Darwin Awards Nominee Busts His Leg Open

Darwin Awards Nominee Busts His Leg Open

These chaps sound British. One can nominate themselves for Darwin Awards from any place in the world and this chap definitely qualifies. Whatever he was trying to achieve, his ramming into the metal gate adventure didn’t go quite as he would have wished. I thought he ended up with an open lower leg fracture, but I think it’s just a really deep cut into flesh. Though bone could be busted too. Brilliant Darwin Awards nomination video, lad!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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24 thoughts on “Darwin Awards Nominee Busts His Leg Open”

  1. Shame he didn’t off himself. To be a serious contender for a Darwin Award, you must remove yourself from the gene pool before reproducing. That includes killing yourself or (since 2008) destroying your chances to have children.

    Sadly, this chav is still likely to spawn.

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