Criminal Survives Being Shot Three Times in Upper Body, Will Likely Be Paraplegic

Criminal Survives Being Shot Three Times in Upper Body, Will Likely Be Paraplegic

An unidentified type of criminal allegedly engaged in a shootout with police and was shot three times in the upper body. One shot hit him in the upper arm, one in the heart area and one in the stomach.

The shot to the heart area passed through his breast and probably did not cause major damage to his heart. The shot to the belly, however, damaged his spine. The video was filmed as the alleged criminal was being admitted to a hospital so there is no indication of the actual outcome, but even then it was already apparent that the young man will likely be a paraplegic for the rest of his life. At the time the criminal was alive and appears to have been aware of himself. He’s also able to move his head.

The video was filmed in an unspecified part of Brazil. I only know that it happened in “Noroeste”, which is the Northwest of the country.

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  1. By his accent, it happened somewhere in northeast (nordeste) region (seeing police clothes, I am almost sure it is in Fortaleza).

    At 0:36 the policeman shows and says “clown’s tattoo…” (here it means “policemen killer”). Let’s have some epic statements:

    From 02:37, in a sissy way “folkssss, fooooolks…. miiiiisss… please, I have child to raise… my sonny… fooolks… hey, hey… someone give me attention, I still alive… I have a kid to raise… Nobody here have heart?”


  2. I just couldn’t watch it all the way through…… that guy’s faggy whining was way more horrific than the bullet wounds…. “Hey can you shut the fuck up? I’m trying to enjoy what should have been your last seconds on earth”

      1. Well hello Bat. Yeah, to my total surprise, it is Brazil , things may be looking up a bit there !

        Just had a late lunch, I was Hank Marvin , but the spicy chicken salad filled the gap.

        Back on the e-cig , which is a bit of a pain but, it has to be done…., this time ! I’m fine though thanks.

        How are you and your friends getting on, has the scared wolf emerged yet , after the festivities ?

        1. Im still on my morning coffee (so beware)
          The e cig is not as bad as its cracked up to be Stomp. I find it surprisingly easier than I thought.
          So much more versatile and frugal also.
          Things have been tight financially this summer, at my limit with rescues.
          Sooner I shake the dirty habit, sooner I can retire into the woods

          My fur friends are wonderful! Thank you, and yes, Angel finally came around a few days ago once she realized the booms ceased.

        2. Hey Stomp! I have a quick question, perhaps you can help me with.
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          1. I wish I knew Bat , having said that , it is kind of fun trawling through the comments, trying to remember when and where etc ! . The forum isn’t something I’ve looked at much tbh , but I think it said the same when I last looked a while back.

  3. No sympathy for THIS one, from me! I’m all about trying to save idiots but when you do the crime, you need to pay the consequence! I have kids to raise too and that’s the prime reason that I do right! If it weren’t for them, who knows where I’d be! Alright, time to get to the beach! Happy today BG fam!! 🙂

    1. I feel sorry for his mum, her life is over now having to wipe his arse for the rest of his life. If your child has an accident then you would look after them without a thought. But how frustrating if they ended up like that by their own selfish behavior.

      1. His poor mom. Can you imagine him letting you know he needs a diaper change? When they told her these were going to be her Golden Years I don’t think that’s what she had in mind.

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