people on this site! I actually miss out on a lot of the evening conversations because of my boyfriend, not because he is jealous, but because we both work ten hours a day and don’t get that much time to ourselves, so I kind of keep my activity on here during my work hours when I don’t have work to do. And Obli, you were right, there is a ridiculous influx of newbs. So glad to be back though. Really missed the BG community, but I feel it has really changed in my absence. Anyways, nice to talk to y’all!

  2. Ob’s If you want me to contact you you have to leave your comment here but I can’t find your email now. If you leave an email i can email you for your nuber and give you a ring. Sorry, but if your not here all the time there are so many post and comments it’s hard to remember, but I will give you a ring if you leave your contact details again so I can get hold of you here.

  3. I don’t know what you two have going, and I do not want to get in the middle of it, but if either of you would like to contact me by email, it is [email protected]. I was also worried about posting it so publicly, but I did back when the whole Brokeback/Juicy stunt was going on. I was actually only contacted by two members, alicatt and Hunter S Thompson, and we still exchange an email here and there, I find it fascinating to be able to communicate with other BG members outside of the site. But just a warning, I only check it once or twice a week, so if I dont reply immediately I am not snubbing you. Hope to hear from you both!

    1. i don’t mind posting an email. but i’m not leaving my number here. and why do mama’s comments take forever to show up? is she still in the mod pool? wtf? now i just said some more shit thats gonna cause shit because hers didn’t appear till now. great. i’m so fucking sick of trying to force shit to work. every move i make is wrong so fuck it..

      1. sorry obs, i think i have a virus that is stopping me accessing email I thought my emails had been hijaked but after trying them for a while I got through and sent Rebs and email. They’ve fucked up again, and my computer won’t let me open any new one’s. The only one’s i can acces are work related to I darne’t fuck around with them. I will contact you, and you too Rebs as soon as i can open a new account.

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