Corpse with Obliterated Head and Shredded Limbs

Corpse with Obliterated Head and Shredded Limbs

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters, Boys and Gores. This is your old pal Obli, taking his turn at presenting you with your Gore fix. And what a sight it is!

I was always fascinated with Death and I always marveled at how such a complex and beautiful thing as the human body could be reduced to nothing more than hamburger within a matter of seconds. Humbling, is it not? To know that either one of us could face a similar fate at any moment.

Details are sketchy as to what exactly happened to this former fleshy virus, but none of us can argue that he didn’t meet a devastating end. The circumstances could really range anywhere from a road accident to a bombing of some kind. I also noticed what appears to be a stab wound in the chest, and dare I say I spy just a bit of nigh-indestructible eye in the remains of the head?

Due to the lack of profuse bleeding and the pink discoloration, I’ll say that he was laying on his stomach for some time before being discovered. At present, he appears to be ready for autopsy. But have some fun, create your own morbid scenario.

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  1. I was wondering why you had gone a bit quiet .

    Gruesome looking corpse looks like he’s been put through a meat grounder to
    become so ” Obliterated ” .

    Congrats Obs , thanks for posting mate .

    1. Odd you should say that.
      While this looks like a young child or a very small man, I did find out this, but have my doubts they are related.
      Police ID Florida man killed by wood chipper

      1. Hope you’re recovering well @dre.

        Congrats @obli quite a fucked corpse. Proper Fucked. Maybe a highway victim flung from vehicle/motorcycle and went missing, but not for an extended amount of time as the creepy crawlies didn’t have a chance to do their job.

    1. No this is what happens when you try to impress your mates while drunk with the old “watch me jump on to this moving treadmill” trick. Ha ha ha. Check out rapper treadmill fail on the u-tube…

  2. That’s a rank corpse dude. Congrats on your first post, I hope you do more.” Maybe this guy fell into the vat where they mix fortune cookie dough ?” πŸ˜‰

        1. I wish I could turn my phone off or throw it at the bitch. I’m sorry. I’m not sleeping much these days an I’m grouchy. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a short Hispanic girl with a temper who can do some damage that would make y’all proud lmfao. But I’m just not myself. It’s stupid drama that gives me a headache. Which is why I come here so you and everyone can unknowingly chear me up lmfao. So thank you and bg

          1. Your welcome. Short latina and a temper. That’s hot. But try not to let drama get under your skin. That’s where a fat joint comes into play to ease the mind. There’s nothing worse then seeing an attractive girl get upset over drama.

          2. Well thank you nybadguy. But not even this good good is helping. But it’s ok. It’s been a while since I hit the bag so I’ll hit a bitch instead.

        1. @Killosopher, I wasn’t sure if it was mm or inches. Scrolling down to read more comments, I saw @nastypersuasions had said the same thing, before I did, he says it’s inches. My apologies for not reading all the comments, before posting. :/

  3. O dear, I do see why some religions don’t eat pork. \we touched on it on recent post, without going into all details, not just this but for other reasons tradtionialy I do understand why some people don’t eat pork.

  4. Congrats on your first post Obli, and what a post it is!!!! Great job, especially considering the lack of info! Here’s my morbid theory: the guy was tortured by having each of his limbs ran over one at a time, then a burnout done on each one, then his hed ran over, and somebody cut off his nipple for a souvenir, obviously. πŸ˜€

    1. Damn, forgot the most important part, the souvenir was his THIRD nipple, so maybe they will just look into the missing persons file for a guy with “has third nipple” to help identify the body. πŸ˜‰

      1. Hey @Mikey! Thanks! It’s Waylon Reavis from mushroomhead. Check out “Simple Survival”, “1200” or “Save us/embrace the ending”. I checked out michael Graves-I like! I like!
        Try Helltrash “I am the enemy”. Lead singer is a friend of mine.

        1. @concussive, thanks buddy, I’ll definately give all of those a listen! I won’t have time until late tonight but I’m lookin’ forward to it πŸ™‚
          I’ve heard a few from Mushroomhead growing up because they’re obviously big here in Cleveland. My friends swear by their Halloween show!
          I’m into a few genres, favorite being punk, but my friend was the singer of a band called Sw1tched (metal?) and I really enjoyed their song 10 Dead Fingers if you wanna check it out.
          I’ll get back to ya after I hear your recommendations πŸ˜€

      1. Well, at 16 inches, assuming the measure is from the heel to the remains of the head, I would be inclined to go for a neonate as adding a few extra inches for the missing skull is going to get almost to the 20″ that would be a normal 40 week gestation (caucasian).

          1. @ nasty, metric are divided in 10 equal spaces, and imperial in 16. There is 10 equal spaces in every one. Also, at the 1 meter mark, or the 10 mark, the ruler changes color. This only happens when you get to 12 or i6 in Imperial, and only in tens in metric. Also above his crotch on the right hand side you can see a trimmed hair line. I am not writting this to make you angry, as i respect you my friend, i am just trying to clear up some confusion. Sorry if i sounded like an asshole, as this was not my intention. πŸ™‚

        1. @ nastypersuations, This measurement ruler is in metric. As a construction supervisor for most of my years, i have encountered many Europeans that have these rulers. I think that this one depics decimeters which is calculated in centimeters. That being said, ten centimeters = one decimeter. So every number is = to about 4 inches, therefore this man was about 64 inches, or 5ft,4 inches tall! Hope this helps solve this matter! πŸ™‚

          1. thedre

            Look at the scaling on the measurement scale, you do not divide inches into fifths.

            Also use the measurement scaling to estimate the muscle mass of the upper arm, the approximate size of the head (much larger, for neonates against adults) , the clavicle to nipple distance and the nipple to umbilicus.

            It’s a neonate.


            Post script: I am looking forward to your visit.

    1. @ urgent blood : aarrgghh, come on! You don’t realty mean that now, do you? There is no way in hell Tony Abbott (Aust. Prime Minister) is that good looking. Jeez. And also trying to insinuate Abbott is more intelligent than this slab of mince meat, is an insult of the highest order, to this slab of mince meat.

      However, it could just be the Australian Prime Minister, The Honorable Tony Abbott, immediatly after climbing out of the abortion bucket.

  5. l take a stab at a narrative. I think this a started with a girlfriend. He was dating a asian manicurist who said she was making art but was actually doing some sucky fucky on the side. He went over to surprise her with pink roses (her favorite). When he got there, none of the girls would tell him where she was, they just said.”out” He had his suspicions about her when they met a few months ago, this was not helping. And at that moment, through the curtains too the back room he saw her walking down the stairs in a housecoat with a disheveled john who left out the back door. He left the nail salon without saying a word, tossed the pretty pink flowers on to the road and drove over them as he left. He went back to his place, and waited for her to come by like she did every night. And when she arrived they started arguing, then yelling, and it turned into a volatile exchange. In his rage he grabs a lamp and cracks her on the head killing her, blood pools on the ground around the impact and mists the walls. There was alot of commotion. The neibours have herd them argue, but not like this. And it never ended in dead silence. So they all went to confront him and make sure she was alright. Upon discovering the grisly scene, the neibours transform into savages. No cops. A lynching was eminent. They drag him outside, pin him down and grab whatever they can. Sticks and bricks were their primary weapons, they started with the arms and legs to prevent him from moving. Then one person pulled out a pocket knife and removed his left nipple and ran off laughing (has to go cure it if he’s keeping it, haha). Finally they bludgeoned his face. Again with bricks primarily, taking out every bit of rage they had pent up. Then brick beating his body till he was pulped

    None of this is true, obviously. Just having fun πŸ˜€

  6. Congratulations to you Oblitorator, good to see a long time member make the step-up with your own post. And a hardcore post at that. Quite fitting that it was an obliterated corpse really. One can only speculate as to what the fuck happened, because as anyone who visits this site will know, the maddest shit we can conceive can and does happen.

  7. Weirdly, the pic reminds me of the frozen dead baby mice I had to feed to my python when he was only a baby. They often had limbs and tails missing, and when defrosted, had a similar looking skin texture and colour as this dude.

      1. Haha, I never bought the little feckers in bulk, only 5 or 6 at a time. That’s all I was allowed to have in the freezer. I used to love freaking the shit out of anyone who visited the house with them, little frozen embryo lookin baldy fuckers.

          1. In the wild, they mainly hunt the larger game like bison and elk, occasionally rabbits ect.
            But they (wolves) leave the smaller game of rabbits and mice for the tiny predators…like coyote and foxes.

            Wolves like their boar too….but they are smart- they find humans unpalatable.

          2. Bat shit crazy, fair fucks to you, that is a noble use of a human’s time in my opinion. It must be amazing to be around so many different and varied degrees of wildness. I would imagine you must pay attention and play your cards right 100% of the time to deal with them on a daily basis and not get yourself into bad situations. As for their menu, just make sure a bit of you doesn’t end up on it! I’d say you’ve seen some serious animal corpse gore in your time.

          3. I love Huskie, i took my son sledge riding with Huskies once, hystercical. They simply go nuts they love it so much. Thier kennels are underground so they all pop thier heads out of the snow. Once they start running you can’t call them back so if you fall off your fucked.

          4. All of you guys are awesome!!!

            Not here for kudos…but thanks, lol

            About wolves…yes, it is an mutual understanding for the most part. They are more like independent adults who solve their own problems and make their own decision. And each is different, like we are, considering each has a different upbringing. Experiences and mentality.

            As for gore?
            Big lol.
            They are impressive. My right hand girl spirit will catch a wild rabbit before it knows she’s there, and it’s so precise. First she snaps the spine with a head jerk then grabs onto the skull to pierce brain.
            The pressure is so hard, the eyes bulge then pop back in.

            Larger game?
            They bury their heads in the torso to get the good parts, and for some reason always insist on rolling in it too.

            (They have no scent like a dog, but their pee and poo is stingier to mark territory)

            About huskies?
            My neighbor has 7. I help get them when they escape, and they are usually caught a few miles away. Love them kind of dogs!!
            So much energy!

    1. Stage door Johhny: yes my brother, I am also very fortunate in that I ‘keep’ pythons too. Living in Australia we literally have dozens and dozens of species. Currently I have a Diamond Python, beautiful snake that will grow to about 9-10 metres, I also have a Children’s Python who is just shy of a metre, full grown. And my baby is an Emerald Python. Her entire body is just a Georgeous light green, with yellow flecks every nowvand again. She is about 1.5 m and has a bit of growing still to do.
      What type of python/s do you have dude?

      1. Fuck man that’s amazing, they sound beautiful. 9-10 meters?! You’re gonna have your hands full there man, holy shit! I’ve just got the one right now, a female ball python, she’s not far off 2 meters and i think she’s done growing for the most part. Amazing animals they are, she lives nothing more than to hang round my shoulders while I watch TV, or she sits on the fireplace next to the fire. She’s cool with the husky, but there’s 2 cats that have to watch their ass, and they know it. Fortunately for them, I keep her well fed, haha.

  8. It seems this farmer embraced thresher technology a wee bit on the side of too close. That’s my guess anyway.

    Welcome to the realm of BG mucky-mucks, Obli! I expect great things from you, at least until you start producing posts that contain anorexics and bulimics. πŸ˜€

  9. wow thanks for the pic. @obli.. hmm can’t really think of a reason why this guy ended up like this.. im wondering why only his head, arms and legs suffered the worst blows and his body not that affected except for that stab wound i supposed… is he wearing a protective gear on the chest part before he dies? really don’t know.. i just hope that grinded part of him were not used on burger patties..

  10. murdered and dumped…. like a bag of trash.

    wouldn’t surprise me if rodents were ripping at the limbs

    rodents are always trying to eat living prisoners and folks living in slum housing

    congrats on yur post πŸ™‚

  11. My theory, death by landing from height. he fell from a high level and landed on his right leg first, hence the damage right up to the thigh on that leg, before momentum carried him forward onto both his front arms, hence the damage on both limbs, and then finally his forehead made contact with the floor, hence the damage to the top part of the skull more than the bottom part.

    My conclusion, either murder or a change of mind suicide took place because the dead person acted in a life preserving manner by landing with legs towards ground and with arms out in front to brace for impact.

    Oh, and well done Obli. I guess this means that you have finally achieved Rapture. Those of us still left on Earth shall remember you as the shining beacon hope, the hope that you left to us beings of flesh, we who remain chained to this physical realm whilst our souls stay trapped deep in the shadows.

    1. It,s a man. There is ten equal parts between the numbers, not 16, or 8 like the Imperial system. This ruler is Metric, therefore he is about 5ft tall. I places like Peru, and other South American Countries this is considered an average height. πŸ™‚

  12. Now that’s some great gore Obli! Thanks for such a good start to the day. The skin on his neck and right arm and total absence of body hair makes me think this is a child. As to what happened, I think he was riding on a shitty moped or cycle with several family members and was thrown in a crash tumbling around until he was indeed obliterated. What throws me off is that his nipples don’t look child-like? Let us know if you get an update. The search term “male penis castrated gallery” is rather strange tho! Hope to see many more posts and I also enjoy your writing style : )

      1. Guess I was wrong again – but so are you – I’m not a “sir”. Haha, it’s “Mrs” to you. : )
        Anyway, hope you’re still on the best road to recovery, and since you probably won’t see this, I’ll just send you good vibes!

      2. @thedre

        Just coming back to this post; if you accept that he’s a man around 5 feet tall, turn the measure through 90 degrees and measure across the waist; it’s less than 4 inches if you accept that the large block markings are 1 inch increments.

  13. I do believe it looks like a victim of a bobming of some sort. Been in the marines in battle and the look of the head is what happens when you are within meters of a major blast. Like an egg in the microwave. Nothing left

    1. Except you do have everything left, apart from the top of the head and bits of the limbs.

      I have no idea WTF went on without having access to the history, and the body.

      It is, however, very uncommon for SBs to wear ballistic armour, and a SB blast usually vapourises everything apart from the lower leg (read the anatomical description) and the head.

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