Crazy Machete Fight in Dominican Republic – No Casualties

Crazy Machete Fight in Dominican Republic - No Casualties

They sure can count themselves lucky gun snackbarism is not widespread in the Dominican Republic or else there would be a gunned down corpse on every corner. Here’s another video of a machete fight in Republica Dominicana, Here’s a Dominican machete victim in a hospital, and a man chopped up by bullies in the DR.

In the video, two young men, each armed with a machete, one also sporting a stick face each other off. A few people try to break the fight, an effort which turns fruitful when a big guy with a big machete shows up. The two are separated but the tension remains high and the big machete guy ends up in a fight himself.

Nobody was killed or seriously wounded, but that was a pretty intense situation. I can’t even imagine what Dominican Republic would turn into if people had easy access to firearms.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “Crazy Machete Fight in Dominican Republic – No Casualties”

      1. Sorry but I kinda disagree with you guys, I come here for to quench my lust for blood and gore. If I wanna crazy fucks fight eachother with weapons, I’ll watch spongebob or something, I come here for the bloody deaths.

        That said, good entertainment, and the bucket nigga really had me rolling.

  1. Based upon the contents of Best Gore, I have concluded the following which may serve as a basis for identification of origin in case of content submitted without any information:

    Police brutality, footage of rabid gorillas = USA
    Beheaded people with love letters = Mexico
    Blown up remains = Syria
    Machete fights and attacks = Dominican Republic
    Non-Asian wearing flip flops = Brazil
    Caucasian corpse being pointed at by Asians = Thailand
    Light skinned Asians involved in a vehicular accident = China
    Dark skinned Asians involved in a vehicular accident = Indonesia

  2. My fiance & I visited the Dominican Republic (Punta-Cana), this January and me being me went off our all-inclusive for a little shopping while my fiance stayed behind and went to the spa. The first thing i purchased was a Machete (no-shit), and a hand-made wooden globe and got my ass back to the resort. Fuck, i got paranoid , not much scares me but 30 at least of these fuckers with machetes were walking everywhere giving me second looks. So i held mine (machete) high on my shoulder and got back to our resort a bit of a changed man. I now now know why i was asked where i was going when i left the safety of the resort by the gatekeeper. I do not think these fuckers would have thought twice to kill me and rip me off . LESSON learned for sure. CRAZY fuckin place, but beautiful.

  3. That’s rather disappointing in a way. The first video of a pure machete fight I have personally seen that wasn’t recorded by a potato and no one got killed… Maybe next time 馃榾

  4. Wow what a place we could send these liberal hipsters. You know the ones that call you a racist at the drop of a dime just for noticing the reality of any situation. Or for just not agreeing with their lunatic ways. Yeah those ones. lol. The looks on their fucking faces would be priceless. Living with their pets. My goddess a conservative dream. Shit even just one of those cocksuckers to really get what it really looks like behind enemy lines.

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