Dislocation in Shoulder After Shooting Saiga-12K Gun

Dislocation in Shoulder After Shooting Saiga-12K Gun

Dislocation in Shoulder After Shooting Saiga-12K Gun

So here’s some responsible buttershoulder gun owner practicing firing from a Saiga-12K gun, and manages to discharge one measly round before his pussy shoulder dislocates and he can’t do fuck all more.

Good thing he’s got the gun, or he’d have nothing to compensate for the apparent lack of foreskin.

Props to Best Gore member @akramgdr for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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121 thoughts on “Dislocation in Shoulder After Shooting Saiga-12K Gun”

        1. I Can’t Stop Laughing Every-Time that I Watch How This Fagot Holds-up the shotgun. After watching it 5 or 6 times, the Wife Had To Put up the Volume on her TV Show, all the while Giving Me This (Are You Fucking Retarded) Look, lol. The idiots, lol, WAT DA-FUCK,,,, LIKE LOOK AT IT,,, WAT-DA-FUCK-MAN, LOL,LOL. Awww-Man,,, i’m still crying at mostly his friends mouth, lol. Priceless Man, as i have not laughed this hard in quite some time now. lol.

          Daaaa-Fuck Ya Think Was Gonna Happen Ya Stupid Pot-Head, lol, like really,, lol, wtf???
          How Da-Fuck can you not laugh your brains out at this???, it reminds me of an old Cheech, & Chong Moment guys what da fuck happen ta you man, what da fuck????

          1. @elcalamardo

            Ok brother,,,lol, that Was Fucking Funny My Man.
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            Not Good For The Old Self-Esteem. 🙁

          2. Agreed Mark ! Gun owners are just trying to extend the size of their lil weeners. I feel absolutely no need whatsoever to own a gun (or a pit bull terrier with a spikey collar or a even a convertable sportscar or fuck off tank size 4WD) because I have a big thick cock. …..simple as that girls, so remember what I have said when an owner of one of the cock extensions mentioned above asks you out on a date. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having a lil dick, maybe some girls like it, I dunno, I’m not a girl, but I do know as a man what i would rather own………

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      1. And why film him taking a meaningless shot. And then immediately focus on his shoulder. The cunt was a Quasimodo from birth.
        So it’s a fake, just like the story of when, Joseph parted the Black Sea so that Jesus and his paedophilic followers could escape from the communists. Complete fake bullshit.

    1. Yup, a mosin nagant taught me that lesson, luckily I was just yellow brused for 2 weeks ( about 2 box of ammo kept pulling the gun forward…don’t know why….fucking new guy……..) I do not shoot “big” guns for this reason lol sucks being 6.1 and 155lbs big toys are a no no for me! Barrett 50. …….holy fuck ouch never again….or 500 windmag…..I swear I’m half deaf and have left shoulder problems from that fucker….I feel that dudes pain….literally!!!!

    1. I believe that it’s wrong to shame men if they are circumcised or not, because it was not their choice. I do believe, however, that we have enough information that there is no excuse to mutilate YOUR children. I have a lot of respect for Mark for being outspoken about this topic, because it is a serious subject that most people are too uncomfortable to talk about.

  1. Fake. That’s called scapular dyskinesis, which is just a chronic type injury to the shoulder. People who have scapular dyskinesis can dislocate their scapula bone on demand. He clearly did so to be shocking. There’s no way that weak jolt could dislocate a healthy shoulder.

    1. that happen alots of time. specially when peoples test the gun for 1st time, they dont measure correcly the recoil of the gun.

      this is the most lucky case. some get almost ripped off.

      so yeah, real stuff in here.

  2. These Russian Made Saiga’s come in 410 ,,, 20,,, or 12 Gauge Versions. And If This Dumb-Ass Had, And Was Shooting A 3 inch Magnum Slug In It, then Holy-Fuck Hold Pal,,, On To your Toque/Hat Bubba Cause She Packs One Helluva-Kick, When Original To Begin With.

    But If You Go And Modify it, or Purchase one that already has the Plastic/Lightweight Stock Made Of A Polymer Lightweight Resin, that is tough and durable but add significantly to the kickback, because of it now being much lighter. And it Should Not, (as any gun) Be Toyed With, Like It Would Be A 22 Cal. lol. or something, cause you’ll be in for the shock of you life like this idiot just Did, Holding It Like a 12 Year old First-Timer, Getting his Fucking Bell Rung, & Hard, While Also fucking-Up His Shoulder, In The Process. Way Ta-Go Champ,,, Way Da-Go, lol. 😉

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  3. I highly doubt it dislocated his shoulder, i can do that to my shoulder also, i think everyone can extend that bone out. Try it. Haha and for you gun hatin libtards up top. I like the part about “you never wanting or needing to own a gun or a pitbull terrier with a spike collar” thats totally fine but why is it just because you dont like or own these things do you think no one else should like or own them either? Riddle me this you saw dust eating vegan faggot.

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