Deaf Scammer Beat for Stealing Money in Turkey

Deaf Scammer Beat for Stealing Money in Turkey

Video happened at 7th May 2019 when he was out of jailed then deaf people told him Firat that skinny man deaf stealing money from people that why he want to planning and revenge on him for make brutal video in Istanbul, Turkey. Few later skinny man sent him off to prison by Turkey arrested him but they didn’t know about Firat beating him up on the video posted on Facebook video “Deaf Turkey” group for Turkish deaf or hard of hearing people only.

He name is Fırat Delikanlı from Hazro, Diyarbakır and move to Istanbul in Turkey. He was prison at 8th January 2018 and freed at 6th May 2019.

Thin man “Fraud or Scammer” stealing lots of money from deaf people in turkey. That why Fırat turn to be angry and beat him up in the public unfortunately he sent to prison!

Fırat Delikanlı : “üzüldüm Allah kurtlar cezaevinde gidecek seni hiç unutmacam firooo Allah yardım versin inşallah affet elbet bir gün”

English rough from Google: “I’m sad God will go to the prison of wolves I will never forget you firooo God help me I hope you forgive surely one day”

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the video:

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        1. That’s like saying Persian is Arab or Hebrew is kurd like wtf sounds ignorant. Fuck turkey those people are fucked man they’re government is straight garbage that’s why people tryed overthrowing it because it’s a fucked up country that has nothing go for it.

          1. first: goverment does not equal country
            second: people does not equal country
            and third: we fucking hate our president its 2020 democrasy is the best

  1. The caption writer for these videos seems now to be a different person. Was it that fellow “Mark” who was doing them before? His replacement am grateful for his at least trying, but sadly now has gone pretty much to h blank l.

  2. Beater “Mr you can’t be parking there”
    Deafy ” I’m not scammer”
    Beater ” No, your not understanding me, you can’t be parking here”
    Deafy ” I’m not scammer”
    Beater ” OH No No No, your not understanding me! You can’t be parking Here!”
    Deafy ” I’m not scam”
    Beater ” NOT Here!”
    Deafy ” im not”
    Beater ” OH NO NO NO No no no your Not UNDERSTAND ME! YOU CAN’T BE PARKING HERE! ”
    Deafy ” im”
    Beater “NOT HERE”
    Deafy ” i i ”
    Boof Boof Pow Boof Pow Pow boof boop

  3. Yeah. Huh? Huh? Huh? Faster than you, you fuckin’ son of a…I saw you comin’, you fuck. Shit-heel. I’m standin’ here. You make the move. You make the move. It’s your move. Huh? Don’t try it, you fuck. You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?

  4. This wasn’t a ‘beating’ – It was what I’d call a ‘warning slapping’. After all, the big guy could have floored the other with a single punch….check out those huge arms! All credit to the big lad for teaching that shit-head a lesson.

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