Cutting Frenzy Brought on by Bipolar Episode

Cutting Frenzy Brought on by Bipolar Episode

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, samcma. Sam, like myself, suffers from both bipolar and borderline personality disorder. Two conditions that can really make a roller coaster out of you mind and emotions. The first image in the gallery was from a past episode while the rest are more recent. But, as always, I’ll let her describe it in her own words. Sam, if you please…

I have bipolar and borderline disorder which makes me go insane sometimes I had a bad moment and freaked out, cut my entire arm and burned myself with cigarettes as well and pinched myself on the hand Usually I like my scars but these ones made me sad, it reminds me of how insane I can get The worst part is that I barely remember why I hurt myself in the first place, its always like that.

Thank you so much for sharing, Sam…It takes a lot of guts to show the world what your affliction is like. So often we suffer on the inside and no one knows a thing. Or, the mindless sheeple just assume mental disorders like ours to be a “facade” or a “cry for attention” when the mind is made manifest in the form of physical pain. Just another form of self expression. But if you feel sad or cannot remember the cause, maybe you should talk to someone? And why not start where others will understand you more than any six-figure-a-year shrink can. You always have a place here, remember that, Sam.

That is the truth. You always have a place here. We are the home to the outcast. To the afflicted. To the freaks and those who dared to shed the wool of sheepdom and see the Truth of the reality they inhabit. This site was never meant to be a household name. We were never meant to be mainstream. This place is not for everyone. Those who are meant to find us, will find us. Those who are meant to see, will see. We never needed to recruit or advertise. This is not for everyone…

This is Best Motherfucking Gore.

117 thoughts on “Cutting Frenzy Brought on by Bipolar Episode”

    1. No, its not cool. Don’t give this person props for doing something so abnormal, wrong, unethical, sick, its a very poor example to our little ones in our world. Or, the young kids who are looking at this website. If a young person is reading this right now, you can call 1-800-DON’T-CUT. Referrals.

      1. Not sure if your serious or being facetious but if it’s the former….

        Apparently you didn’t read the whole post. Get the fuck out of here with your “holier than thou” condescending bullshit. This is our house and I don’t believe anyone here asked for a lecture.

          1. They are superficial because I’m recovering and I don’t want to make new deep scars that will stay with me forever unless I do some kind of laser treatment

          2. Thank you @swayverly69. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Those are for attention, not for results.
            When I was 15 I did the EXACT same type of cuts. 1) I was too chicken to go any deeper 2) I was 15 and I just wanted some one to give me attention and say “oh you are really upset. What is upsetting you?”
            So stupid. Now I am 44 and have learned to use my words when I am upset LOL.

      2. I was a self-injurer for 23 years. I went through that program. Something you don’t understand, @bertdanger, is with the combination of those two mental illnesses, it makes it extremely difficult to regulate emotions. Granted SAFE Alternative’s inpatient program worked for me only because I WANTED and was READY to stop. You can’t force people into it, nor do they HAVE to stop. Sam’s an adult. It may not be the healthy way to cope, but it’s her choice.

          1. @Uli ( re: how do I get another pole?)

            Ok mate, what you’s need to do if you don’t want to move to Pole-Land is pretty simple really – just marry a pole that is closer to you, and the most obvious choice is of course,?Obs’s sister (or another of his close female blood relatives…. NB: I’d suggest running the wedding?plans by Obs first). Then sooner or later you’ll park the car in the garage, even if its only once, for ten seconds ….and BAM before you know it, you got yourself another pole……..

          2. Watch the video “habitual inmate” by the Bastard Fairies group. Look it up. I’m an ex resident of Western state mental hospital and a frequent flier. I’m also bipolar mixed and pick and scratch till bleeding. Can’t stop. Just how it is. Seriously though, see that vid. Its spot on what mental hospitals were like. I know.

      3. There is much more disturbing stuff on this website than self harm, which is actually a very good way of directing one’s mental anguish so that it doesn’t spill over onto anyone else. Try to understand, rather than judge / condemn.

        Life can hurt. It can suck. But it’s the most amazing, beautiful thing there is. Put down the Daily Mail and try it sometime.

    1. No, its not cool. Don’t give this person props for doing something so abnormal, wrong, unethical, sick, its a very poor example to our little ones in our world. Or, the young kids who are looking at this website. If a young person is reading this right now, you can call 1-800-DON’T-CUT. Referrals.

      1. You know whats funny, bertdanger, is that instead on focusing in this “self-medication” technic as being a “problem to children”, you could put the same effort in those words (as in copy/paste them) to other abnormal, wrong, sick and poor examples of society towards those that does drugs, abuse alcohol, or are merely an irrational casual fucker. So in other words, you’re off track, buddy…

        1. @Der
          One had to pop up like always when our members share such with us. I’d like to know two things though why does it think there are little kids all over this site and why is IT itself even here. I always love your point of view on such things so what do you think hun?

          1. @amour, yea, as usual, we have always had one lurking around & this “it” just decided to put their rat ass 2 cents in. Fuck em. They dont even deserve a response…sam, thank you for sharing & like Obli & all of us say, you’re always welcome here.

          2. To me its just another case of fail trolling to be honest… Either that, or hes got more troubles himself than any of us combined and needs our attention. In the worse case scenario hes just a libetard who is ” super cereal” over anything that not of that much importance…

      2. @Bert

        Mate, I’ll think you’ll find little bumpkins are strictly forbidden from this site.

        Do we also never put another hard core sex scene in a M rated movie, “just incase” a little kid happens to see it?

        I don’t know what the answer is either. I see lots of pain when I see these pics and I worry about what is ‘the next step’ for someone suffering this much. I don’t know.

        But what I do know, and this is what we should all hold onto, is the fact that almost ALL cutters from all cultures, of all ages, do eventually slow it down and stop after a few years.

        And there’s only one person that can work all that out, so it seems rather pointless trying to put the cart before the horse. It seems to be a process that has to run it’s course, and these things seldom resolve overnight.

        I reckon you just got to wish them well and help them get help if that is what is what and hope that sometime in the future they will move into the next stage of recovery.

  1. I’m a diagnosed bipolar. You can’t paint the disorder with a wide brush. There’s many levels of “swings” that vary in different lengths of time(s). From a relative perspective, I really don’t know what it’s like to function on an even keel and in my case, choose not to take medication (anti-psychotics, benzodiazepines, antidepressants) etc…Can be really fucking tough sometimes…
    BTW, Happy belated New Year everyone!

    1. I’ve heard of some bipolar sufferers that dont take meds since they say there is 1-2 and cyclothemia. I’ve had depression,Anxiety,Ptsd and a vague diagnosis of Cyclothemia I have to take meds because I nearly died when a Dr withdrew them and said there was nothing wrong with me. The withdrawal symptoms were were worse than any of the original symptoms. I hope one day i will be able to live without them. However if we choose to live with labels which is what society likes then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Self harming comes in different forms I bite the skin off my fingers and pick my scalp until it bleeds….

      1. I know how that is. I’m scared to try and ease off my medication. I never considered myself to be a self harmer, but now that you mention the biting, I do bite some of my nails until they bleed and throb. Maybe I just have an oral fixation on the other hand. Hope all goes okay for you.

        1. @zip/friendly…I feel like a hypocrite regarding the meds solution. When implored by friends and family, I actually tried antidepressants and it really didn’t do shit for me yet I’ll self medicate with drinking/illicit drugs (these days I’m only relegated to Guinness/Jameson)
          I guess I just despise being controlled by anything and want things on my own terms. Probably a foolish choice and I might reconsider after talking to more people. Looking forward to reading more comments on this advantageous post.

        2. Thanks, you too. Justice I have a friend that started meds he stopped after a while. Said they weren’t working,but does drugs so that’s how he deals with it. Some people I.e Tom Cruise who ironically needs meds is dead against them due to his Scientology beliefs. I know I would be dead without them……

    2. I spent 2 months without medication on a healthy environment and I never felt so alive. I really wish I could quit my medication but I have panic syndrome and it really affects my life, I don’t leave my house its been 3 years so I really rely on medication to get through that and get a little better. Also the mood swings are unbearable, if I get of medication on the environment I’m currently in I’ll end up doing something bad. I really plan on getting off meds eventually tho, just need to get my life together. I believe a lot in spirituality and meditation so I plan to focus on that in the future.

  2. Don’t EVER feel ashamed of showing your true self @sam…it takes a strong person to do that…especially when you know your gonna get heckled by the sheeple…but you’ll never be harassed by “The Aware”…

    Just so long as you use clean blades when you need to “release” (I know you know this…just had to be said)… Blood poisoning is a bitch…

    We all “harm” ourselves in one way, shape, or form…even if we don’t want to admit it…

    I know I’m a so-called “self harmer”…I’m a drunk…which is definitely not a facade or a cry for attention…it’s just the truth…

    Cheers sweetheart!…

    1. No, its not cool. Don’t give this person props for doing something so abnormal, wrong, unethical, sick, its a very poor example to our little ones in our world. Or, the young kids who are looking at this website. If a young person is reading this right now, you can call 1-800-DON’T-CUT. Referrals.

      1. Don’t get self-righteous with me…and don’t tell me what to do (hence self-righteous)…

        I’ve dealt with sheep like you all my life, pretending that they know what’s in your best interest…
        Let me guess…that joke of a website is just an introduction to a twelve step program…

        Take the beam of wood out of your own eye before you take the splinter out of hers…

        What a fucking joke…

    2. I’m a drunk too, Gnat. I’ve been sober 15 years. I have no idea how, since AA wanted me to hand it over to a higher power and I don’t have one. Door knobs aren’t going to be my higher power. (AA peeps will get that)
      I crawled into a vodka bottle when I was 20 and wanted so badly to die inside it. Problem was 2 dui’s and knowing the 3rd meant prison. I also wasn’t dying fast enough. And I didn’t like the idea of putting others in danger.
      Hardly a week goes by that I don’t want a drink. I think my kids and shear will power are keeping me sober, because my life is so fucked up I SO want to numb myself.
      As for meds. I’ve been playing the meds roulette game for decades. It’s serious bull shite. And a crapshoot to find what hopefully works. Xanax, adivan, and tramadol work for my anxiety. Well kinda work, I still have counselors telling me how much I’m messing up my son, because he witnesses my panic attacks.
      Also liked to get piercings because then I could feel the pain on the outside that was on my inside. Like how I peal the skin off my feet. It hurts like hell and it continues to hurt when I walk.
      This is a long post. I apologize. I reread it and I’ve realized I’m one fucked up chick.
      Does that mean I do belong ? πŸ™‚

      1. You’re not a drunk @Wood…you’re an alcoholic…alcoholics are quitters… πŸ˜‰

        Seriously though…I’m glad that you’ve been sober for years…that can’t be a bad thing…it shows you got plenty of willpower and you should be proud of yourself…

        Of course you belong here sweetheart…you’re not allowed to leave…because fuck “normalcy”… πŸ˜›

    3. Thank you for the kind words EXACTLY we all self harm somehow, weather is with cigarettes, drinking, partying, casual sex, unstable relationships, fast food…. etc honestly life is hard and we just try to find a way to deal with things, some ways are more acceptable than others, some are less obvious etc. I hope you get over your drinking habits, good luck on everything

  3. You know….this is not at all normal behavior nor is it “cool” or to be celebrated. Its sick. Human beings do not normally hurt themselves on purpose. Have you ever seen a 5 to 9 year old child cut up their own arms? NO! Its not OK, not normal, and whomever does this to themselves is seriously ill. I write in this manner because too many people on this website act like it is normal. Sorry, its not and if you are doing this to yourself, stop and go get help, please!

      1. 1-800-DON’T-CUT
        For you personally as this is not at all noble as you say it is. Its sickness in your mind. What would you brothers, sisters, parents, uncles, aunts, and the rest of your friends say if they knew you did this to yourself? I care whether you appreciate it or not. Death is your end rode.
        *1-800-334-HELP ? Self Injury Foundation’s 24-hour national crisis line.

        1. Try calling the self injury number, JUST ONCE? 1-800-334-HELP

          Please. Do it for your friends, family, your God, or for yourself if you give a shit about you. You matter. Why? Well, here I am and you don’t even know me.

        2. Yes…

          Come one…come all…get your free brainwashing by people that “care” about you…that have NOTHING but your “best interests at heart”…

          Are you a Scientologist by the way?…

          I would take @Obli’s advice if I was her… “why not start where others will understand you more than any six-figure-a-year shrink can. You always have a place here, remember that, Sam.”

        3. Also? Self-injury isn’t about wanting to kill yourself. Most self-injurers don’t want to commit suicide, but don’t want to feel either. They don’t want attention. Usually they’re trying to make the outside look like the inside as a way of coping. It’s just a maladaptive way of coping with overwhelming emotions. Have you yourself been through the SAFE Alternatives program?

          1. Sometimes I just want to make new scars just so I can show it physically what I go through in my head, you are very correct. While I was suicidal and tries to kill myself 3 times, thats in the past now. I’m in a recovery journey.

        4. Here’s what they would say:

          Dear, dear, dear kindly Sergeant bertdanger you gotta understand
          It’s just our bringin’ up-ke that gets us out of hand
          Our mothers all are junkies, our fathers all are drunks
          Golly Moses, naturally we’re punks

          Gee, Officer Krupke we’re very upset
          We never had the love that every child oughta get
          We ain’t no delinquents, we’re misunderstood
          Deep down inside us there is good.

          Dear kindly judge, your honor, my parents treat me rough
          With all their marijuana they won’t give me a puff
          They didn’t wanna have me but somehow I was had
          Leapin’ lizards, that’s why I’m so bad

          Right, Officer Krupke you’re really a square
          This boy don’t need a judge, he needs an analyst’s care
          It’s just his neurosis that oughta be curbed
          He’s psychologically disturbed

          I’m disturbed
          We’re disturbed, we’re disturbed
          We’re the most disturbed
          Like we’re psychologically disturbed.

    1. The point of this posting was not to portray this as normal in any way or to glorify this persons self harming behaviour and nobody said it was “cool”.
      This post is just showing the reality of mental illness and personality disorders. I myself suffer from mild, long term depression.
      Nobody can judge this behaviour and it isn’t affecting you or anybody but the sufferer.

    2. I used to bite myself as hard as i could when i was 5 to 9.. so yeah. Human beings harm themselves in all sorts of fucked up ways. Society has just accepted other ways, like drugs and alcohol. This is still shocking to most people, but not really that different from other self destructive things.

    3. @Bert, Bert, Bert, Bert!

      Calm the fuck down! Carrying on like a lamb chop! Jeez, who do you think you are?

      And @Gnat said it perfectly above when he said we as humans ALL harm ourselves! Some people do substances ( yes, im guilty), some people self sabotage, some people cut off their nose despite their face, soe people smoke, gamble, quit their jobs for welfare – ALL of those things hurt us and prevent us from being who we want to be or getting what we need. Yes, even you @Bert – you just ruined your reputation for no outcome other than anger and rage, and I guarantee if you do that at work, or in your political party, anywhere, YOU have self harmed bud.

      So open your eyes mate. It is pretty much the whole point of this very website……..

      No one said it was ‘cool’. No-one is celebrating it. But we aren’t carrying on like you because that is not the answer either.

  4. ?So often we suffer on the inside and no one knows a thing?.

    The above is so true Obli, I have lost count how many times my friends and family have consigned me to the worthless bin based upon my long standing drink problem whereas they have made fucked-upped life decisions based upon nothing more than their own ignorance and stupidity.

    Take a good, hard look at Europe. A fucking immigrant infested, multicultural hell hole with every fucking thing wrong with it and yet that was supposedly created by sober, intellectual people.

    In the above one can see that society is not controlled/ruled by sane/normal people.

    I am a drunk and Best Gore member samcma is Bipolar and yet we are not as fucked as the people running this fucking zoo called society so what does that tell you, It tells you that sane/normal decisions are not made by the so called sane.

    My conclusion, when even ?normality? is called into question the idea that mental illness is derogative becomes worthless because either something is positive or it is not and even then it is derivative of end result, not the process by which it is reached.

    Some of the best minds the world as ever had were considered technically insane by the people of their time but then again that categorisation was made by the ?normal? of their time hence ?normality? is the average behaviour protocol of the masses in any given time period and as such is hardly something to subscribe to.

    In other words don?t beat yourself up over what others decide to categorise you as and instead just be yourself and time will tell the rest.

    1. Its like we live in a illusion, all people go through similar problems but instead of accepting that and trying to help each other we are all doomed to a pattern society created and if you go against that you’re insane. The thing is, we are society we are these people and instead of making each others life easier we are just pretending to be something we not to please people we don’t like just to keep living in a world that is shit. Capitalism is a bitch and humans are the most self destructive creatures.

  5. Looks like a series of ancient geoglyphs. I think I see the outline of a hummingbird, a spider, a monkey and a fish. The guy is very talented. Are there more cuts in the other arm or legs? How about his back. Does he have a treasure map stylized on his back? Love to see that. I bet is a map of treasure island.

  6. You shouldnt down her on her problems or sit there and encourage it either… We are all just human beings who deal with our problems different wheather it be abuse, control, drugs alcohol watever we all deal with it different we just got to learn from them n make better decioions mad props on not being ashamed of who you are and sharing your story and realizing you need to fix it to be better i wish you the best

  7. Beautifully written article @Obli

    @sam I know this feeling. I’ve had many self harming episodes over the years. Depression is a bitch. If you ever have problems, you can rant here. The only people who ever helped me at all are my friends, offline and online. All professionals ever did was make me pay for bullshit advice and medicine that does nothing but give me nasty withdrawal symptoms when I try to stop taking it. The BG family is much more likely to understand and know how to actually help you than incompetent psychiatrists. Stay strong, it takes a hell of a long time to learn to live with mental illnesses, but I promise you that it’s possible πŸ™‚

    1. Not all Psychiatrists are incompetent, the problem is that most Psychiatrists do not understand their patients … they know a lot stuff from books, but this is just theoretical … those who understand are not understood by their colleagues, that’s why there are so many incompetent ones. Does this make sense? If depressed mood is down to an emotional dysregulation antidepressants simply do not work, but they keep prescribing them, prescribing and changing … and they got plenty to try!

    2. My problem with psychiatrics/psychologists is that I sit there and I talk about what’s going on my mind and he gives me meds/advices to try to help me but its annoying because they act like they know more about my problems than myself, they can read all the books in the world but they’ll never know what is like unless they experience themselves. Its like knowing a snake bite hurts but never knowing how much it hurts unless a snake bites you.

  8. I can understand what you’re going through as well sam and obli. I was also diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder along with a bunch of other mental disorders. I’ve been in therapy and been on meds for the last 11 yrs. It’s a constant Rollercoaster ride and a struggle to want to stay alive at times. I think that’s why I like coming here, reminds me that my life could be so much worse.

    1. 11 years is a lot πŸ™ I’m sad because no one deserves to go through that for so long and I wonder if thats my future… Stay strong honey, we all gonna die anyway so we better make the best out of what we have now right?

  9. Ok guys, just so you all know it’s NOT OK to troll. If your ever feeling like a subversive asshole who can’t help themselves please call 1-800-FUCKOFF and remember to remove your head from your ass before attempting to use the telephone. Trolling is a nasty, annoying and douchey habit that can lead to far worse things such as dick shrinkage, anal leakage and all sorts of other butt-fuckery. And for gods sake remember all the children; I’m for real…there are other kids in the school library who need to use the computer your on.

    1. Well, i did what you said: remove head from arse and call that number. Some woman from India picked up. Looks like this organization has outsourced their “hotline” to an offshore call center. Was having difficulty understanding what she was saying so I told her to fuck off.

  10. You are fucked and I believe you are only looking for attention. If you are truly sincere it would not be pasted to BestGoge. You are probably looking for attention and I have been there however, I never broadcasted my attempts. I am a double amputee. And plan on posting my video as an aftermath of my severe injuries, remember my user name… It will be posted because as I see it, nobody sees the aftermath of someone who survived a horrific fire,,,,,,

    Watch for it! Watch for it and read my message.

    1. Now I’m definitely, not, going to watch for it and you can’t make me.

      In a hospital serving victims of land mines, a troll by the name of Steph Gowankit wakes up from surgery.
      Troll Gowankit: Doctor, something is wrong… I can’t feel my legs!
      Doctor: Yes, we’ve had to amputate both your arms.

    2. I just tried so many times to write a reply to this, but I failed. The hypocrisy is just too overwhelming for words to combat. But I am sure we will all remind you about your pleas for attention if your amputee video should ever surface.

    3. Ok… of course I want attention, I’m tired of going through this alone and I thought It would make things better if I stopped to deal with self harm as I tragedy as everyone makes it out to be and just finally have the chance to be honest about it and not being judged and bestgore is the best place for this. And honestly by your comment you seem to want attention as much as me I mean, if you didn’t wanted attention you wouldn’t even bother making that comment πŸ™‚

  11. @Sam Here’s some advice if you ever get the “what are those from” questions. I actually had this conversation with a surgical nurse while she was putting in my IV:

    Nurse: What are those?
    Me: Scars.
    Nurse: What are they from?
    Me: (deadpan) Tiger attack.
    Nurse: (incredulous) Really?
    Me: No, not really.

    1. You could say that you crashed your bike in some thorny bushes or was picking raspberries. I used to pick wild raspberries for a cousin who worked in a bakery and I’d come out with my arms looking quite similar to this. If you were using sarcasm somewhere in there, by bad. The sun’s coming up where I’m at, and I should probably go to bed. Lol. Take care!

      1. LOL! I’ve tried that excuse along with “the cat scratched me” but, like all nurses and doctors who went to medical school KNEW what they were from and decided to be nosy about something which had nothing to do with what I needed treatment for. Blah…

        No sarcasm…just a funny story. πŸ™‚

    2. ** a tiger kitten could add some cuteness to the lesson**

      (Nothing is more cute than a tiger kitten – seriously – there’s nothing at all. Ok, well, …that dog puppy at the start of the site is pretty fucking cute I’ll admit that.)

      Ladies, I am actually pretty cute now that I think about this issue a little more. I am 34, a white brother, They tell me my face is cute, like a vivid maroon sunset at dawn, and that I light up the room – just like Princess Di used to, when she technicoloured yawned her lunch back to the surface.

      But my cutest quality is that I am rich, filthy rich. And will spend the rest of my life, um, yeah that is end of the sentence.

      I don’t have any more info on cuteness.

  12. Nicely put @Obli. I don’t personally suffer from either Bi-Polar or Borderline Personality Disorder. But I have family who is Bi-Polar and Paranoid Schizo, (my younger brother). It has torn his life apart. Mental disorders are worse than most physical disorders because people look normal on the outside. It’s hard for others to identify with something they cannot see. But I try to have an open mind when it comes to others afflictions. Because hell, I know I aint perfect either.

    1. There are plenty of older people with BPD doing it … met a lot … they just hide it and deliberate self harm wounds in older people less less associated with those are if younger people have them … unfortunately there are a lot of mostly young girls who think it is trendy to have BPD …

    2. I can’t speak for bipolar people, because I am not one of them, but I used to cut as a teenager because I was under extreme mental and emotional stress due to my home life. As soon as I became an adult and was able to leave the situation, my stress level dropped, I was less lonely, and I learned a lot about how to accept my emotions and thoughts. The cutting then tapered off quickly. I think maybe a lot of young people experience similar shifts as they move through life.

  13. Ups and downs, highs and lows, up and down like a yoyo. Once known as manic depression I believe.
    Absolutely agree, sod the psychiatrists, they will label you with something different every week given the opportunity. The DSM would make a good door stop mind you.

  14. …she’s sharing her intimate feelings here,must’ve made her comfortable here.Positive right..?
    If she’s having another episode,will she have the ability to shift that desire from cutting to come here for a little cooling off(no matter how much)..?
    It’s gotta be a lot deeper than that I know,peoples mind is too powerful…Ya?

  15. You are not alone Sam, I have also been in an emotionally frenzied trance of sorts and come to covered in blood and cuts. You are brave to share your pain with the world. It is admirable to come forth in a time and place where many don’t understand why we self harm. Be strong in the fact that you aren’t a freak or messed up. I’m here with you, I’ve got your back.

  16. @Stephgw64, please tell me you realize how pathetic and hypocritical your post was! I mean really though. You made a post bashing Sam for things you couldn’t possibly fucking understand and calling her out for seeking attention! What really? You do realize that the tone of your post was basically a goddamn billboard for new up and coming material about how “YOU” have it much worse and that *YOUR* the one who deserves the attention. Go back and carefully exam it, whether or not you admit it you really just said we shouldn’t feel sorry for people like Sam who take to sites like Bestgore to unload and god forbid maybe for once get actual much needed support instead of being instantly judged by the pathetic likes of you.

    I may not be in the best position to comment for the fact that I do not possess any mental abnormalities (at least my imaginary friend Frank doesn’t say so anyways) sorry had too, but I’m not a total idiot . I can see and clearly understand how difficult it must be for someone, in this case Sam to open up and share to arguably millions of imperfect strangers. That to me in and of itself is worth a billion times more than some conceded empty minded simple Fucker leaving a useless unprovoked comment about how what you’re doing is wrong and we shouldn’t support you.

    Yup okay unless you understand what someone like Sam is gong through then you should really do the sighted world a favor and keep your ridiculous opinions to yourself. If you do know what she is going through but decide against all reasoning and go ahead with posting more crap then shame on you too. Sam thanks for the post, please continue to share and consider the vast majority of BestGorians your personal support system and please know that while this site is generally aimed towards not judging people, every once in a while douche bags do tend to slip through so feel free to ignore the Forest Gumps and simple fuckers in life and stay strong!

    1. I can’t believe you took so much effort to defend me ahhh I’m emotional now :’) that was very very sweet of you but don’t mind next time, I got no energy to people with negative comments, I really don’t care. As I understand these kinds of people might get on your nerves, try to ignore. It takes up to much of your energy and you’re better than that, just try to ignore negativity and embrace positivity. Its not worth it to waste your precious little mind with people that act ignorant just for the sake of it ~<3

  17. I would tell people who asked it’s from climbing up and down the Shaoshi mountain steps on my forearms for my Shaolin Kung Fu unarmed defense against bladed weapons training at the Monastery there and then bow politely. πŸ˜‰

  18. I used to cut, than meditation helped me recognize I have power over it, and the people and situations that caused me so much distress my that only relief was cutting in the hot shower till 4 AM. I also found extreme Clitoris masturbation that releases just as much tension and stress. My best regards to you Sam.

  19. Almost all of those cuts are superficial, at best. I see some actual keloid scars, but those are few and far between. Stop whining, and stomping your fuckin feet asking for someone to pay attention to your bullshit need for acknowledgement, and grow the fuck up.

    1. I didn’t came here to show deep cuts, I came here to show my story and maybe feel a little better about it. I’m growing, its part of life thank you for reminding me though. Grow up you too, wasting your time in judging someone you don’t know just because of an ideal you have in your little mind πŸ™‚

  20. If this happens to a beloved family member then I’d be upset. However if you look at the sidelines then this is rad and cool. I’m neutral though so I belong to the latter but hang in there πŸ™‚

  21. Thanks for sharing your scars and cuts its good to know that others do the same it makes me feel not so alone in the world I hope the best for you be safe and remember to find the people whole will understand rather then the people who pretend to understand im ranting now agian thanks and be safe

  22. Back in the day I used to slit my wrists with box cutters/glass, thumb tacks, hot needles, whatever I thought would help.
    Now I have learned that jt didn’t help at all. You think your “letting the demons out” your just letting more in.
    I now live with scars that can never go away, I can’t hide them always.
    I inflicted more pain on others then I did with myself. and I regret that now. This sounds cheesy, but really stop, and look at yourself, look at how you will be in the future.

  23. I too have bipolar and have been on medication for almost 40 years. At no point have I ever thought to do this crazy shit to myself..although other crazy self-destructive behaviour is another story. I seriously want to know when was the first time these people who cut themselves learned about it and decided that seemed like a good idea at the time? I believe that this is a copy-cat phenomenon , at the more this sort of behaviour gets oxygenated, the more people who’re emotionally unbalanced will gravitate to it.

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