Cut in the Side with a Carving Knife

Cut in the Side with a Carving Knife

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member deverzs. I’ll let her what happened in her own words:

This happened two days ago and its three inches long and one inch deep. It’s on my right side. It’s in a bad place due to every time I stretch or move my torso, I can feel it ripping back open. It happened from my dog jumping on me while I was holding a carving knife – the knife seems to have won.

Thanks deverzs for nice set of exclusive pics. I’m sure you’re gonna have one super sexy scar on your side when it heals. Though that blood has a magical appeal of its own:

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    1. You’ve never been scratched by a dog huh? They can look like healing scars sometimes, trust me, my dog(baby(10mos) German Shepard) tries to jump into my arms like a baby and usually scratches my chest all up… No bueno…

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