Dazed Man with Open Fracture of Leg Filmed Lying on Sidewalk

Dazed Man with Open Fracture of Leg Filmed Lying on Sidewalk

Dazed Man with Open Fracture of Leg Filmed Lying on Sidewalk

The woman filming and talking in the video appears to speak with the Argentinean accent, suggesting the video could be from Argentina, according to Best Gore member @artyomka.

Said woman films a man lying on the sidewalk. The man appears dazed, and is blooded. His lower right leg is broken with a bone sticking out. The woman asks the man what he did to end up like that, but no real indication is provided whether his compound fracture was the outcome of an accident or an attack.

Thanks a lot for the video @artyomka:

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          1. Yup, probably hit the formatable tree and thrown 10 feet into a half frozen lake. We have lakes everywhere. Been there, done that. (I might add that there was a few beer involved and it was an old tractor innertube, we were aiming to go across the lake inlet. Some were thrown backward, some were thrown forward. Lucky me, I was thrown forward.) Ahhhh… the good ol’ days. However, this looks more like a Canuck shoping cart race accident.

          2. @stephgw64 …… Yes indeed those tires can fly…… tubes…. literally….. bounce hitting bumps and little hills…… all the funner….. the odd funeral does happen…..

            Our version of pygmies’ necklacing…… in the snow……

            Look how many ski-doos fall through the ice and drowned cars and drivers….. always fools drive their cars on the ice and they go through in soft spots or warmer weather in spring especially….. ice is tough though…..

          3. @polluted …. Canuck in slang for Int’l defining is just another word for Newfie….. more popular term….. but Canuck is Canadian for everywhere, not just based as Newfie for east coasters, N.B., N.S., P.E.I., &, of course Newfieland itself……

          4. They’ll drive their car or truck and park it beside their ice hut….. or just joyride, ski-doo races…. well, that might be good in some deep freeze, but places do thaw quicker….. or stay iffy…… can’t predict warmer water currents under there….. or sun effect….. and throw a 2,000 lb. car there on that slushy ice ….. ¿¿

            Or even skaters…..

          5. Also, @polluted….. there is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the “Crazy Canucks” Olympic downhill Skiing Team, slalom skiing and the acrobatic hot-doggers that fly off ramps from the Winter Games some years back….. they were daredevils wreckless on the slopes and were termed by the world media the “Crazy Canucks”….. never been before or after such exciting competition in an Olympics winter games…..

            So “Crazy Canuck” is wild downhill skiiers or tobogganing…..

            It’s a crazy sport….. believe me….

            There’s a bit of crazy Canuck in everyone…..

          1. Yeah….
            @poluted A canuck is a Canadian. Full of Maple syrup, Poutine and beer with Moose in our back yards and skiing year-round. Eh? ROFLMFFAO!

          2. haha yes i’ve seen that on you tube, i like the way the animals roam freely in the streets. At least i know now what a canuck is. Thanks. @stephgw64

          3. @polluted …. A Canuck is basically what lots of Americans wanna be to flee over the border and say au revoir to Uncle Spam…..

            Canucks are what draft dodgers became…… when they wanted a real free peaceful country to live…..

            Or to avoid them Maheekans….

          4. Looks like you found a fellow canuck @brEa5tGr¤PE_/♡♡/\` . See that’s the difference between civilsed people and africans, Leave a tyre in africa and all they can do is find a way to kill someone with it. White people find lots of other uses none of them negative.

          5. @polluted ….. The tires chopped in strips make good boat bumpers….. the tubes make good life preservers…… some of those tractor tubes can hold 5 people easy…..

            They spin on snow, can be dangerous…

          6. @polluted ….. Sometimes tires have a mind of their own…. we’ve seen wheels here at B.G.’s accident section that had nothing to do.with black or white or slant-eyes….. like a mind of its own….. eerie….. on a mission to kill someone….. or injure them….. cause havoc…..

            Man invented the wheel….. but some got a mind of their own….. did wheel come from man….
            or did man come from the wheel….

          7. No, @Steph64, it’s Kooo looo cu-koo koo looo cu-koo……

            I’m certain the theme song they sang live each opening of the show they were singing “cu-koo”……

            Funny how the budget kept getting cut until each show segment got shorter… 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds, okay, eh, we got 20 seconds for our show today, eh, today’s topic is beer….. how to drink a beer in 10 seconds…. go, Doug…. oh… show’s over, good-day…. g’day, eh….. then finally they got down to no budget left they could say Cu-koo loo and show over…. reruns are still cool….. SCTV one show will always be funny on tv, eh….. hosers….

          8. @polluted….. nail them rubber tires to the dock……

            But on the bright side….. maybe we need to learn from these so-called primitive kangaroo courts….. we put rapos and diddlers and thugs and theives and drunk drivers and serial killers and abusers in jail, in prisons, kiss their ass, give ’em 3 squares, dope, tv, magz, education, then let ’em loose to reign havoc and make more victims and misery and grief which they surely do…… what if WE looped them with a tyre, torched them instead of jail time….. a few bar-be-cues may be what is needed to curb the crime rate and save future victims…..

            Could be our system is the more primitive and barbaric….. we let criminals live life in a resort….. they over there necklace them PDQ….. what is the crime rate stats….?? A few necklacing in America may curb the crime rate…. might turn people honest!

            That s**t would go viral in America….. lots of countries…. European and Canada….. like whole countries got a pussy pass when we should be lynching and necklacing people….. we can learn to protect our society by putting our rubber tires to better use! Learn from the best! Invention of the wheel!!

  1. the woman says “hold on until the ambulance arrives” and then she asks “what did you do? Did you want to steal?” from what I understand, I think it was a dog, I suppose he entered a house and there he found a pit bull dog or similar.

    1. nikish Aah yes that would explain the arm, like a defensive wound, fuck! That would have been a pit or a rottweiller. Fuck him, i just wish the home he invaded had a camera. I’d love to see him getting chewed on. I should imagine it went something like this. Just worse.

      See how the dog chews the arm then the leg?

          1. Oh yes i see now, haha i didn’t hear them at first, yes he was attacked by the dogs then escaped by hauling himself over a few fences, hilarious, would someone tell the idiot that it’s much easier working for a living and safer, but then criminals are never high IQ people, that’s just holywood

          2. xsookiex What i know is most people i’ve met that are doing all that fraud stuff at work don’t have criminal records. Hang on i’ve jumped the gun here, i should explain. It’s those ones you can’t trust. The ones without the record. Always watch the person in charge of funding, that’s a criminal and also the head of security, he’s a criminal too, for the most part. Especially the black ones.

  2. He was argentinian in deed, he was running away from cops in a car when a bus crash him against a tree… The witness says that he runaway about 50 metters when he finally Lay down and die

  3. This guy stole a car, and got slammed by a bus. The driver noticed him going at really high speed and being chased by the police so he tried to stop him, the thief walked a few meters in one leg and then fell down to the ground, as far as i know he died afterwards.

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