Compound Fracture on Elderly Woman with Brittle Bones

Compound Fracture on Elderly Woman with Brittle Bones

Compound Fracture on Elderly Woman with Brittle Bones

There is only one pic in this post. shows a compound fracture (3 days after being reset) on an elderly woman. According to the information I for, she was trying to push herself up in her bed, and it just snapped and ripped through her arm.

Props to Best Gore member @satirical-sade for the pic.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Looks like the wounds have ulcerated and definitely a bit of cellulitis going on in there!!! Not as bad as one women’s legs I had to undress and debride. All I can say is the fluids looked like green/black sludge from the bottom of a pond and she wouldn’t have the door open in case flys got in!!! Every time I went into that room I was wretching with the smell

  2. even some crack-crazed nigger wouldn’t like humping that sack of oozing pus, splintered yellow bones, and old dotard taint. Egad only an animal could rape an 84 year old breathing corpse.

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