Doctors Prepare to Fix Man with Face Messed Up in Bar Fight

Doctors Prepare to Fix Man with Face Messed Up in Bar Fight

The video shows doctors examining a patient with a bloodied, bruised, cracked and swollen face. According to the source, this happened after an argument in a bar, although it looks more like some cartel work, if you asked me.

His jaw looks broken. I’m guessing he was bashed on the face with a blunt object, perhaps a steel pipe or something of sorts. Brutal.

Props to Best Gore member @ruzzky for the video:

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      1. Haha! The most painful thing to watch, here, in my opinion, is how puzzled the surgeon sounds…Like: “Dude, I don’t even know what we’re gonna start with. Oh, what a mess…And look at this broken jaw (laughing with the others…)”
        It reminded me of the Ukranian guy, in the “Three guys one hammer”…The scene where they mess with the victim’s destroyed face, with a screwdriver…

  1. Anyplace where FV congregate is to be avoided. Some shit is always ready to jump off. Our victim here will never be the same. Why? Cuz sum asshole in a bar had a disagreement with him probably over sum HO they were both wanting to JIZZ.

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  2. I was trying to see the rest of his body to see how big he was. Maybe he was the bigger of the other but in a fight it’s on! If you’re the smaller guy & catch him with a good one & get lucky to get him down, then you KEEP HIM DOWN! A few kicks to the face with steel toe boots, gotta do what you gotta do! I’ve kicked guys in the face & expect it also if I’d be down, lesson is don’t go down.

  3. Damn!! That’s one hell of a bar fight! I’m having issues watching any of even the new videos. Is this to be expected right now or should I suspect it’s an issue with my phone? Hope everyone is doing great. Have a great weekend, Gorians.

      1. LMFAOOOO. Not only is it hilarious, but painfully accurate. πŸ˜€ Damn, niggers! Don’t forget the nigger also robbed the bartender and other customers as well. Probably even took a few bottles with him as well.

  4. Bludgeoned, bruised, broken, bleeding.
    Swollen sensations and blindness now newborn teething.
    A taste of yourself to remind you what you really are inside.
    If only a straw wasn’t necessary to keep you alive.
    Perhaps next time you’ll keep yourself in line.

  5. Not much of a facial construction work here need done
    A little of Glue laminate or cement will do the job .
    And the guy can be back to the Bar again swigging rum , vodka and be back to the square one with Brawls & solid punches to his face.

    1. Bar fights are mostly ruthless . He is one lucky bastard to only have his glass jaws broken .
      Doctors are gonna fix it up anyway ;but he ain’t gonna return to that bar any time soon or perhaps ever again .
      His entire facial features are a bloodied mess .

  6. Buttoned him right up.
    Another Gobshite running his mouth in the boozer after a few shandy’s no doubt.
    That’s what bisping gunna look like tonight after rockhold get his hand’s on him, i can’t wait πŸ™‚

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